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Mothball Smelling BM/Low Weight Gain 6 MO

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Okay, I've got a problem for you breastfeeding experts to solve! So DS2 went for his 6 mo WBV today and has only gained 1.5 pounds in 3 months, only 3 pounds in 4 months. His height is also pretty much the same after 3 months. I don't know how I feel about this.... 


He's still a big baby for his age at 18lb 8oz, 28.5 in but he was 10lb 13oz, 23 in. at birth. I'm kinda worried about this plateau however DS2 seems to nurse normally and often, is happy, meets all developmental milestones so the weight/height isn't a huge deal. Worrisome but not awful. 


Here's the part that bothers me when you add the slow weight gain: DS2's BM habits changed about 3 weeks ago and now he only poops every 2-4 days. Normal, I know but it reeks of mothballs which we don't even have in the house! It smells AWFUL. Not at all that sweet smelling EBF poo smell. He also recently has stinky gas but doesn't seem uncomfortable from any of this. In the last 2 weeks he's sucked on 2 pieces of apple and 2 pieces of mango, not eaten anything though until yesterday. We do BLW so he didn't even manage to actually eat much at all! winky.gif


The ONLY diet change I've had is eating asparagus often now that it is in season where we live. We have it every few days. I'm going to stop eating it and see what happens but could this cause the horrific smelling poop?


I'm going to keep eating high fat foods and offer him the breast a lot more. Sigh. DS1 was always a chunk and never slowed his weight gain until 2 years old. DS2 seemed like he'd follow this path. This very slow weight gain/height growth and funky poo has this poor paranoid mama worried!

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I did a quick search and noted it could be from weight loss or celiac disease. I will check some more.

ETA I also read it's association to constipation.

All in all, I really cannot find anything definitive.
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Thanks Asiago, that's more than I could find when I googled it! I'm hoping it's from constipation...

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You're welcome!
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