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Congrats Abnylon and Taters!! 


I having contractions about 5 min apart for past couple hours... just got off the phone with my mw, really hoping today's the big day. :-) 

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Originally Posted by shanna-cat View Post


I having contractions about 5 min apart for past couple hours... just got off the phone with my mw, really hoping today's the big day. :-) 


Woohoo! Hope this is it and hope it's contagious. lol.gif

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What dayiscoming said! Yes on both points!
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Congratulations ABNYLON!  It sounds like you had a great birth!


Good luck, RaeRae!  That all sounds very promising!


Congratulations taters!  Can't wait to hear more.  Enjoy your new little one!


Good luck, shanna-cat!

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Welcome Maximus!! That was a name choice of ours at one point as DP wanted to be called Max when he was about 5 love.gif


Lots of pink when I wipe today, mild contractions far apart all day, but they are now about 10-15mins apart consistently. Really wish I didn't have hemorrhoids already!!!! Can't imagine what they'll be like after pushing blush.gif


DP's at work and I'm going to try for sleep. Not much else I can do for now. Thanks for all the support and well wishes ladies!


Hope your well ShannaCat!! Maybe we will have two new PNW babies by morning! joy.gif

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Welcome little big boy Max!  Great job Taters!


Fingers crossed for ya RaeRae. Peace.gif

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Ugh. Well I contracted all day, from 11am - 8pm with no cervical change. I have never had false labor before and it SUCKED. Of course after everything stopped I burst into tears and spent at least an hour sobbing because I felt so silly to have gotten everyone's hopes up (especially mine) and then nothing.
If I wake up pregnant tomorrow, it will be the longest I've ever carried a baby before. This LO just isn't finished cooking I guess...

Rae Rae I hope you had a more productive night than me!!
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Sorry Shanna-cat. I had that happen with baby number 3. I was certain I was in labor and then it just stopped. Then I had a day of nothing and then the next day went into labor. I hate this whole not know when things are going to happen bit. That's the hardest part for sure. I'm not very patient and I like to plan ahead. LOL


I was unrealistically hoping that things might happen this weekend for me since I had my DD1 on the full moon and NOTHING. Blah...

I'm honestly just getting really bored of being pregnant. I don't have any energy to tackle any extra tasks/projects. My house is pretty clean and organized. My kids are good and self entertain well - though of course I play with them some too. I'm not interested in homeschooling right now as I wait because it's hard to focus and I don't want to start something I'll have to stop again soon with them. So, blah, I'M BORED. LOL 


I'm 38 weeks today by my guess date, but could be a little further along since I'm uncertain of exactly when I ovulated. But sure that I'm at least this far along. Earliest I've gone into labor was 37+4 and had him at 38 on the dot. But, latest I've gone is 41, so wah... no idea when this is all going to happen, but it's getting old. At least for most of you, you are closer to your DD or past and you can surely expect that baby very soon. Every day seems like an eternity though... at least to me. 

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Shanna cat, I'm right there with you. And i can entirely empathize wirh you, dayiscoming, about each day being an eteenity. I even had contractions and spotting last week that I thought was certainly bloody show and the real deal....but no. just more of the same, starts and stops.

Hang in there. Our babies are coming. I don't know when, but we can't be pregnant forever.

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Thinking of you both Shannacat and Sweethuck.  Hope things start moving for you soon!


I'm 39+1 today, and nothing's really happening here.  Stronger BH contractions, a little crampy some evenings, but baby's head hasn't even really "dropped" yet - still hanging out next to my hip bone. I'm kind of guessing we'll be into July before this little makes his/her appearance.


I am getting into frantic panic-nesting "OMG I need to be better prepared"-mode, but I think that's more a symptom of procrastination than anything else...orngtongue.gif

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Originally Posted by Sweet Huck View Post

Hang in there. Our babies are coming. I don't know when, but we can't be pregnant forever.



Love your attitude Sweet Huck. You will have that baby soon. 

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ARE YOU SURE?! because right now I'm pretty darn convinced that I'm going to be pregnant FOREVERRRRRRR.

Im 40+2 today, and went into labor around midnight at 40+2 with dd, so of course I cant help hoping that tonight is the night. But apparently I have absolutely no maternal instinct--thought for sure this one was a boy who would be early, and SHE is now technically "late." Bah. Sod it.
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Soon Kitteh.  I felt EXACTLY like you the day before I had Trilly. thumb.gif    Enjoy the last little kicks and flutters ( and get ready to say goodbye to heartburn and aches!) joy.gif

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Originally Posted by kitteh View Post

ARE YOU SURE?! because right now I'm pretty darn convinced that I'm going to be pregnant FOREVERRRRRRR.



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Hugs mamas, it won't be long now ❤
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Well. I went to my MW appt today at 40+2 and was surprised to be told to undress from the waist down so they could do a cervical check. I was under the impression that these midwives didn't do cervical checks until labor. But I'm impatient and ready and curious, so I stripped down and when the MW asked if I was ok with a bit of a stretch/sweep I said go for it. It wasn't even mildly uncomfortable, though, and she said that she wasn't really very aggressive with it so who knows if it will do anything. She said I'm 80-90% effaced and a good solid cm dilated, and then started talking about scheduling an induction for this Saturday, which took me by surprise. She quickly said that she didn't think it would be necessary because I had 2 contractions during the appt and she could see that my body was doing something.


She suggested lots of sex this week, and I have a NST scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30 (not at L&D but at a local office, where we got our U/S done.) She did, however, schedule another NST and also an induction for Saturday morning at L&D. So, if it comes down to that I'm going to have to figure out what to do. I'm afraid that they're going to get me down to the hospital for the NST and then just go right for the induction, which isn't cool with me. The MW did quickly admit that they can't force me into anything, but I'm sure that if I'm actually in L&D the nursing staff will lean heavily on us to just go ahead with the induction. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.


What would you mamas do in my shoes?

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Oh man Kitteh. That's terrible about the induction. Seems a bit premature. Would have expected to have them wait to schedule until you were 41 weeks and most I understand will do the induction at close to 42 weeks at least. I had my last baby naturally at what my midwives (that I dumped) would have called 41+2. I was only 41 by my own calculations though. Of course since I was doing my own prenatal care and an unassisted birth, I didn't have to worry about the pressure to induce though I was getting a bit nervous about it and would have gone in if I had made it to 42 weeks I think.


I think you need to talk to your DH and make sure you have a plan. And I would talk to those midwives and explain that you would like to wait to the latest time to schedule an induction. That you are OK with NST's to make sure baby's doing fine, but feel this is a bit soon for the induction. Sorry you are having to deal with that.

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So, would you say we should go ahead to the NST at L&D on Saturday (if it comes to that) but refuse to be induced? Or skip the appointment all-together (I could call the office beforehand and use the excuse that we don't have transportation. We live at the beach and the hospital is downtown LA, like 25 miles from us. They know that we don't have a car. The hospital provides one voucher for a taxi cab on the way to L&D for the Main Event, but not for things like NSTs. So maybe I could claim that we simply can't get down there and request that the Saturday NST is also done locally (which is what we are doing tomorrow, an NST about 5 blocks away from us) in order to avoid being pressured into an induction because we're already there at L&D so we "might as well?")

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I just checked the induction Rd and she wrote down cytotec as the induction method?!
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Yikes!!! Kitteh, I would absolutely refuse cytotec NO MATTER WHAT!! It can do some major damage and its just a nasty drug. I was induced that way with my oldest 14+ years ago and it took 46 hours to have her and the pain was awful. Also, I'd go with your excuse of no transportation unless that's what you want. Your sweet baby will be here in no time, mama ❤
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