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Help! I can't decide if I should do an Unassisted Childbirth at home.

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I need some advice from those with experience in this area. I first want to say that I live in upstate ny so if there is anyone in that area that has done a UC then that would be even more helpful. I delivered my first child with a midwife in a hospital, my fiance present and a doula. Everything went so well. I had no issues throughout my pregnancy. He came a week before my due date. I did not use any medications/pain meds whatsoever, I labored in the tub most of the time, used birthing ball etc. I expected my 2nd child to be just as easy. I am 37 weeks pregnant. I just tested positive for group B strep and they want me to automatically do iv antibiotics. I have researched it and I feel much more comfortable doing the hibiclens method and taking my chances. The percentage of babies that get it is already so low, I feel antibiotics can be much more harmful. They said I can refuse antibiotics but they are going to want to keep me for 2 days for observation on the baby, run tests and all this stuff. They also might call CPS if I refuse too many things. I can't afford to get a midwife to come to the house and do a home birth, they want $7000. They are the only ones that said they will not give me a problem refusing antibiotics. I also just found out about the mandatory vitamin K shot. I am almost positive my son never got it. I don't know if they messed up or what but they did the eye ointment with me right there and I do not remember any shots, I don't vaccinate so I think I would remember him getting a vitamin k shot. My fiance said we should do an unassisted birth at home but I don't feel very prepared for this. If I had someone coaching me I think I would feel differently. However, I also know that I am going to have a miserable delivery if the hospital is going to treat me a certain way because of my decisions and beliefs. Help!

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I don't have any infomration for you at this time but I'll bump it up to see if this gets it some attention.

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I was GBS positive with my last pregnancy and still felt our chances were better unassisted.  Baby never had any problems.  She had excellent color from birth and never had raspy breathing,  not even a little bit.  I took a lot of vitamin C in the last few weeks (and ate a lot of strawberries and oranges throughout my pregnancy, which are high in C), so I had a very strong amniotic sac, which I broke myself just before I pushed her out.  I have a video of this birth as well as pictures of baby afterward, if you're interested.  That baby is now 13 months old. :)


Oh and I dealt with CPS after having my twins.  That was very short lived.  As long as you aren't denying your baby necessary medical care, they can't do anything to you.  So if they got on you, all you have to do is take your baby to a pedi to get him/her a clean bill of health.

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I am taking vitamin C pills as of 2 weeks ago and will continue. I do eat a lot of strawberries as well. Did you do it completely on your own or did you have a midwife? When doing unassisted I was also confused about what to do after the baby is born, do you just make an appointment with the pediatrician? Thanks!

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I had "regular prenatal care" with an OB for my previous pregnancies.  It was nice for my first, because it was my first and it was twins.  But I felt it kind of annoying and unnecessary last time.  Had I the money, and not been on MA (which I am, currently), I may have gone with a midwife, though the pickin's are slim around where I live.  For this pregnancy, I will not be seeing any sort of professional caregiver.  


Other than that, I did birth all of my babies unassisted, and this pregnancy will end in the same way.


I did bring my babies to a pediatrician within a week of birth (so yes, just made an appointment asap), but it is not necessary - you will know if you need to bring your baby in or not.  I will probably do the same this time, as I do have a pedi that doesn't care that I birth unassisted and is happy to work with me on whatever I want. If I didn't have a nice pedi, didn't have MA, and as long as CPS wasn't on me for anything, I'd probably skip it unless I felt it was absolutely necessary.  They offer all of your typical newborn procedures in the pediatrician's office, including vitamin K shots, but we opted out of K altogether last time.  We did oral K with our twins instead of the shot.  We didn't do any blood testing until each baby was 8 weeks old, where we could hold them and cuddle them during and/or after it was done, instead of it being done immediately after birth, away from us in some uninviting newborn hospital nursery.

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If you want one, there might be a doula in your area who would attend your birth, even if you choose not to hire a midwife. I don't know where upstate you are, but www.cnydoulaconnection.com is a great group.

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I would NOT do an UC if you are undecided or uncomfortable with it!
You never know what might happen... I had a very smooth waterbirth for my first child (even though was GBS positive)...

but my second, I developed pre-eclampsia the very last minute and had to be in the hospital since it is a life-threatening condition.

We had set up the tub for a waterbirth at home but I felt undecided and vague about it.

If you feel that way it might be your intuition telling you it is not what's best!



page 2 of this says states must cover free-standing birth centers for Medicaid:



Here is a thread about midwives and medicaid:



Good luck!!!

Trust your beautiful belly!

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I gave birth in a hospital with liberal policies... because my labor was 70 hours long and water was broken for over 24 hours, they wanted to monitor us afterwards...

I said no to lots of interventions... including Vitamin K, eye ointment, and a lung X ray

But said yes to special lights for baby jaundice and some toe pokes, which they allowed me to do while nursing the baby(

though it still broke my heart!)


In WA State where I am, you can opt out of most interventions, as long as you sign a form and accept medical counsel or offer an educated reason why not.

CPS doesn't get involved unless it's a lot more dramatic such as baby having drug withdrawal etc.

