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2 week old with nasal issues... Could this be reflux?

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Hi Mamas! 


So here is Baby Zephyrs story: 


Around his third or fourth day in the world he started to sound stuffy.  HIs 20 month old older sis had somehow gotten a cold around this time so we thought perhaps he had the same thing. Her cold went away, he continued to sound the same.  Mostly stuffy at night, hard time sleeping, discomfort while lying on his back.  


His sis' cold was a runny nose, his nose has never run on its own.  Over the next ten days we kept him propped up at night, I had been wearing him in the froggy position, we did saline drops and breast milk in his nose and limited aspirating...The midwives checked him and listened to his lungs (clear).  He's been nursing well, gaining weight great, poops are normal, peeing plenty.  


Still he sometimes would be so stuffy that he seemed to gasp for breath.  He went into his two week check up at our family doc and she seemed concerned about his breathing.  Again, she said his lungs sounded clear, but she thought his breathing looked uncoordinated? I followed up with her two days later and he was still the same and she suggested taking him to the er to get his oxygen levels checked.  not my most favorite place to go, but I followed her suggestion.  I was getting worried too, and looking for some reassurance that this was nothing more than normal newborn stuffiness.  His 02 level was 99%! and I ended up getting a chest xray to rule out anything wrong in his lungs.  The doc said his xrays looked great.  I felt reassured.  


That was saturday, and today is Monday. I had set up a pediatrician (different doc) appt. for him today and took him to that for another opinion.  her feeling was that his lungs are great, its more of a nasal passage issue. she referred me to an ent and said he would use a camera to look at his nasal passages (yikes!) and make sure everything was ok up there,  sounds like that would be very upsetting and traumatic to my little guy so im trying to rule out everything else first.  


so here is why i think it could be reflux... perhaps silent reflux?


hoarse sounds

neck arching ( i thought he was stiff at first but i read this could mean reflux)

infant acne (although my 20 month old had it at this age and she didnt have reflux)

nasal stuffiness

I love dairy, perhaps I need to eliminate? 

I also drink coffee ( 1 cup a day)

sleeps only when propped up

dislikes being flat on his back


or im thinking it could be two different problems?  


also i read infants can grow out of their narrow nasal passage stuffiness. 


doesnt two weeks old seem a bit young to be getting the camera out? how long could i wait to see if he grows out of it?


thanks mamas in advance for any info or advice!!!



Reba and Z

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That really does sound life reflux.  Best of luck, I don't have any new info for you.

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Quite possibly.  My girl has been diagnosed with reflux.  She did have what I assumed to be a cold when she was a few weeks old with some similar symptoms.

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Is silent reflux when they dont cry ? I feel like he may be eating a little less than he was before... but he also doesn't spit up hardly at all... 

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Babies with silent reflux often cry, but they don't often spit-up.  My sister's daughter had silent reflux and she got to the point where she was hardly eating.  She would arch and scream whenever my sister tried to nurse her.

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Spit-up isn't the best symptom of reflux, from what the doctor said.  It's very possible they can't get anything up far enough to spit it up. It just hangs out in their throat.

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