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Lilmojo, my BP always went up to right around there with my previous pregnancies at the end. Try to stay calm because stressing sure won't help. I know, easier said than done. But, that BP without any protein stuff or anything, though not wonderful, isn't detrimental either. Hope your baby gets moving on out shortly. 

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Rest lilmojo. It will do good for your bp to not think about it for a while. hug2.gif  Plus,  everything looks better after a nap thumb.gif (except the laundry and dishes ......)



Sweet Huck?  Kitteh?? Where are those babies??    I know, probably the last thing you want to hear right now...  sulkoff.gif



Thinking of you ladies.blowkiss.gif

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Originally Posted by BumkinsMum View Post

Plus,  everything looks better after a nap thumb.gif (except the laundry and dishes ......)




That.Is. Awesome.

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Spotty, I don't think you've seen my laundry room... it has absolutely no awesome qualities at all unless you are gageing the height of Mt. Laundry....lol.gif

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Lilmojo! Do not fret. Your BP is something to monitor, but it is not *overly* high for 41 weeks. I was/am in the same boat, although i have trace protein in my urine, too. Our bodies can only handle so much baby for so long....one reason why my midwives wanted to start encouraging labor.

Speaking of which.....I'm still here! Labor slowed last night....at least enough for periods of sleep. NST this morning showed strong heart tones....so I'm gonna jump on my breast pump for a bit and hopefully get things really going for more active labor.
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Last night my 3yr old told me that she likes July more than June, so we should have a July baby. I promptly disowned her.

I hope this baby doesn't agree with her!
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Hi Everyone!


Been off the computer since Friday.  Shhhhh . . . don't tell anyone I've left bed rest.  : )


Our beautiful baby boy has yet to be named, but we are so happy he's out and letting us get to know him!


7lbs 4 oz

20in long


Woke up at 1:05am Saturday morning in the middle of a contraction, thinking . . . okay, that was a REAL contraction . . . better get some sleep!  Contractions were about 20 minutes apart from then until 3:30am.  I would have loved to sleep in between but had to pee so often that I spent most of my time waddling between bed and bathroom.  Called midwife around 4am to give her the scoop that contractions had shifted to 10 minutes apart.  We still thought things would progress slowly for the next few hours so MW said to call her when they were every 5 minutes.  Called her again at 4:38 to say we were already at 6min.  What she didn't hear was DH saying, at the end of the phone call, something about how there was another one happening and it had only been 3 min from the last.  Parents were called, older siblings woken up . . . started to feel like a party.  : )


I didn't think it would happen so quickly  - so I was still trying to ease through the ctxns but they then started doubling up - one immediately following the first, then a 2 or 3 minutes rest, then another double.  It was quite wild and I started feeling pushy.  Threw up and water broke around 5am and I said "wow, this is transition!" and DH scrambled to both help me and call the midwife to say things were progressing very fast.  


Midwife got here just in time to open her bags, put on gloves and help DH catch a flying baby as I stood up.  (I was uncomfortable, couldn't find a good position, baby was starting to crown - and I decided I wasn't going to stretch enough so I was just going to skip the whole thing, stand up and walk out of the room . . . heh, heh . . . got to the standing part at least)  Anyway, I guess the standing did the trick because this little one went from barely crowning to sliding completely out, with both hands up to the face and triple-wrapped in the cord.  Good thing DH had a lot of experience taking the snap in football in his youth.  Baby was very slippery, I hear, but DH and MW managed to unwrap him while I stood.  I got over my plans to leave and decided being in bed with baby would be a good thing.


I had a feeling my labor would be more quick with this one, but since the last one was 20 hours, I was thinking this time 10-12 hours would be a big improvement.  I was NOT prepared for a 4 1/2 hour labor.


I am practicing gratitude for all the support - having DH home for 2 weeks - we now have 2 girls and a boy!  I am trying to do my best to follow the midwife's advice of 5 days IN the bed, 5 days ON the bed, 5 days AROUND the bed.  I did not follow that last time and my recovery was slowed to the point of still having a hard time walking without pain at 5 months PP.  I'm feeling Great - and very restless - but mostly great and grateful.  Only one tear significant to need a couple stitches and a couple other splits.  Amazing since both hands were up and elbows were out.


Okay, been sitting way too long.


So happy to pop in and read your stories!  Babies!


I, too, say get as much rest as possible to those who are still waddling and waiting.


love, love 

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Hope it picks up good Sweet Huck. 


Kitteh, haha, not sure how I'd react to that comment from your DD. :) Surely wouldn't be welcomed at this point if I were you. She was probably trying to make you feel better that it was almost July? :P

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OrmEmbar- Congratulations! I love the walking out part. Can't say how often I wanted to do that during my first labor :)

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Congrats OrmEmbar!! I love your birth story. Crazy how fast it went. Funny about the walking out the room plan. LOL 

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Thinking about all you ladies!! Your babies are loving those wonderfully warm wombs, I'm sure.


Kitteh- you and your 3yo crack me up! But I, too, hope your LO doesn't agree with July. Hang in there Mama!


Huck- I'm rootin' for you!! Your body must be so ready and you are gonna be a rock star once Baby is ready to show themselves! So close, enjoy these last moments of pregnancy.


