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First Foods Pics Thread

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So we need another picture thread, I haven't seen enough cute babies around here lately :) Share pictures of your November baby eating his/her first foods!

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Everett's first meal was sweet potato and asparagus. He's sucked on apple and mango but never eaten anything until yesterday, his 6 month birthday. 



He was a happy boy!








See, this picture may not look too messy but DANG. We had to wipe down the highchair, the baby, change his clothes, all for maybe a teaspoon of food getting to his tummy. Memories of feeding DS1 came rushing back to me when we had to keep scooping food off Everett's lap and seat and put it BACK on his highchair for him to eat. Oh sigh, the mess, the time it takes. I think I just want to keep breastfeeding only! 

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I have been doing more of a child-led weaning process, since Guy has been CRAZY for foods for a long time now. He had a snippet here or there from 4 months on, with some cereals and purees off and on. Starting about a week before 6 months we just let him have at it, and he's madly in love with avocado. If he even sees an uncut one he goes bonkers. He's had a lot of stuff since! He's a filthy little piggy.





<3 my boys

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There is "love at first sight"....and then there is "love at first bite" :)

Rushil had alphonso mango as his first food and he simply loved it!!!!!

DH's grand father has a mango grove far away in India and he shipped us the first produce of this season specially for his great grandson all the way to US!



First food - mango!!!

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My pc and internet have been down a while... Again, so I'm playing catch up as I can get on there. Can't wait to see more pics here and add some of Ana! Most of my life are on my phone and I'm not sure he's got it set up to transfer yet.... I took a couple of her mashing her salmon patties today though. smile.gif
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This was our salmon today. She mostly chewed it, spit it eventually, then smashed it up. She seemed to enjoy it!




That face cracks me up, it doesn't even look like her! Lol

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LOVE all those pictures! have some to contribute too, but they are still on the camera. But as for content: everything you said, sarah! lol we have this floor wiping routine, after every meal now. I just take a wet cloth and a dustpan and get to work. and of course washing the baby after each meal and putting on some new clothes. the bibs don't really 'cover' it. ;)

gotta go, pics to follow

oh, and what a lucky guy rushil is to have a special delivery of mangos from his granddad!

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We all have such cute babies :) And you know what I love? Seeing their knuckle dimples, especially Ana's. :) 

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She's got rolls and dimples everywhere! Who knew a triceps roll was cute? Usually her limbs are a blur in pictures. Lol

Come on mamas, more pics!
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Holy attack of cuteness, Batman! I loved seeing the wonder and delight of Everett with his asparagus "fangs," Guy attacking that huge pancake, Rushil with yummy mango smeared all over his face, and Ana devouring that piece of salmon. 

Luthien hasn't begun eating solids in earnest yet, although she does gum and suck on fruits and veggies when we offer them to her. She's getting ready, though: she watches us intently when we eat and tries to grab things (although she doesn't actually eat them when she gets them--she smears them around or flicks them off her fingers). She's more interested in getting hold of the plate or bowl than the food. She's also practicing by making chewing motions in the air. 

Here she is chomping on a red bell pepper. She sucked it a bit and then tossed it down in favor of her plush bug. 

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Adorable little thing! Ana hasn't tried bell pepper yet though she was wanting Dad's jalapeno so bad the other day. No, when you're a little bigger! Lol She packed down half of a nectarine at breakfast yesterday. Still waiting to see that one come through. She had some of my gf oatmeal today and was mad I didn't give her my whole pecans on top. Ha!

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Ladies!  It's been so long since I've visited the DDC.  I luuuuv seeing all these cute photos!  I feel pretty ambivalent about solids this time around.  With ds it was new, and he was skinny, and I was eager to get some extra fat in him, so he had a lot more food experiences than Evie has by 7.5 months of age.  She is definitely interested, though.  She now squeals insistently every time I feed her brother dinner and forget to give her something to gnaw on.  Dinner time is so hectic with me trying to cook and dh not getting home sometimes until quite late.  Not the peaceful sit down family meals that I would love.  I'm afraid to give her even little chunks of food just yet because I often can't watch her as closely as I want to. I usually shove some banana or avocado in a mesh feeder and she's occupied by that for a while.  She definitely lets me know when it's empty!  I need to step up the game for her while her brother is at school.  Give her some new tactile and gustatory experiences!  She's had pears, but I don't think they agree with her.  She was a fiend for nectarines.


This photo is actually of her eating her first food.  Completely unplanned.  She was freaking out at the restaurant wanting her daddy's oatmeal so....


Here she is with her beloved meshy.  It's empty, but she doesn't care.


