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I am 8 weeks now and quite sure my supply is diminishing. My son seems very dissatisfied after nursing and sometimes requests water. Also, he abruptly stopped nursing to sleep 2 or 3 weeks ago.  - as in he nurses but doesn't fall asleep :( Nap time continues to be a (knock on wood) breeze.


My nipples are also often sore when he latches on. Not as sore as in the beginning of bf, but unpleasant. I really hope I can continue on, but I am taking it day by day.  

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I don't know if anyone has tried this, but for DS's first birthday I made him a Waldorf doll.  My husband and I made a BIG deal about including the doll in our activities and now DS does the same thing.  Oscar (the doll) even gets to breastfeed!  My son's suggestion!  I'm hoping this will help prepare him a little bit for when the real baby comes.  


I'm 7 weeks today and haven't noticed a change in my supply and DS still nurses A LOT!  I do think it would be a really special experience for him to nurse with his sibling and even though I know it's not going to be easy for me, I hope my milk holds out and DS doesn't self-wean before the birth!


Hang in there mamas!

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So my midwife has "suggested" that I wean DS at 24 weeks. This is because of a previous pre-term birth. My son will be almost 21 months at that time (so not a terrible age to wean, although not what I prefer). I am not completely on board with weaning since I've done a little research and I'm not convinced nursing will lead to pre-term labor. Sigh. I've decided to not fight the issue and just see what happens. He may self-wean before that point or I may be done with it myself.

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I tandem nursed my sons for about 3 months after the birth of my second.  It was a very special time for us, but also challenging for me.  DS1 was a terrible nurser - frequent but always very painful.  I had a hard time putting up with the pain during the pregnancy but knew that he really needed that from me and had wanted to let him self wean.  Once DS2 was born, I realized how wonderful and pain free nursing could be!  It was very hard for me to either go from one good nurser to a painful one or to balance the pain when they nursed together.  Thankfully, DS1 very much accepted weaning after a few months. 


This time, I don't have much pain and I am looking forward to whatever happens.  DS2 is only 15 months so I really hope that he will continue nursing until after the baby is born - I can't imagine having him wean before 2 yrs.  Oh, the other big difference is that DS2 night weaned recently, so I might actually be better rested (hoary!!) this pregnancy.  I had forgotten what it was like to sleep through the night without someone wanting to nurse every hour or two (its been over 4 years since I last slept the whole night through)

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Emusing- thanks for sharing that! Do you have any tips/advice of how you kept your supply during pregnacy? I'm completely new to even the concept of tandem nursing, don't know anyone who has done it, so anything you could tell me/educate me on would be very much appreciated! smile.gif thanks in advance!
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I think that as long as a larger demand is there the milk will be. With me since he was only nursing once or twice every few days my supply wasn't really there to begin with. Just keep putting babe at the breast to maintain supply like you would any time and you will most likely be good :) 

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Euryale- thanks! That's really helpful and you gave me great peace of mind! smile.gif
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I agree with Euryale.  Try to continue nursing with regularity to keep up supply, make sure you are getting the nutrients to feed 3 and keep hydrated.  Remember that as your nursling gets older there are natural dips in nursing requests, times of more demand and even nursing strikes - and that won't change because your pregnant.  If you want to continue nursing, just keep offering and being available.  As someone earlier said, I highly recommend the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing.  I borrowed my copy form the local LLL chapter. 

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I've still been trying to nurse my 2.5 yr old throughout.  However, I know my milk has dried up.  I can't get a drop.  Last week she said that one had none, while the other tasted yucky.

Then, suddenly, as in overnight, she "forgot" how to nurse.  She puts it in her mouth and freezes up.  Won't suck, ends up clamping down then off.  I really wanted her to continue nursing!  I feel very discouraged after I've powered through the incrediably painful nursing sessions!    Is there any hope left?  It's been three days of her essentially doing nothing.  I can't even let her on for longer than a min or so. I'm super bummed.  I wanted to go much longer than this, and with flu season approaching... well... It's upsetting to say the least.

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My youngest will be 4 next month and he is still nursing but as he agrees I have no milk. It was mere drops before becoming pregnant. My nipples hurt very badly and as long as he stays latched I can practice breathing and counting to stay calm. I need to relearn hypno.


Right now I comfort nurse at bed, some mornings and if he is sick or upset... but the demand and sadness he feels over there not being milk is easing some.


He does know that I will have milk and won't be as sore once the baby is born so we'll see but I've tandemed on occasion he and his older sister so won't be surprised when it happens after this baby is born.

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Am nursing my 27 month old, and while not terribly comfortable, i've started putting her hand on my belly when I feel the baby kicking and she nods that she can feel it...:throb I think it might be helping her understand what is happening too (maybe!). Looking forward to tandem nursing, especially as a way to show her she's still my baby too!

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Ugh, i dread Tandem nursing and I hope my "baby" weans before the new babe arrives. She will be three when the baby is born and currently we are down to only two sessions a day, morning and bedtime. Fingers crossed!
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Yay! I figured out how to join on my phone so I'm no longer a lurker! smile.gif

My kiddo is 27 months and still nursing, though less often then pre pregnancy. She'll talk about the baby sometimes when she's sitting with me and say things like, "I'm snuggling with the baby." I've talked with her a bit about the baby and how it'll need to nurse, and she usually responds with, "we'll share. I get that side and the baby get that side."

Hoping it goes as smoothly as she says wink1.gif

Nice to "meet" you all!
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That is funny Garden! My Daughter says the same thing. She will take this one and the baby can have that one.
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Not sure I will be on this bandwagon.... my guy didn't nurse today. Today was his 4th birthday and while he hasn't been asking in the mornings much anymore but still usually gets comfort at bed from nursing. Bittersweet.

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