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Blacksburg, VA?

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My family is relocating to Blacksburg this summer.  I would love to connect with other moms/families that are interested in Waldorf education and homes.  Are there any groups or co-ops in the area?  We are still early in our Waldorf journey, but am constantly trying to learn more and connect with others.  My children are currently 2 1/2 and 3 1/2.  I am also considering opening up our home to two 3-4 yr olds for Waldorf inspired childcare.

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I have a waldorf mommy friend in Va. I am not sure if she is on here, so I will email her and ask how close she is. I know she runs a co op so hopefully will be near you!

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Fabulous!  Thank you!

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She is not near you, but is trying to see what she can locate closer to you :)

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Oh, how I wish you were closer!  We are in Smyth County, just a bit too far for regular trips.

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There's an awesome communtiy of Mama's in Floyd county VA (around 30ish minutes from the Blacksburg / Chirstiansburg area).There's a school there called Blue Mountain School that I cannot say enough positive things about !!


There's also a wonderful whole foods store there


Floyd also has a lot of local artist shops and an organic Farmer's Markert in town. We used to live there years aog and I still miss it greensad.gif
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Did you ever find a school or community? My family may be relocating to Blacksburg as well!
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No luck so far.  :(  But Blacksburg is an awesome place to live and I'm sure in time we will find a few other Waldorf inspired families.  I'd really like to find a few that are interested in starting a homeschool co-op.  We've been very impressed with the drive to eat/shop/live local and how walking/biking friendly the town is.

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Well, I have my masters degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College. If we do move....I will be in touch!! Plus, I will need tips on how to meet folks and where our family should look at living, etc. Cheers! -Brooke

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Oh!  Please keep me posted!

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