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I heard of the purple line on another thread & it showed up during my labor albeit active labor. It's an indicator of cervical dilation w/out the exam. Thinking of you, mama's!

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LOL, is it horrible of me to admit that I also find the newborn stage a little bit boring (though full of WORK and very little SLEEP, so the worst possible combo! lol) Maybe it will be different this time around with a toddler and a newborn. I AM rather excited to watch DD's interaction with the new babe stillheart.gif


I was just looking back through my first DDC, trying to see if I posted anything about signs leading up to labor (I remember that I never lost my mucus plug or had bloody show prior to labor) and I found this tidbit:





My DD was born 4 days later. So much for the SUPERMOON coaxing my babies out! SIGH


My doula mentioned that the effect of the Supermoon was strong for 3-4 days after...so maybe it WAS the moon that brought your first!

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How exciting SweetHuck!! Keep us posted if you can- we'll be thinking of you!!
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Definitely just lost my mucus plug.  I am pretty certain my OB checking my cervix got things moving along.  Contrax were picking up so I took a shower to help relax.  Now I'm laying down and resting to see if they persist or subside.  So far it seems they are subsiding.

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My doula mentioned that the effect of the Supermoon was strong for 3-4 days after...so maybe it WAS the moon that brought your first!


And I would imagine the gravitational influence of the supermoon will exist on either side of the official date.  So a few days on either side of June 20ish ...

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Spotty and Sweet Huck, how are things going today?!

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Sooo close! Right? It has to be close, right? I also lost my mucus plug yesterday morning. I have another appointment with the midwives today to do another stress test and another membrane sweep. Got acupuncture yesterday and have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow to help induce labor. I had my sister who is a scientist (and really good at reading studies and finding the most relevant information) look into blue and black cohosh. There are some risks, but when compared with pitocin, the risks are not as serious. So if we get near a point where they would want to induce, I will use the blue and black cohosh to try to start labor without using pitocin. Before we even do that, I think I might try castor oil. I'm sure it will be unpleasant, but there are no risks with the castor oil, (other than diarrhea and flatulence--but no risks to baby). We thought we were having a Gemini, but maybe she wants to be a Cancer after all! lol. 41 weeks and 1 day today.

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Well, I feel like a total ass.  I know I shouldn't, but I can't deny it.


During dinner last night I was definitely feeling strong stabby contractions that wrapped around to my back.  I took a shower to relax and laid down.  I'd always been told that if the contrax don't go away after some rest then they are real.  My contrax persisted overnight.  I was able to sleep through most of them.  They picked up around 4a.  I got up at 6a and began to time them.  They were consistent 2-4 mins apart and lasted 1 min.  Also, I have been losing my mucus plug in amazing amounts.  There is way more snotty goo emerging than I ever would have imagined.  So at 7a I called my dr. and headed to L&D (after making arrangements w/ friends to care for our dog).  They hooked me up to the monitor and, of course, all activity dies down.  They saw contrax about every 6 mins and just a handful were hard ones - the rest just felt like BHC again.  They checked my cervix ... still just 2 cm.  And still more mucus plug coming out.


I am disappointed.  I am a hormonal mess.  My husband was more eager than I was to head to the hospital.  I was afraid of this so I didn't jump the gun when I felt things coming on stronger.  I waited 3 hours before even calling my ob!  He didn't understand why I wasn't flying out the door ... 5-1-1!!  When I told him what I was afraid of, though didn't think would happen based on how my contrax felt, he understood.  But, it happened.  It felt like the walk of shame exiting L&D w/ a full belly and discharge papers.


Now my contrax have all but subsided to just a few per hour and at that they just feel like BHC, not the hard stabby contrax that extend around to my back.  I hate crying wolf.  I know the L&D nurses see this all the time and its their job, but I feel like I wasted their time and our own.  We inconvenienced friends who offered to help to care for our dog ... all for nothing.  I swear, next time we head to the hospital I will be able to tell the L&D nurses what my baby's hair color is!


So frustrated.

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Now that I vented, I should share the positive news.  While on the monitor we could hear baby's heart beat and she was in the solid 120s and 130s b/t contrax - totally normal.  So that was reassuring after yesterday's concerns.

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Oh Spotty, I'm so sorry you feel like that, but is better to be safe than sorry. Remember you are amazing and you should listen to your gut!


I've been contracting since last night, they picked up this morning. So I'm thinking this baby will be here soon. My  dh won't be coming with me, it sucks but that'sway things are.



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Don't feel bad Spotty. It happens all the time. It's very normal. I myself have done it with my first. 

