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weekly thread May 20-26

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Hi ladies! I've never started a weekly thread, so I figured I'd give it a shot! I've been trying to think of a good question, but am having trouble coming up with anything! I thought it might be fun to share our best pregnancy brain stories smile.gif
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Hi Ladies, I am a lurker and I don't have much to say! But I read everyone elses posts regularly. We are having our 4th and we found out Friday it's another GIRL!!! That makes 4 girls for us!! We are super excited and she  is perfect! So sweet.


Funny story is we can never come up with boys names we agree on and girls names are never hard for us! So it's destiny that we keep having our sweet girls! I love having girls it is the greatest thing ever!


As far as prego brain goes! I think I pretty much forget everything these days and I heavily rely on my "amazing memory" so that all goes out the window when I am prego. But I try my best!! Can't wait to hear about everyone else!!

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Wow, 4 girls!! How wonderful smile.gif congrats! I do the same thing- rely on my (non existent) memory, then forget most of things I swore I'd remember, lol. Like groceries, for example! I've had to make. Wayyy too many trips back to the store for forgotten items! Oh and I managed to misplace my shoes the other day.... while I was at work. Luckily, I'm a nanny, so I had time to find them during naptime, lol.
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And my husband and I are having a little girl too, btw! We're soo excited!
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i found that even though i get pregnancy brain & forget where i've left the baby that i'm actually carrying on my hip--i have super fast reflexes!  i think this kind of evens it out.


in other news...i'm having lots of stress.  i'm still looking for the perfect & affordable apartment--which is insanely stressful since i don't have much money & am unsure of any income.  which brings me to my next stress inducer--now i'm reconsidering being in school.  i get  grant money for classes & to put towards rent--so going to school has been imperative.  i have been able to go to school because i live in the same house with my kids' dad & he watches them while i go to school.  but if i move into my own place, that complicates the childcare.  even if he is still willing to watch them--do i want to depend on him for that?  and i can't afford to pay someone to watch all of my kids.  that's a lot of kids.

so i used to support myself by writing how-to stuff for the internet.  now i'm looking at all the sites where i can actually get paid to write fiction!  i did not enjoy the how-to writing, but i love & live for writing fiction.  is this a pipe dream or would it behoove me to postpone school another decade while i try to write full time from home???  if my ex is actually taking the kids a couple of days a week--i would have time to write!!  i've written a couple of flash fiction pieces for some contests on helium.com, but that's all i've had the time & energy to do--stress leaves me pretty wiped out.



so i'm trying to figure that out.  i have a week before summer school starts & need to make a decision.


my heart goes out to other mamas who have to deal with crap on top of the average crap that comes with being pregnant.  i wish you all strength & peace!

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I can't think of pregnancy brain stories right now (other than the fact that I'm trying to figure out what to give a friend for a wedding that happened last september...yeah, I'm that awful and can't really blame pregnancy since there were a good 4 months of not being pregnant involved).  I'm sure my husband could write a book about how spaced out I am.


But holy cr%$.  Since I was finally forced to order myself a few new bras this week I was just curious how much my boobs have actually grown.  So I measured and I have gone from a 36B to a 36D. Dang! I've always been someone who was totally fine with being relatively small chested but I have to admit this is kind of awesome. I'm totally going to miss them when we wean.

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I never really recovered from pregnancy brain from my pregnancy with my first. Actually, I think birth makes it worse!

Em - Sorry about the stress. Good luck finding an apartment and making a choice around school.

Luv - We find picking girls' names easier as well.

AFM: 19 weeks on Wednesday. Interviewed a homebirth midwife on Friday, and while I don't love her, I think we will roll with her this time. She takes diet very seriously, and while I think I have a better diet than the standard American diet, I generally keep my standards lower. Of course, I'd love to gain less weight this time and have a smaller baby, so maybe a more nutrition focused practice will help with that.
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We had our anatomy scan today.  I think everything looked good but it wasnt what I expected.  First of all it was a tiny room and there was no way to turn the screen so I could watch.  The tech was realy nice and tried to turn it as far as it would go but even holding myself in a partial situp I couldnt really see and she only let me do that for a minute then said my ab muscles were in the way.  My husband watched but for some reason found it overwhelming and it made him nervous to just see the skeleton which is cute.   I figured I would just see the pictures at the end and asked her for them and she said they didnt print them so I asked if we could just take pics with our phones. She said it was against policy but would bring up a picture when she left the room and wouldnt know if we did. So all veryweird.  Happy it sounded like everything was good but not the experience I expected.  


As far as pregnancy brain mid presentations I keep forgetting coworkers names that I have worked with for years.

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AFM I'm now a 38F. I was a 36D before.
DP is loving this. All boobs and belly like a fertility godess wink1.gif

I think I'm skipping the anomaly scan.
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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes in the previous thread. Yes, as far as birth defects go, club feet is definitely one of the "best" to have (if such a thing can really be said about birth defects...) The tech looked at the baby's head, heart, and spine pretty thoroughly and did not see evidence of any other defects, so that's extremely good news (sometimes club feet can be indicative of other abnormalities). Baby was also moving around a LOT so it's evident we have a feisty one on our hands. :) S/he was trying to do a somersault as the tech was getting measurements, lol. I put some of the ultrasound pictures here if anyone is interested.


Based on the research I've done, the baby will have leg casts once per week for eight weeks and then a "boots and brace" apparatus for the next several years (23/7 to start, then only 12-14 hours, at night, once s/he is older). So, it could be a LOT worse and I'm glad it's not. Also, I'm fortunate enough to be able to take 12 weeks of maternity leave this time around, so the baby should be done with the casts and into the brace by the time I go back to work.


