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I'm the Taryn following it :)

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Originally Posted by Taryn237 View Post

I'm the Taryn following it smile.gif

Remember, once you are added, you can pin things to the board! smile.gif
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Michelle the board isn't popping up in my list of boards to pin to. Did you make it a group board? I clicked the link in the email you sent.
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I didn't see anything about whether it was a group board in the settings. All I could find was a form to invite people.
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I'm the Lida following it wink1.gif
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Has anyone else tried to pin something and been unable?
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hmm maybe I should join pinterest. But darn it, I just got off facebook in a half-hearted attempt to get more work and less interwebbing accomplished...

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I haven't been able to pin. I tried on my phone to create a group board, but I couldn't figure it out. I tried to look at a crocheted flower board I am a posting member to see what the settings were, but I couldn't see what was different except a little icon on it that looks like three heads.
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Sigh. I'll try contacting Pinterest help. :-(
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Ok. I added my daughter as a pinner to the board, and signed into her account so I could figure it out. After I add you, go to the page for the board itself: http://pinterest.com/michelleepotter/december-2013-ddc/

There will be a pop-up at the top of the screen saying that I have invited you to join the board. You need to click the accept button. Once you click that button, your icon will be added to the top of the board next to mine. (You can see right now that there's an icon for me, and for my daughter.) Then you will be able to add pins to the board.

I do not know if you'll get the pop up if you go to the page using a mobile browser, as I tested it on my laptop. If you don't get the pop-up, first try using a non-mobile browser. If you still don't get it, tell me, and I will delete you and re-add you so you can try again. It's possible that some people accidentally dismissed this pop-up without realizing it.
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Michelle, I think it was that I was trying to access the board on my mobile device initially. Now I should be able to pin to the board no problem since I found the accept button on the page. Thanks. 

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