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Thinking of you all!


I was feeling ready to start moving things along last night so made a big veggie stir fry with lots of ginger cut into match sticks and a whole bunch of fresh basil.  Had a brief moment of clear thinking through the fog of hormones!  Basil stimulates oxytocin production and ginger is warming/moving and has a special affinity to the uterus.


Woke up this morning around 3:45 with cramps and strong braxton hicks and feeling really silly.  Dh was cracking jokes as we watched the sun rise and I was giggling . . . high on hormones.  : )  


I'm thinking ginger lemonade or ginger/lemon popsicles are in order for the day.  Yum!


Happy Midsummer to you all!

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Hmm, I've never heard of the ginger or basil connections, but maybe today I'll give it a shot. And some ripe pineapple! I have been doing lots of spicy++ food, but that's not at all uncommon for me. Also EPO up the hoo-haa every night, tons or RRL tea since the 2nd trimester (not to induce, of course, but hopefully it will help with labor and afterpains?) Gonna try to dtd again today, which set off some mildly painful ctrx yesterday. Oh, and a long walk is planned for later. Any other ideas? I've got a lot of time on my hands here!
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Surging mildly all day...until the sun went down...now down to every 4 minutes, getting stronger and passed mucus plug...trying to maintain expectation that this could just be pre labor but still kind of excited. Going to try to sleep in between and see what happens (it's almost midnight here). Think good thoughts for me!
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Thinking TONS of good thoughts for you!!!
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Come out, come out wherever you are baby ABNYLON!
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praying.gif      praying.gif       praying.gif




You can Do IT MAMAS!  thumbsup.gif

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Go go go!! I think of you all daily as I gaze at Holly knowing you will get to gaze at your babe soon, too.
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Full moon day and I'm still not feeling much of anything.  Been achey in my lower body (my hips and ass hurt like no other!), but no contractions.  Walked along the low tides today, kept walking most of the day.  I'll try to keep this up, but man oh man am I ever exhausted!  I have a pretty funny sunburn on my belly from walking on the beach with my belly hanging out winky.gif


Hope some of you ladies are feeling the pull of the full moon!!

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I totally feel ya Rae Rae... I have walked until I'm exhausted, eaten so much pineapple my mouth is raw, and stimulated my nipples so much it looks like I'm cold all the time. Come on baby!! The full moon WANTS you to come out :-)
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Baby is here! The full moon (and some acupressure) worked its magic! Sleep Friday night, woke up in labor Saturday morning at 5 am, baby girl (name pending!) was born healthy and perfect 6 pounds 6 ounces at 8:22 pm last night. Homebirth worked out, baby was a star the whole time, totally held up under labor and started screaming with just her head having been born (?!). Midwife had me catch her myself (from
Hands and knees position...still not sure how that worked) which was amazing. It was super intense but worth it...she is lovely and curious about the world and eating like a champ. Husb and I are turning the world off for a few days and spending some time getting to know her, wanted to share w you all though!

Thinking good labor-y thoughts for the everyone!
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Hooray abnylon! Sounds like you had a fantastic experience. Congrats!
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Congrats Abnylon!!

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Yay Abnylon! Sounds wonderful and magical and I'm so excited your LO arrived with the full moon!  And I have to say, I love that you haven't chosen a name yet thumb.gif


AFM, woke up this morning to some bloody show!!  Feeling very crampy and menstrually. I know that loosing your mucous plug doesn't necessarily mean labor is pending, but it's exciting none the less!  Last night I was starting to get low back pain and my whole pelvic area was inflamed much more than before.  I was also losing my ability to talk and couldn't think of words, peeing every five minutes (I would seriously walk out of the bathroom and have to pee again), had lots of BMs through out the day yesterday, and almost stayed up cleaning just because that's where my brain was (thank goodness DP is good at reminding me I need sleep and cleaning can happen in the morning).  I told DP late last night that he might not be going to work today (he only has two more days of work scheduled before paternity leave).  We shall see!  I feel like I should try to get some more sleep as I was up until after 3am and it's only 7am now, but I think I might go water the garden first.  Feeling too antsy to lay back down.  Today would be a great day for a Baby!

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Hoping it's soon for ya RaeRae. Sounds like you have some good signs. :)

Try to get some rest. 

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Yeah those sound like great signs! And I've heard that bloody show is more reliable an indicator than just mucus plug, so that is exciting. Definitely try to sleep, your labor will be much more successful and enjoyable if you are rested. I don't know about you, but everything just seems more arduous and painful when im tired.

Fingers crossed that yoy meet your baby soon!
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Welcome little one! Congrats Abnylon! Enjoy those new snuggles.




Exciting RaeRae! Rest mama Rest!  then  Go baby go!! love.gif

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Hooray Abnylon!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like the perfect experience!
Go Rae Rae.....had bloody show yesterday morning, so im getting very excited myself 41 weeks tomorrow!
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Maximus was born Friday evening (solstice!!!) after 22 hours of labor.  9.2 lbs 21.5 inches......photos and birth story to come soon. 

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Congrats Taters! So happy for you! :)

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Welcome, baby Maximus! Congrats Taters, can't wait to read all about it!
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