With my third I had a very convincing false/prodomal labor for a day that stopped for a day and then I went into "real" labor the next day. Nothing you can do about it. It is the nice thing about having a homebirth although, I could still accidentally call the midwife to my house and stuff and end up that things won't progress, so. But, she said not to feel bad if that happens. :)

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Same story as Spottys. Except my parents drove 700 miles straight through to attend my false alarm. i am pretty distraught, too, and feel like pressure is on. : /
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Spotty, don't feel badly at all! It sounds like things are progressing, even if the big EVENT wasn't today.  Prodromal labour can peak at night and subside during the day - something about our bodies producing more oxytocin during the night hours.  It can go on for days like this as our bodies prepare for the main event.  Glad to hear baby's heart was beating strong too.  Get as much rest as you can...Things might pick up again tonight! I can't find the "hugs" smiley, but I'm sending you one!


ETA: Huck you posted as I was typing - a hug for you too!

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Originally Posted by Sweet Huck View Post

Same story as Spottys. Except my parents drove 700 miles straight through to attend my false alarm. i am pretty distraught, too, and feel like pressure is on. : /


Hugs, Huck!  I am sure your baby is coming soon and your parents will relish in your baby alongside you and husband. luxlove.gif

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Starting to feel like this baby is never coming out.  41+5 today.....2 days until I won't be able to birth at the birth center anymore.  The membrane sweeping doesn't seem to have done anything.  I did wake up with an unusual amount of energy and have been cleaning the house/baking/organizing in bursts all day.  No significant contractions, no mucous plug....grrrrr.  Had a good long cry yesterday afternoon.  Trying to release expectations and keep myself occupied.  It's exciting to hear what's going on with everyone, and I can totally relate to false alarms, we just have to remember that it's happening very soon.  Although time seems to have slowed in these last weeks!  Sending happy vibes to everyone.    ALSO***I saw Seth Rogan's This is the End movie last week with my mom and we laughed so hard, it really helped release some tension.  Highly recommended if you're looking for a distraction and need a good laugh!

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Taters, you going to try castor oil or anything else? 

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hmmmmm.....I don't know if I want to do castor oil.  Isn't just thinking about castor oil supposed to help?  haha.  I've been rubbing clary sage on my belly, walking, bouncing on my birth ball.  Might try sex again later tonight but my vulva got fairly swollen last time so that makes me a bit nervous.  Perhaps this baby is just a big procrastinator like his/her parents and will arrive at the very last minute :o) 

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Hang in there mama's it will be soon. What I would prepare for is with that much activity/practice you could have a SUPER fast labor so be ready for that.  So exciting though!

Now REST REST REST! As much as you can.


I totally know the 'pressure' feeling, I mean like you are the 'cow on the ice' or 'the watched pot'. I felt this way with #3 after calling my midwife and having her here over night before anything happened. The next morning she offered Blue Cohosh and Black Cohosh tincture and after a couple doses things got regular and we had a baby within 5 hrs. 

Another option beside erhm...crapping yourself to death with caster oil.lol.gif   BUT I would not take either cohosh without my midwife there advising and monitoring.


Good luck ladies!thumb.gif


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Spotty, false alarm sounds frustrating, but still your body is progressing toward active labor, so that's good! And good that baby is doing well.

Sweet Huck, that sounds stressful, try not to put the pressure on yourself! It's hard, I know, I've been having to work at not blaming myself for the baby not coming. It helps me to remember that I am not that powerful that I can control when she is going to be born.

Afm, I had my membranes swept again today, and am dilated 4cm. The sweeping was a lot more intense today, but it was over quickly. Midwife says she has a good feeling it will happen soon, which is nice to hear. If it doesn't happen by Friday, my wife's cousin who is a midwife is going to come and help us with a natural induction. She uses castor oil. She says she doesn't want us to do it on our own, however, because it really is an induction and a lot of people don't understand that. She has a system, and apparently it works very well. Monday is the cut-off for when they will make me go to hospital instead of birth center. I am 41 weeks and 1 day today. Castor oil is safer than blue/black cohosh and pitocin. Blue and black cohosh (used together) are safer than pitocin. I've been doing a lot of research on this lately, just in case we get to that point. I'm going to try castor oil first as recommended by our cousin midwife, and she believes it will work. If it didn't, I would use blue/black cohosh to avoid pitocin, for sure! I talked to herbalist Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir and feel a lot better about the safety of using blue/black cohosh if it came down to it, and know how to properly use it now. Today, we are just waiting, went on a good 45 minute walk, and I'm going to try to do some cleaning. Tomorrow, I have another acupuncture appointment, and if nothing by Friday, we should be starting it then! I'm still *hoping* that it will happen completely naturally on its own before then. However, I've had to remind myself that when baby comes really is out of my control. When I was expressing my feelings of worry/guilt that baby hadn't yet arrived, and that it was somehow my fault, my friend/doula said, "Haha, you're not that powerful!" to me. I was like, "oh yeah..." and realized I needed a bit of humility (along with some patience!). It is up to baby and the goddesses when she arrives, I am just honored to be the vessel, and there are things I can do to help my body be ready, and try to encourage labor, but ultimately it is out of my control. (enter serenity prayer here! lol)

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Water just broke ... wow.  Going to hosp. now.

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