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Exciting, Fun Preparations!

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Morale has been a little low around here, and it's understandable.. there's lots going on!

Let's talk about fun things we're doing to get ready for our beautiful new babies! joy.gif

I'm knitting more wool soakers for cloth diapering, to add to the small collection I knit for my daughter when she was born. I have a whole bunch of things I want to knit for our family for when winter comes rolling around again.

I've asked my local fabric store to consider bringing in some hemp fabric and waxed canvas, so I can try to sew some thai fisherman pants and dresses, along with a new diaper bag big enough to haul two little one's goodies around smile.gif

We're going to move into the smaller bedroom and renovate the master bedroom for both children, though the new baby will be cosleeping for the first few months for sure. It'll be kid heaven! I want to make a bunch of rainbow decorations, like a crochet bunting for the wall and all kinds of other fun things.

What are you up to?
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Well, I am not up to much myself, but DH is working on DS's first bed. We co-sleep right now, but my queen size bed is getting too small for this growing mama!  And we want DS adjusted to his own bed before the baby arrives. I am a l'il sad about DS not sharing the bed with me anymore, but the truth is that he really doesn't like to cuddle much anymore while sleeping. Only in the mornings, once he has already woken up.


Now that I have a bit more energy, I have started thinking about learning to sew better so I can do more for DS and the new babe.

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I'm debating emptying the craft nook I have in our bedroom to make space for baby. Otherwise I'll be cramming him/her in with the big sisters and if this one isn't a stellar sleeper like the last one, I don't want baby waking them both up or vise versa (b/c #1 is an awful sleeper).

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Exciting & Fun? I can't wait to pick out a new wrap or two!! I <3 Babywearing!
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1. I will be getting three new Boba carriers due to winning the Motheirng contest which is so cool.

2. I will be getting more cloth wipes, bouncer, and doorway jumper.

3. I just won a free 3/4D sonogram package! So I get to see this little baby and find out the sex around 15-16 weeks!!!!

4. I'll be moving my toddler into the older kids' room but this wont be until the fall and I'm not looking forward to it. The room is extremely small, basically their beds will take up the entire floor space.

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Herbivora do you have a pattern for the thai pants? I tried to make an adult pair based off a real pair and they didn't work for me. I'd love to make something like that.
I really want to knit and sew but I feel so unmotivated and at a loss of what to make! I'm trying to use up my stash yarn but I'm sick of it all.
We've been busy with visiting family and having family visit us. It's hard to be social when I feel like crazy but on the bright side I get to sleep in some mornings as dd plays with grandma!
I know I'm definitely making a newborn winter hat and romper. I just need to find a pattern I like.

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I don't have a pattern, but I'm pretty adept at finding things I'm looking for wink1.gif I'll let you know what I find, kimkim.
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I don't have many preparations to make. We won't need to rearrange the sleeping spaces until this baby is at least a few months old, maybe a year. Until then, we'll cosleep. We do need to buy clothes, but since we're planning to find out the gender, we'll wait on that.

I have been thinking about getting a convertible car seat for this baby instead of the standard bucket seat. I'm kind of excited about that, because I hated dragging those bucket seats around, and this will give me an excuse to use my sling more. But still, don't need to buy that quite yet. Probably end up one day close to my due date, when I'm all cranky and irritated that baby’s not here yet, going out and buying a bunch of clothes and a car seat to cheer myself up. wink1.gif

I guess the only thing I need to get any time soon is maternity clothes.
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We are working towards moving to a bigger house. We have a two bed, 2 closet, 1 bath, no storage home. The four of us can barely function as is... we were considering moving, but now it's necessary. It's either that or get rid of 90% of our stuff.
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As soon as I am off the couch and feeling better, my whole house is getting ransacked and we are getting rid of 90% of our stuff!! I have a room by room plan of decluttering/organizing and simplifying. Clothes, toys, books, stuff, it is all getting decluttered. We have a nice size home, about 1900 sq. ft. for seven of us. Not huge, but laid out well so it makes it feel bigger. We just need to re-vamp some of our systems to make things work better and make it easier to maintain order.
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I hear that, Love! It's so hard to wait to feel better! I'm getting frustrated big time. Trying to keep my mind occupied in the mean time.

