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Question for Ergo wearers!

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I wear my 4 month old in a Ergo Sport. Every time he gets these red, crease marks behind his knees, were his legs hang out of the Ergo. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas to help it?
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I don't have any answers for you but hopefully bumping it up will get it some attention

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I know what you mean. Perhaps you could put a little swatch of fleece down there to make less of a crease? I never have done anything about it, myself, but I understand the concern.
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I haven't had that problem, but fleece or microfleece is a great idea. I'd say make it a single longer piece that goes through both holes, so you're not messing with small pieces each time.

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It might be that his legs/knees JUST reach the edge of the fabric there, so they're pressing into the fabric when bending to make a seat.  You could try putting a piece of fabric under him or even babylegs?  As long as it looks like sock marks and it's not causing him discomfort, it's okay, but I can understand why you'd want to soften it a bit.  As his leg grows a bit, it will become less of an issue.  HTH!

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My daughter had the same problem when her legs were shorter, but because it was still early spring at the time, I was able to pull her pant legs down to cushion her. They were riding up when I put her in the carrier or she was wriggling around. If he's bare-legged, I agree with the other posters that a soft cloth would work well until his legs get long enough that the seat fabric won't poke him. 

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