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New anti-cosleeping research

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This article is all over my google news feed: http://www.rttnews.com/2122298/sids-risk-may-be-higher-for-children-who-share-beds-with-parents.aspx?type=kh


I'd like to call shenanigans on it, but I can't for the life of me find the actual paper to read what the study actually was.


Has anyone else seen this? 


Edit: found the paper http://www.bmjopen.bmj.com/content/3/5/e002299

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Keywords in the study description "during last sleep". In other words, these are NOT babies who co-sleep all of the time. Or, to be more accurate, some might be, but not necessarily. This is the major flaw in ALL co-sleeping data. The parent who typically crib sleeps her baby, but falls asleep rocking, or sitting, or laying down, gets lumped in with parents who specifically, and safely, co-sleep.

I'll have to read some more, to see if there are other flaws.

Edited to add :

The study was looking at old data. This was not a study specifically about SIDS. I got it from a pediatrician that a parent who falls asleep unexpectedly while with the baby is classified as "co-sleeping"; and if that baby suffocates, the death is usually chalked up officially to SIDS, to spare the parent the trauma of accidentally killing his/her baby. This makes the use of old data inaccurate, at best.

And even ehow (adjusted odds ratio calculation) says "Remember, association does not mean causation".
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Also 3 of the 5 studies reviewed didn't look at the mother's alcohol or illicit drug use at the time of last sleep.
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I also saw this study. Unfortunately it is in many papers, I read about it in a Dutch newspaper.

The research has many flaws. The biggest is that they are not referring to SIDS but death trough suffocation in most cases.


Also did you see in the original paper how the chance of SIDs increases almost up to ten fold when the mom is 18 or >30? That clearly points toward suffocation (older mom is more responsible on average). And the other weird one: that SIDs chance depends on how many children you have, if you have 5 or more the chance of SIDs is 3.5 times higher, that is ridiculous!


What about this example in the original paper:

"For example, from tables
1 and 4, we find that a 2.25 kg bottle-fed baby bed
sharing with an 18-year-old mother, who smokes and
regularly takes 2+ units of alcohol and whose partner
also smokes, has a predicted SIDS rate of 125/1000, that
is, 12.5% (see online supplementary table b) in online
supplementary appendix."


Really? that seems very extreme?

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