My OB told us that males are twice as likely as females to have club feet, so now my husband thinks the baby is a boy. I'm still thinking girl, though, so I guess we'll have to see who is right. :)

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I'll be 21 weeks Thursday!! I'm feeling huge!! I don't know of any real pregnancy brain stories, but I know I get very excited when I remember to do something. Haha! I'm feeling too fat to be sexy and I don't like that because my husband does not feel the same way smile.gif I'm all of a sudden the low self-esteem girl, and that has never been me...my mom raised me very confident in who I am. Right now, my biggest stress is getting my oldest ready to start Jr. High greensad.gif it makes me so sad, and I worry about all the temptations that go with it, and what if I am so busy with the baby that I don't give her enough support or attention?! Let alone the other three kids. Ugh. It just scares me greensad.gif Anyway, you all are looking great, and I love reading everything!
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JoAnna, I'm so pleased the outcome is looking so positive for your precious wee bundle!
I am still processing the fact we are having a wee girl, I'm so excited but after two boys I have to say it feels a little odd. Spent a significant amount of last night sorting through clothing and working out if there was anything we needed to get. Went to the fabric store today and got some muslin for wraps. Also got a few remnants so make a bunting as well.
As for the (.)(.) situation woah they are going to be HUGE by the time I hit term, two whole cup sizes already.
Really can't believe I'm half way now will pop a 20wk belly photo up shortly! Feeling rather unorganised.
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No pregnancy brain stories to tell over here. I feel pretty normal in the brain department. Just tired.


I'm STILL not 100% sure about whether I've felt any movement yet. Sometimes I think yes, and then I doubt it because I am so freaking gassy all the time that it's probably just that going on. So...meh. Anatomy scan is next Wednesday! Hoping to either feel definitive movement by then, or hopefully be able to see the movement and be able to notice the corresponding feeling.


In other news, I feel so huge already. My belly is way out there. I am short and slim, with a short torso so I suppose there's no real space for it all to go but out, but it's kinda freaky!

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Originally Posted by revolting View Post

I never really recovered from pregnancy brain from my pregnancy with my first. Actually, I think birth makes it worse!

I think I fall into this category too. Either I was always this spacey or after I had DS 3 years ago the pregnancy brain just never went away.


danielle-  somehow it didn't occur to me until last night that once my milk comes in the 2 cup sizes I've grown are going to seem like chump change.


wildgreen-  that is such a bummer that they didn't let you participate in the scan.  I'm with a new midwife in an new state this pregnancy so I'm really curious to see what the ultrasound experience is like. With DS it was awesome.  We weren't finding out the sex but we still got a couple great prints and were able to watch the whole time. I'm hoping its the same this time.


My scan is next Wednesday.  I'll admit I'm a little nervous about it but I'm also really excited. I loved having those pictures of DS up on our fridge for the second half of my pregnancy. We had one where he was waving at us. I still love that picture. I'm still feeling really good, though I've noticed lately that my legs start hurting when I cross them for more than a couple minutes. They start going numb. Awesome! It is black fly season in Maine which means DS and I are spending more time inside that I would like. The bugs just get really intense after a bit and I can't convince him to wear a bug net so I feel bad wearing one. Its fine if we're out walking but as soon as we start working the yard/garden they swarm.  It is my second least favorite thing about living up here.  I can't wait for this to be over. We've still got at least a couple weeks before they let up and we can start really enjoying the weather.

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Joanna-- I was born with club feet (I think? they were stuck curving inwards and my lower legs turned inwards too) and was in casts/braces only up until age 2. I'm fine now and you could never tell!!! well... i can tell because my external hip rotation is not as flexible even though i've been practicing yoga for 7 years- pigeon pose is a b*tch... but very good for me. My hips turn inwards VERY easily though, so i'm flexible that way. It's easily corrected.

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My sister was born with one club foot. I know she had casts for a while and I think in the end she had a metal rod placed in her lower leg. The only impact it has on her now is that the casts stunted the growth of her foot so her feet are a size and a half different. A pain in the butt when shoe-shopping, but that's all!

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Can't wait to see your newest belly pic, Danielle smile.gif

Ciga, I have that issue with my legs too sometimes. So weird!

Slammerkin, I'm feeling big too.. makes me wonder how big I'll end up!

Is anyone else having shortness of breath already?
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I have shortness of breath when I exercise..... makes me feel out of shape but I know I'm not. I also get full way too easily and fast... I don't feel like I have a short torso I think it's pretty average so idk why my stomach/organs are getting so squished so soon- makes me worry about how it's going to be when my uterus is up PAST my bellybutton and there's really no room!!


Also-- when I squeeze my boobs, clear liquid comes out... it's sticky and slippery. so weird. 

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Hahaha yoginimomma, I haven't given mine a squeeze recently but now I'm curious! I've never considered myself as having a short torso either, and I'm not in bad shape, so it worries me a little too when I think of how much more squished it's going to get!
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I have four girls in a row, too! Three was cool but honestly four was tough, especially because we were sure it was a boy. But I wouldn't go back now of course, all my children are different and amazing. Then came a boy and now another.

My boobs were down to pretty much nothing and now I'm on my way to a D. So that's nuts, but kinda fun. No milk stuff yet, but all it takes is holding a baby that's hungry for me to make some apparently because that is what happened the last time I held a baby when I wasn't pregnant and hadn't nursed for years. I was sore for a week!

Pregnancy brain? Well I get tired and absorbed by my needs like food and rest, but I still keep up on running things around here pretty well. Mostly I feel bad about being irritable. My personality can really change when I'm pregnant and losing some of my usual sweetness is tough. Makes me miss alternately crying and blissing out daily like I did with my first. Well maybe not.
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