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Hi Mamas,

Yes I'm in the the middle of food strangeness;

Anything healthy is making me sick; vegetables especially. I tried cooking and it was a bad idea!

I'm managing dairy well; butter, cheese, yoghurt, and I can do peanut butter on toast, and rice cereal.

Apple juice is ok and milk is sometimes ok to drink, water I'm finding difficult to drink anything but small sips at a time!

Hot lemon and honey tea is ok.

My snack box contains salt crackers and jelly sweets, and these are keeping me going every 40 mins when I feel nauseous.

I can honestly say I had no idea how weird it was going to be!

Good luck everyone and sending love xx Imogen
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I am doing better with not getting grossed out by food.  Much better than last time around too!


This time, I actually am having some funny cravings.  I seriously had to have the Trader Joe's egg white salad with chives recently. 


But the other morning, I woke up starving, and felt this NEEEED to make myself a peanut butter, cream cheese, and raisin sandwich.  So that's exactly what I did.  I had never even had one before and had no idea if it would be good, but I thought, well eating it will probably be easier than resisting this intense desire for it!!  It turns out that it was actually pretty good!! :D


Water still makes me feel kind of gross, but I'm trying to drink more so I can stay hydrated.  Maybe I'll try one of those flavored water concoctions I saw on Pinterest....


And meat is still mostly gross, too.  I kind of want chicken here and there, but meatless is even better most of the time.  :)

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If I hadn't had my doctor confirm my HPT with all the bloodwork, I'd wonder if I had the flu and not a pregnancy.

Normally I love food! But I can't eat anything besides very plain carbs: saltines, cereal, plain pasta with a smidge of butter, applesauce, bananas and tea. And all in very small amounts.

Oh - and Koshary! It's an Egyptian street food that lately has been going upmarket here in Cairo. It contains rice, lentils, pasta, chickpeas, fried crunchy onions, a savory red sauce and (sometimes) garlic sauce. Normally if I'm craving carbs or working out a lot, I can inhale this stuff. Now I can barely eat a half cup, but it's the only "real food" I'm actually craving.


Trying to eat some eggs for protein, but can only get back small amounts before feeling grossed out.


I've actually lost a few pounds, though - even though I get major belly bloat from eating even the smallest amounts of food.

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Kiki Leigh - I'm going to have to get my dad to make me some koshary now. We lived in Cairo when I was a kid and that's what we have for our Thanksgiving dinner every year now.


Thanks for sharing that craving!

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that koshary stuff sounds amazing. 


I think I saw Tony Bourdain eat it once. 


And this is bad because now I want it and have no way to obtain it. 


Silly pregnancy cravings. 

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koshary does sound amazing!


PamelaRRRR, lol, I am always doing that - hearing of a food, then wanting it immediately.  I'm so susceptible to suggestion when pregnant!!

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Ooh, I have a recipe for koshary that I've made a couple times.  I don't know how authentic it is, but it is good. 


At 11 weeks and my nausea seems to have subsided so I've gone from craving everything and eating nothing to craving everything and eating as much as I can!  My craving list is seriously 2 dozen items long.  Anything that pops into my head, I want it and right away.  Yesterday, the big ones were ramen, cottage cheese, sausage and grapes.  We don't have any of those things.  :(  I also really wanted a sticky bun while I was out driving around, but managed not to succumb! 


I made this the other night.  http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2013/02/fancy-mac-and-cheese/  I'm almost ashamed, it is so ridiculous.  But it satisfied a lot of cravings all at once and it made so much that I've actually been able to eat my fill (which doesn't seem to happen much lately) and I'll freeze some for later.

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Oddly I don't really have any cravings. I have been stuffing my face to keep from feeling so sick and potentially vomiting so food hasn't been fun at all. Hoping I feel better by next week and can enjoy food again.

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Mine has shifted to protein -- specifically red meat. 


I told my husband the other day I wanted medium rare prime rib with horseradish sauce and he said "we have chicken in the fridge." 



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Lol PamelaRRRR, did you tell him that is not the same thing?? Hehe

I have been seriously wanting pancakes and today I got some! And now I'm in the best mood, it's awesome!! orngbiggrin.gif
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I've been craving salty meat this pregnancy, strange, cause usually meat seems gross first trimester. I've put a serious dent in our 300 pounds of frozen pork from the pigs we raised last season, I made sausage meatballs the other day and ate over .5 pound of meat myself! I also ate a bouillon cube one day, I wanted salt bad!
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I've been craving fruit.  Peaches, cherries, grapes, especially as an afternoon, early evening snack.  I also find I have less of an appetite in the evening but if I don't push myself to eat something I feel crummy.  In the morning I am hungry right away and then want my lunch or a snack by 11am.  I've been really off most meat, not that we eat it that often anyway but chicken and beef have seemed gross.  Still loving the fish.  

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I've been having such unhealthy cravings lately. I have been craving kraft dinner lately (Making homemade dairy free mac and "cheese" didn't cure it, nor did actual homemade mac and cheese), such a strange craving for me since I haven't eaten it for years! I finally broke down and bought some (On a plus note since Orion decided to wean I can actually eat it!) I have also started craving Coca Cola. I also really wanted hot dogs, so we we had a weiner roast the other night. Orion got his first taste of s'mores and he loved it!

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this is bizarre to me and so different from my pregnancy with DS -- I pretty much never feel like eating at all, and not because I'm nauseous or have aversions to foods, I just am never hungry. This is really different from how I am not-pregnant also because I'm very consistent with my meals etc.  With DS I had morning sickness including vomiting in between major hunger attacks and near-fainting spells from low blood sugar.  It would feel almost like a panic attack, where all my blood would drain from face and arms, feel light headed and I would have to eat immediately.  This pregnancy? nothing!  I eat because I know I have to, or its time to eat, but nothing sounds appealing or disgusting... its all just meh.  When I do have rare thoughts about what I would *want* to eat, it's usually something really rich and creamy, like Mexican with loads of sauces and cheeses and sour cream, Midwestern hot dishes loaded with cream-of-whatever soups, or Italian again with the rich sauces.

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