Toys are my biggest struggle. Most of our toys I have carefully selected (and paid a pretty penny for) for each age range. Because we homeschool and don't do daycare I feel this huge pressure to be sure they have "the same" access to educational toys as the kids in schools. It's silly, but it's a bone-deep feeling for me- hard to shake!
The kids room is the smallest in the house (cannot convince dh to switch rooms with them!). It has to fit them and their toys.
When we move, late this year (hopefully), we WILL have a playroom. I hate to get rid of everything now only to rebuy stuff later. The kids really do play with nearly ALL their toys within a week. It's hard to know what to purge! I'd be open to ideas on that front!
The kids have a bunkbed right now. Our two year old suddenly won't stop climbing it. It's gotta go. So, now we've got to squeeze two beds into a tiny room.
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I just sent an email to our local mamas community asking for things we need (I sold/gave everything away about 8 months ago, sure that we weren't going to have anymore kids!).  Mostly I just need baby clothes, a mini cosleeper and diapers/covers.  People are responding so I'm excited.  It's fun to start gathering, and I realized I only have six months to do it!


I was having fun today thinking of how many families might bring us meals postpartum...heavenly thought...and came up with two or three weeks!  My husband will take two weeks off work and then my mom said she'd come for three weeks and rent a little cottage to stay in.  I was surprised- usually she's come for a week.  Hooray!


Kali, have you heard of the Ikea Kura bunkbed?  We have three boys in a room and it's an attic ceiling so regular bunks don't fit.  It's awesome and such a space saver.

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We aren't making a lot of changed, we cosleep for a LOOOONGGGG time, so not counting on the babe being gone until s/he is 2 or 3 years old.  We might take our bed off of the boxspring and it it on the floor, or just off of the frame and on the floor, then we turn it sideways.  We have a California King and sideways it's 7 feet across which is PLENTY of room.  (plus I'm only 5'0 and DH is 5'6 so having it be 6 feet long is plenty for us)

When I find out the gender (July 20!) maybe I'll get a few new clothes things, but really we have everything.  OH we are getting a new stroller 'cause we wore the last one out!  And we bought it new!  and I baby wore a lot!  We travel lots, hard on strollers. 

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I have lots of re-arranging and organizing to do, and shifting which kid sleeps in which room, as well as painting DD2's new room. Then, I want to make drapes, bedskirts, pillow overs, etc. for each kiddo's room.

For baby, we won't be finding out the sex, so I don't have a lot of preparation to do, but I will need to buy some neutral newborn winter clothes. I also need to go through my diaper stash and figure out what I need to buy/make, and I'd like to make some cozy cold weather clothes. I am also considering buying a toddler board for my stroller, so that my 4yo can get on and ride when she's tired. That way we'll be able to have all 3 kids in/on the stroller when we're out and about smile.gif
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Wow, I'm surprised how long my list is getting. I'm pretty minimalist - don't like to have lots of stuff - but we really don't have anything at all anymore. And DH is so excited that he wants to splurge on things that aren't strictly necessary, like a fancy rocking bassinet. And we can't really start until after the benefit we're throwing in August for muscular dystrophy.
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I got most of my little craft nook cleared out yesterday, so I've got to try to finish that and we'll have somewhere to put baby! I also managed to get a free glider and ottoman from a friend, so I'm going to add recovering that to my list of things to do. No clue where it will fit, but we'll figure it out. :)

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I am a pinterest addict and now that I am getting ready to welcome twins to our family I have been thinking of all the things I would like to decorate with, not that I really have the money, but I have the sewing skills to do it.  I have a room that is currently being used by my 21 year old brother who lives with DH and me that will become the babies room - it is painted blue - my favorite color.  I won't repaint it because I love the look of it.  I love gingham and polka dots but there hasn't been one "run of the mill baby store" that has bedding/decorations for something like that so I intend to make the room rainbow - works for either gender and although we will find out, the time I have to make things will be before I find out.  I want 2 cribs, a chair/loveseat big enough to breastfeed both my babies at the same time, a dresser/changing table, and a diaper pail (I want to give cloth diapering a go for financial reasons). I figure the less stuff in the room the better.  It isn't a big room, maybe 10 by 9 and it is about the same size as the room DH and I share.  We are in a 2 bedroom house and that won't likely change any time soon given our that I plan to stay home after the babies are born at least for a couple years and possibly until they start school.


Ah, for decorations, red gingham curtains, sheets in navy blue gingham and grass green gingham (if I can find that, seems like all they have is "pastel" green, yuck), either a chair that has a orange gingham cover or is orange gingham in design.  I will see how it all pans out in the end.


Here is where I am collecting my thoughts - http://pinterest.com/carlasinspirati/creations-for-the-twins/

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Is this the shade of grass green gingham you're looking for?


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I thought pottery barn always had nice gingham and striped colors.

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Michelle, you've reaminded me, I really *want* a bassinet for this baby...and I will need to do some carseat buying/selling too! DD1 is 4 and almost 40lbs, so I am going to get her a high-back booster. I *did* buy a front-facing harness/booster seat for her last year, but the back is not tall enough. She is almost at the top of the seat already.

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