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Exercise Ideas

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So what are y'all doing for exercise?  I try to walk at least 20 mins daily, and yesterday, I found an enjoyable prenatal yoga program on youtube.

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I try to do 2 kilometers a day on an exercise bike..doesn't always happen.
I walk back and forth, 3 acres a dozen times a day, chase 3 littles, garden...life is exercise enough!
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Share the Prenatal Yoga YouTube please! <3 I have a Food Journal and an Activity Journal and so far I only have ONE thing to write in the Activity Journal. I am going to a Zumba workshop tomorrow tho and I just got a free trial membership @ a local gym . . . 

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I try to do a nice long round of sun salutations every day and I've started adding in the daily routine stuff from spinning babies. I walk occasionally, but it's already 90+ degrees here and there are so many bugs that swarm me when I leave my house, I prefer to just pretend chasing my two girls around air conditioned stores and playgrounds is enough exercise.

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Here's the yoga link:



Before the last cycle when I finally conceived, I was getting into High Intensity workouts - Jillian Michael's videos mainly.  They were really good for me, even if they kicked my butt. I stopped because I was concerned that the high intensity stuff was affecting my fertility...and maybe it was...But now I just have a hard time getting back into the  routine of exercising regularly (other than walking).  Of course, first trimester blahs have not helped.


Now that I am finally starting to feel better, I want to re-focus on fitness. I am thinking between yoga and bellydance, I should be good.  


But I need ideas for abdominal exercises, some light free-weight exercises....and kegels. I am so bad about doing kegels.

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I hadn't exercised since I found out I was pregnant. Between being exhausted, morning sickness, and actually getting sick, I didn't feel up to anything. I could barely go to the grocery store. Today I went for a walk/run with my 8yo DD, and even though I barely made it halfway, it felt good! smile.gif
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Before I got pregnant I was really active.  Now I just try to not get sick.  I"m starting to feel better and am craving activity.  I'll likely resume swimming and running.

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I did a lot of swimming too in my last pregnancy, and it was sooooooo lovely. Especially at the end when I was all swollen. I've been doing the elliptical so far in this pregnancy, but after my usual workout today I felt kind of shaky, so maybe time to get back to the swimming!

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Last pregnancy, i was able to mountain bike through the first and trail ride through the 2nd trimesters. Dh and I both LOVED it. It took so much "work" out of work out. I finished with swimming. It was heavenly. I worry about the chlorine, as the pools I have available are all indoor. Last time my asthma improved with pregnancy, this time it feels much worse. That may have a great bearing on what I do from here in out. Also, with the cold persisting through spring I haven't been riding yet. I'm doing yoga from an app, I'll add something else next week.
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With DD, I did "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" by Karyne Steben. The DVD looks a bit old-fashioned but I loved the workouts and did them until the last month. She's a trapeze artist and it's mostly bodyweight exercises plus some stretching in there. I also really like that she incorporated Kegels into the workout. This DVD is actually what turned to bodyweight workouts because I found them more effective than Pilates. As soon as this cold is over and I'm feeling half way up to it, I plan to do the DVD workout twice or 3 times a week. I also walk on average 40min- hour per day (we live in the city and don't own a car - yet).  


I'd love to go swimming more but I hate the chlorine and washing my hair so often. It gets so dry..

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LilyKay, the lady on the "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" is buff! The cover alone is a bit intimidating. Nevertheless, I ordered a copy for my library, along with "Prenatal Pilates."  I can't wait to try them out.


So far I am still mainly walking, having a hard time feeling up to exercising after I get off work at 7pm. On the weekends, my exercise consists of walking the dog, mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. 


Definitely can tell I need more stretching and back/ab strengthening.

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I made it farther on my run today. I'm exhausted!
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I've been running (although not as regularly as I'd like.) I'm actually kind of liking running while pregnant. Usually I'm very "self-competitive" and pushing myself farther, faster, etc. I always certain time and distance goals to make. Now I have a totally different attitude about it. It's no problem if I need to take walk breaks or stop altogether (or pee breaks, lol) and if I end up running at a 10:30 minute mile (non-preggo I usually ran about an 8:45/mile) NBD because I'm still out there doing something. It's really kind of made me rediscover why I love running in the first place.


Other than that, I try to do some planks, push-ups, dips, and squats (because I can do that at home :) ) But again, so far not with any regularity. Now that I'm feeling more human I hope to make it more routine. Oh, and adding bike rides and swimming in now that we're finally getting some nice weather.


I recently found this blog http://diapers-and-dumbbells.com/ but haven't really checked it out yet. The writer is a fitness model and it's all about her workouts during her pregnancy and recovery. From my brief glance through I did see she has a few core workouts.

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Is anybody here on MyFitnessPal? I'm on there, and trying to find an accountability partner to help me meet my goals (running three times a week, taking the kids to the pool twice a week, and logging ALL my food). It's hard because I have all these people on my friends list who are not pregnant, who are working out like crazy and losing weight while I'm expecting to gain and just trying to stay active.
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So I realize I should ask my midwife this, but I don't go back for a few weeks.  What sort of exercise is generally considered "ok" during pregnancy?  In my case, I was not particularly active before my pregnancy, but I would like to be moving more, and being healthier.  For some reason I thought biking and running were out?  Not that I think I could pick up running right now, but just curious how much I can ramp up from where I am now.  Taking the kids biking (them in bike seats) would be nice this time of year, if that is safe.

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Court, the advice I have been given is that it's ok to continue doing anything you were already doing before pregnancy, as long as you feel ok. If you weren't already exercising before, I think it's best to start slow. Walking, swimming, pre-natal yoga. I read that biking could be bad in the second and third trimesters because your balance is off and you're more likely to fall. I don't know if that would apply to the slow kind of biking you'd do with kids.
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I have been doing a prenatal swim class and love it!  DH and I walk on a semi frequent basis but this spring the mosquitos have been horrendous.


michelleepotter, I signed up for myfitnesspal but I haven't figured out how to use it on my computer, just on my phone through the app. I would love an accountability partner for tracking food and exercise there.

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Lilac, on your computer just go to http://myfitnesspal.com in your browser. Log in with the same log in info you used on your phone. The website is very similar to the app, but it also has a message board. You can see my profile and add me as a friend here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/michelleepotter (Or you can tell me your username, and I'll send you a request that you can answer from your phone.)

You can also keep up with your friends from the phone app. On the main screen, the News Feed shows what your friends are doing, and you can comment on their posts. You can also click on your friend's name to go to their wall and post something or send them a private message. Just like Facebook. smile.gif
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Michelle, I have yet to get back to logging on myfitnesspal.  If and when I do, I would love an accountability partner. (How's that for commitment!?! LOL)

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LOL. Well, if and when you do, look me up! I really need more motivation! I do a great job logging my breakfast and lunch, but then logging dinner always seems so complicated! (DH cooks, so I'd have to get more involved in the preparation to figure out, not only how many calories for the recipe, but how much of it I'm eating.)
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