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Orthokeratology for Children

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Has anyone ever heard of this?   Orthokeratology is a process of fitting children with hard contact lenses to wear overnight.  My doctor has recommended them for our daughter, whose nearsightedness is getting much worse.  I would love to hear from you.  I feel super stressed, and would love to hear if others have tried this.


Thank you.

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*hugs* how stressful. I have no advice . Just hugs and I hope someone with knowledge replies to your post.

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I was supposed to be fitted with hard contacts in my early teen years to alter the shape of my eye. Is that what you mean? My parents decided against it, though, so I don't have any information about it.

You can approach her nearsightedness in other ways, however. Get a length of string/rope and tie knots every foot. One end should be a loop that goes over a doorknob. She would hold the other end, and, without her glasses/contacts, focus on the knot closest to her, then go to the next one, etc, all the way to the knob. She should also spend time outside without her glasses, focusing on things at different distances. Perhaps playing badminton. This encourages the eye muscles to work. Also, make sure her sinuses are not pressing on her eyes. Address any chronic congestion or allergies.

Sorry I can't help more with what you originally asked about. Sleeping with hard lenses was not recommended when I was growing up because of how much it irritated the eyes. What I was supposed to have was to be worn during the day, but not shaped to fit my eye. Rather my eye was supposed to adjust its shape to fit the lens. Still sounds uncomfortable to me.

Whatever decisions you make about this, I hope you and your daughter are pleased with the results!
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