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6 year old is impossible to wake up in the morning

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My son is in Kindergarten. He is a sweet highly sensitive, intense, bright spirited boy.


He is doing Kindergarten second time bcs I felt that he was not ready to do 1st grade. In fact, I regret sending him to Kindergarten the first time. He definitely was not ready. We should have left him in preschool one more year.


So, this year he is doing much better academically and otherwise.

However, being a spirited child he has his own biological clock which refuses to follow socially acceptable norm. Bed time is a difficult time but mornings are hell....


This year is much better than last year but it is still a struggle every day. I get exhausted going though this every day. I have to come to his bed 3-5 times in the morning to wake him up. I have to remind him many times to dress, eat his breakfast, get ready.


We could get up early morning and do everything right and then the last minute he could throw a tantrum saying something like " i do not want to go to school" or " you are being mean to me", etc.

Sometimes turning on TV with cartoons helps to get him out of the bed but then he gets mad when i say "please, pause it, get dressed, eat your breakfast". We are constantly late 5-10 minutes.

The teachers are understanding bcs it is Kindergarten but i am pretty sure that the next year it is going to be a big issue.


We are considering switching schools and enrolling him into Waldorf. But he has to get up to be on time there as well.


I have to add that I myself have difficult time getting up early in the morning. Thank you for any suggestions.



Embarrassed and exhausted mom

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I was this kid! There are some things that can help, but you are probably fighting his biological clock, so keep that in mind. I was always running for the bus, I don't think I was there when it got there early, not one time. Please don't take his harsh words or crabbiness personally, it has nothing to do with you. He is merely expressing his extreme uncomfort. I still feel badly for how mean I was to my poor mom on school mornings.

Often, it's just a matter of 30min to an hour later that makes all the difference. I had to be up at 7:30, which was horrible, but 8:30 was fine. If you can cut morning routines to almost none, it can help shave this time so he can sleep later. This means having everything ready the night before and eating in the car/on way to bus. Rewards for being pleasant can help as well; it won't make him feel better, but can make the time less stressful.

If you can afford it, You can also switch to HS, Waldorf/Sudbury/private. Most of these schools will work w you, and kids can come late without penalty, you are just spending money for benefit you aren't getting. If you can get a doc to call it a sleep issue (which it IS) you can also get public schools to make an exception. I saw a special on this, and know its becoming more common. It is great to find a work around, I highly suggest it if you can.

Just don't listen to people that say "just force him do it! He will get use to it, he will need to be up early as an adult". This attitude is not helpful. Yes, somethings you do as an adult require early hours (many do not!), but as an adult you have a better grasp on why you have to get up. It isn't something you have to do daily to "break in" (notice the word break?), you can start getting up early at anytime. Once he has a need/reason to get up early, and is old enough to understand the benefit, he will do it. It may never be pleasant, but it will be possible. No need to Rush into it. Besides, adults do not need the sleep kids do!

If he is a serious night person (he may not be) when he is older it will benefit him to learn skills and get educated in things that can be done at anytime. Being able to be on a schedule that works with your body makes life SO much better. For example, Im in renewable energy Sales, because it's never an early morning thing. Teaching is, so thats out, and on and on. Best wishes!
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Besides finding a good time to try and collaborate with him to find out why it is so hard for him and trying to come up with solutions speak to your pdoc about melatonin - a natural substance that the body produces that helps reset the bilogical clock 

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