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What to do about fatigue?

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I'm so fatigued. I'm accomplishing nothing. I'm lucky if I switch over the laundry and sweep the floor in the same day. My house is turning into a pig sty and all I want to do is nap - except my kids won't let me. I'm so very ready for that 2nd trimester burst of energy! Until then, is there anything that can be done to boost my energy? Or do I just have to stick it out and accept it? I don't remember being this tired the first two times, but the first time I didn't have a kid to look afer and the second time my kid was so young that she was happy to nap with me. This time I have two kids, one who will lay down  with me for a little while but the other one won't stop talking or singing to herself right next to me :p

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Get your thyroid checked. smile.gif

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I've been mixing a tablespoon of chia seeds into my tea for a burst of energy in the afternoon. Might be just psychological, but it seems to be working! The seeds gel up a bit and make for a interesting texture. I've always liked raspberry seeds in my smoothies, so I kind of like the texture :) Chia seeds are a nice source of protein, fiber, and omega-3s, calcium, etc--so they can't hurt!

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I just go into survival mode. Limit laundry, same jammies for the week unless very soiled, paper goods if that is all you can muster. Minimal menu of food items, give yourself any break that you can to get through.

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I'm out-of-my-mind exaughsted. Use to be a coffee drinker and will still get a lattte maybe once a month. Naps are a gamble. Will I wake up feeling I'm about to throw up? I hate that feeling.

I have chia seeds. Will try that. Need to get more of that juice with.. What's that word? It starts with an R. Helps prevent cancer, found in red wine.. I buy this at Central Market. So usually I'll put a tblsp of Great Lakes collagen protein into it and drink that before taking Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil. The chia seeds would be a nice addition to that.
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I'm with you. I enlist DP who takes DD after she wakes up and nurses so I can catch a few more zs before I have to get up for work. 4 pm is the worst time, I find. I'm mostly just trying to be kind to myself and set expectations of accomplishing anything very low!
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I am feeling the same way and got my iron levels checked. I'm quite low and have started a supplement, although I have yet to notice a difference. I know it will come. Maybe get your iron levels looked at? Just a thought :)

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