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Adorable! Ana has a mesh thing, but I have only given her ice and frozen Mom's ice cubes in it. I think when it's hot, she might be getting it out a little more. :)

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We waited to start Genevieve on solids until almost 7 months.  We have a strong family history of food allergies... dd1 has celiac and multiple allergies, dd2 has multiple allergies and dh and I have sensitivites.  After reading research about reducing the risk of allergies by waiting until at least 6 months for solids, we decided to be really cautious.  We're not doing any grains until after a year based on weston a. price research- babies don't have adequate enzyme production for grains until then, they can cause inflammation in the gut.  


We started with avocado, and have tried bananas, applesauce and pureed carrots with coconut oil.





She wasn't super thrilled with this first feeding.










She insists on holding the spoon and trying to feed herself.  We do each feeding with 3 spoons, one for each of her hands and one for me to feed her with.



This was yesterday- she loves her highchair feedings now!



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Here is our little one the other night. We are doing BLW mostly by accident, because we're lazy :) Also because he won't let us spoon-feed him--like Genevieve, he wants to hold the spoon himself! So far his favorite food to chomp on is cucumbers. In this picture he is also eating chickpea-potato-carrot stew from the spoon (sort of).


His first "dinner" at about 6.5 months was snap pea pods from the garden and grass-fed steak from our CSA farm. He loved the steak!



Love all the photos. That's especially wonderful that Rushil's great-grandpa sent him Alphonso mango! I remember when the import ban was lifted, an Indian friend of ours couldn't wait to get them in the States--even if it meant nuclear cooperation between India and the US! She said they're that good!

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Edison munching on an apple

I couldn't keep him out of the strawberries when we went picking!

He's been spitting up after solids though, so we're taking a break and will try again in a few weeks, much to his dismay.
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LOVE all the pics! Tekcez- It's great to see you and Evie again! I was thinking about you the other day and hoping things were going well for you. I know our boys both had trouble adjusting to the new sibling and I hope yours has calmed and settled into his new life well. My DS1 is doing so much better and the explosions of months 1-2 of DS2's life are happily a distant memory. Cause you know, he never has tantrums anymore ;)


Kateeaton- Hope G doesn't have any trouble with food allergies! We are also limiting grains, especially wheat products. E eats lots of fruit and veggies and meat sometimes. 


Oikophile- Everett has been nomming on lots of sugar snap peas from our CSA too :) 


Tmsweet- When we went strawberries picking, I put Everett in a box in front of me and scooted him along when I needed to move down the row. He just sat there and grabbed strawberries from my box and leaves from the plants. He also eat apples but bites them with his new teeth so now we watch him carefully....



Anyone have a baby who LOVES eating now? Everett will start shrieking when he sees me eating and he hasn't been given a bite. He starts lunging out of my arms trying to get the food and crying very loudly. For such a calm and laid back baby, he sure is passionate about his food! Well, sometimes he acts that way about toys/things he wants too so I guess he's passionate about those as well ;) 


This is E eating a peach. Little dude loves feeding himself!


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Ana LOVES to eat. There's still very little she's not liked. She didn't like the roast we had a couple weeks ago, maybe because it was falling apart so much? Not sure but she liked the green beans. All beans. Grandma (who is Mexican) said Ana's her little Beaner. Lol She was so happy to see her packing down her refried beans the other day. Yesterday I discovered she likes radishes more than pasta with seasoning and olive oil and LOVES grits with salt. She ate a lot more of that than I thought she would. We can't eat around her and not give her something, so we have to watch it when it comes to things she can't have yet!


That peach hanging out of E's mouth is SO CUTE. Lol

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Thank you for sharing all the adorable photos, ladies! Tm0sweet, Luthien loves strawberries too. I just have to bite off the end and then she'll lick the strawberry and then smoosh it all over her face. I love Everett's dangling peach, Sarah! Wow, Oikophile, your little fellow has great taste in food. I love those demolished zucchini or cucumber pieces. Kateaton, I enjoyed Genevieve's transition from being unsure about this whole solid-food thing to taking obvious pleasure in her green mustache. Tekcez, the expression on Evie's face upon sampling that oatmeal is priceless. Mrs. Koehn, that's great that Ana likes beans--healthy as well as good-tasting. Luthien's favorite food is still guacamole. In fact, she even convinced a four-year-old boy to try it. We were at our favorite restaurant, Left Coast Siesta, and the little guy was protesting against his parents' recommendation that he try the guacamole, as he was convinced that it "looked weird." Then he saw Luthien sticking her hand into it and licking her fingers and decided that he'd be brave. To his amazement, he liked it. Yay for baby ambassadors. 



our wild girl loves spicy sauces, probably because I'm a spice-head and she's tasted it in my milk. Still, I was surprised when she dove for a falafel wrap I was eating last week and enthusiastically slurped the falafel sauce off the wrapper. Fruits are her favorite; here she is squealing in delight over a fresh pineapple. 

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