It's funny how much I prepared for labor, as in things to have on hand, and how little I used. All the things I didn't get prepped were not missed at all. The one thing I wanted to do was write Baby a letter before he was born and I never got around to it. So do those specials little things while you Mamas wait, Babies will be here before you know it!


Sending my love to you all.

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Well today has been much more uncomfortable than usual. Lots of crampy contractions all morning, then I went to the bathroom and lost a bunch more plug. Around noon I walked half a mile to yoga and they calmed down a little bit during class. I had maybe 3 "real" contractions and a bunch of bh ctrx over the hour and a half class time. Walked the 1/2 mile home and they started to pick up again--about 10 minutes apart for a few hours. Had dinner and took another mile walk, during which I had a few good ones and now I'm feeling lots of pressure in my crotch and my back is achey with period-like cramps. So now I'm just sitting on my yoga ball and rolling back and forth through contractions.


I'm REALLY hoping that this keeps up and doesn't fizzle out overnight. This whole "is it or isn't it" thing is so odd and frustrating. With Ela I had no signs at all until my water broke, and then there was no doubt that what I was feeling was the real deal. I certainly don't want my water to break prematurely this time--definitely don't want to feel like I'm "on the clock" once we get to the hospital--but it would be nice to have some definitive sign that this is actually IT, as I'm sure many of you mamas understand. I have so much sympathy for those of you who have been having prodromal labor for days/weeks. You are strong women!!

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Kitteh I honestly could've written your post (except the yoga)... I've had much the same day- super uncomfortable lots of cramps and lots of mucus plug and things pick up ehen i walk a lot. My family (especially DH) is also rooting for a July baby, while i am ready NOW.

Soon mama, soon.
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Hoping and praying your babies are in your arms soon kitteh,shanna-cat and huck! Maybe tonight is baby night!
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Managed to sleep a bit, just got up to pee and had a nice solid ctrx on the toilet, lost more plug/bloody show. I guess that is a good sign that these contractions are productive and are actually working to dilate my cervix, right? I mean, if this were "false labor" I wouldn't be getting so much bloody, mucousy discharge with these cintractions, would I? You'd think that as a second-timer I would have more confidence in my ability to tell when I'm actually in labor, but all of this is just so different from my first rodeo.

Currently, I feel like the majority of the pain/sensation from my ctrxs is happening in my cervix, and sometimes in my lower abdomen and lower back. I'm still getting the whole-belly tightening, but not the whole belly/whole back pain like I did with dd.

I think I'm going to eat something and try to sleep more. Dd went down at her usual time tonight and she was super tired (got less sleep than usual last night, and no nap all day) but she fell asleep while I was out walking. Usually she nurses to sleep. Now she has been really restless and keeps half-waking, crying out for me. Then I nurse her back down and she sleeps for a bit before tossing and turning again, reaching out for me in her sleep or half-waking again to search me out. Sigh.
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Thanks so much for all your loving thoughts! Took your advice and rested most of yesterday with some pretty crampy back pains. Think im gonna talk to mw bout starting the castor oil today instead of tomorrow41+ 5. May be holding my lo this wkend:)
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Hope it all works out well for you lilmojo.


Sounds like some good signs Kitteh. :) I understand the prodomal labor thing. Happened with all of mine... This one, so far nothing, but there's still time to be faked out. LOL

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I'm feeling really low right now--just very negative and vulnerable. I've been having irregular, moderately painful contractions for the past few days and lots of lost plug/bloody show but not bloody baby yet. I'm only 40+6 today, but feeling very "overdue" and broken. As of my last NST, baby was looking good and appeared to be in the optimal birthing position. cervix is 80-90% effaced and some dilation is happening. The continued loss of plug makes me think more dilation has been happening over this week. Ultrasound showed a healthy placenta and good fluid levels, head is low in the pelvis though I'm not sure what station.


So then what is the frigging hold up?! Reading spinningbabies, it sounds like this sort of start and stop early labor is associated with malpositioning, but my midwives and the U/S tech assure me that baby is positioned well. Unless there is something that they're not catching? At first these increasingly painful contractions were an exciting and welcome sign, but now they are just starting to annoy me. I seriously don't know how you mamas who experienced weeks of prodromal labor managed to hold up through it all. It's so taxing and overwhelming!  And on top of that, my fingers have started to swell ever-so-slightly, but I have 2 rings on my right hand that were a snug fit to begin with and now I might have to get them cut off. It's making me feel even more broken. Luckily my BP is still normal at 119/73. We'll see how long that lasts.


I have another NST today at 11:30 and it can't come soon enough. I'm just hoping for some reassurance so that I can cancel tomorrow's scheduled induction with confidence. I'm trying not to be a giant baby over here, but feeling really spent and pessimistic. I'm so easily irritated, and my poor mom is trying so hard to be a comfort to me but I'm annoyed by it and feeling a bit snippy towards her, which really isn't fair. I just want this all to be over :(

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Hi kitteh & all, I haven't posted much here but have been following along, especially this thread.


Just wanted to chime in that at least you are not alone kitteh! I'm 40+4 and feeling very similarly. I don't have a first NST till Monday and am kind of wishing it were sooner. Had membranes swept on Wednesday and since then it's been nighttime "stop & go" even though I also have been told baby is in a great position. I guess I'll be trying spinning babies exercises this weekend.


Never really thought about going late with my 2nd baby (silly, eh) but...here we are. Good luck to you!

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