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What was his response when you told him all of this?

I'm really sorry to hear its getting worse. If you want to hold on to some of your money & still have a phone, go grab a $20 prepaid. I bought one as a spare for our house awhile back.

Please try to relax and not stress out as much as possible. Go ahead & get your vitamins. I'm sending big Internet hugs your way.
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prepaid 'dumb'phone would be a great idea so you can still be in communication with the world on a phone, sms/phone calls.  Internet on your phone not really necessary.  He is ok with internet being shut off at home?

Can you ask your parents to sponsor a few maternity clothes *now* rather than fancy shower gifts later?
I buy used.  Go on ebay and search for 'maternity lot xs' and you will find people unloading their whole maternity wardrobe for what just 3-4 pieces would cost at Motherhood Maternity at retail.  You'll get dozens of items gently used that way, and feel like you have plenty of clothes to alternate between.

What does he say to the fact that internet is getting turned off, your car payment is going to be late, there's no food in the pantry, nor toothpaste?  Is he ok with the fact that he can't provide basics?   Are your parents able to spot you guys a loan for vitamins/food/basic household supplies for awhile?  If he can get a better paying job or perhaps some odd jobs on weekends or evenings like I suggested earlier since he wants to be physical and sweaty many hours per week (lawn mowing, landscaping in general is a decent way to get more income for the family as well as work off some steam when he isn't teaching)....that may help a lot.  

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Well I don't know about moving in with your mom, only you know about that. But it sounds like a nice long visit to your mom could be just the thing you need. It sounds like you really need to be around some company. You need someone taking care of you and doting on you for a little bit. If the husband can't do it, who better than mom? I was visiting my mom this weekend and it was truly amazing. My husband tries, but he just doesn't get it. My husband has also been doing the shopping which means no food I can eat (he buys total crap) which means I'm sick constantly. My mom on the other hand has a fully stocked fridge and is always offering to get me what I need. There are other things too. Like my mom let me sleep in (until 8!) all weekend... my husband expects me to get up early with our kids. My mom has a dishwasher which means no smelly dirty dishes (DH does the dishes since they make me sick, but he only does them every few days and its disgusting) If I didn't have work I would totally go on a long visit to her house this summer. I would probably go for like a month. If its possible, I really think it would help your morale. Get away from your smelly neighbors and seemingly selfish husband for a bit! Have some mom time!

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How are you doing Yogini?  Hope you're feeling better this week. luxlove.gif

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thank you for asking :)  I'm doing better.... I have us in couples therapy and I'm in it on my own too. these pregnancy hormones are NUTS!!!! doing much better though!

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That's great to hear. And I agree, hormones totally suck!
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