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P.P.S. but in my experience, birth centers are way more chill about interventions

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Hi there. I'm new here and saw your thread. So I should introduce myself. I'm Beth and I'm planning a UC.  I had two natural childbirths. We tried for homebirth but I didn't fit into all their rules such as I supposedly pushed too long with my first and with my second I was pregnant too long.  Never mind that I gave birth naturally to two posterior positioned babies, with no pain meds whatsoever.  Might I mention they were nine pounders too.  So I figure the only way I will get my homebirth and ensure my husband and our kids are present is to have this one at home unassisted.  My husband missed the birth last time as he had to go pick up our son from daycare to take him to the babysitter's as the hospital would obviously not allow him in, and my son was so upset he was not going to be present for his brother's birth which we had planned for him to be and he was very into it. And that way they can't BS me anymore about anything including the need to have the cord cut and clamped early which I was against both times.  They robbed my babies of blood that is theirs as the hospital makes money off the cord blood and placenta so it is all a bunch of theatrics to suction baby and yank him away from the mother asap.  Anyway we are fed up with us trying to fit into their system and rules rather than the midwives fitting their services to us so we are studying for our UC, which isn't until very late this year.  We've become a bit jaded with the way our midwives operate, they have become quite medicalized here. So that's my intro wink1.gif


Regarding your GBS status, I would not worry too much.  They didn't even know about GBS way back. If you want to do something about it, start drinking kefir daily.  Get one that guarantees a billion probiotics per serving or whatever it says,  you can read the cartons and pick. If you can't find it at your local supermarket, go to a local european market they should carry it. That's where I get mine.  I refused to get tested for GBS with both my kids and with my first they did give him antibiotics until his bloodwork came back as negative.  That really pissed me off but anyway.  Kefir and other probiotics are good at ensuring they populate your body with the good stuff and kill the bad stuff. There is also kefir yogurt.  You can flavor the kefir if its not already flavored. I put vanilla in it and raw honey and cinnamon.  You can also get kefir seeds and sprout your own in milk.  If you have access to grass fed raw milk, all the better.  I wish I did but I don't.


Whatever choice you make, do your reading and stand firm in your decisions. Remember this is your baby and you can demonstrate you are making sound decisions for him or her.  And you can read up on signs of GBS and monitor the baby yourself as well. There is no reason why they need to keep your baby for 2 days to monitor for it, that's BS.  All these scare tactics to get women to do what they want. 


If you fiance is keen on a UC, I suggest you consider it and do some serious reading and soul searching. Find out if its for you or not.  It sounds like by going to hospital you are handing over all decisions to them and your hospital sounds kind of scary to me. I'd be more scared to go to the hospital for a non emergency birth than I would be having a UC you have prepared for.  There is a lot of information online.  You still have time so get working! LOL At least you won't regret exploring the possibility and then you can feel at peace with whatever decision you make. 


Good luck!

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If you are not comfortable doing UC, I wouldn't do it.


And, I'm going to put this under a spoiler tag because some may not want to read it



trigger warnings (Click to show)



never mind, a couple of these posts sound like trolling to me. 

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Hi there. I have been preparing for my third baby, we are 36w4d along. I tried going to multiple obs cause we are on MA too. These guys are real mean here in Northern California. We cant afford a midwife, so that idea is out.
I have been reading a lot of birth stories on Unassistedchildbirth.com, and diaperswappers.com forum. These powerful birth stories, along with a lot of thinking about how our other 2 births went, and reading article after article about everything birth related that i can think of, and Shelia Kitzingers book, Rediscovering Birth, as well as childbirth sites, midwifery material, herbal knowledge, traditional native childbirth knowledge from other cultures, watching childbirth videos on utube,studying emergency childbirth protocol, and informative articles, from both the United States and Europe, I think I have answered most of my questions.

As for GBS, i googled natural treatments for gbs, and herbal treatments for group b strep. i found a midwife that suggests preparing a gentle warm douche of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 3 cups distilled water, then sit in your bathtub and insert the vaginal tip all the.way in and allow the liquid to gently wash inside your vagina, making sure not to bang and bump anything, and let it all run out right away. She says gbs cant live in peroxide. Then she suggests taking a piece of garlic and gently slitting the outdide to release the oil, and using it as a suppository, after you douche and shower in the evening. A string can be attached by sewing a loop through with thread for easy removal in the morning. she said if you do this for a week, as well as taking lots of vit.C, eating a probiotic tablets which contain at least ten billion live organisms per tablet, and even placing the probiotic tablets contents into your vagina, along with washing with the special wash you mentioned before and during labor, you dont have anything to worry about. I personally am going to give myself this treatment next week, because I have not had a gbs test and i am very sensitive and allergic.to antibiotics. I figure if we end up deciding to leave home and go to the hospital, i want to test negative if they do test me. Just read all you can, and search inside yourself for answers, too. Good luck, Momma!
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Dr. Gregory white's emergency childbirth handbook is a great ref. for UC. Mostly it's summarized as keep calm and keep your hands to yourself. I love at the end where he states in the event of a natural disaster, "do not take a labor ing woman to the hospital," 1)they have real patients there 2) you could expose her to sickness.
Home birth is so much healthier for mom and baby.
Although, if you are scared of UC I would recommend revisiting the midwife. See if you can barter, do a payment plan etc....
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