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The group pic

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This is not a complaint just a general sort of "Am I the only one?" sort of things.

Is anyone else baffled by the profile pic? The first mystery is that no one knows who changed it. The second riddle for me is why is there snow on the ground and the woman is in a bikini top? Do you think her hormones have made her THAT warm?

And the guy has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen smile.gif

Again, not complaining just wondering if anyone else spends as much time reviewing it as I do smile.gif
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Haha! I've spent a lot of time wondering about it too!


I'm assuming the snow is because it is supposed to be November? And I think she is just absolutely gorgeous...


I have no idea why all the DDC pictures got changed.

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If any one has a pic that they would like as the picture - let me (or Jonesisgirl) know and we can change it.

Take turns with it.



The pic is baffling. LOL

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lol... they changed them all, I think they have been doing lots of updates lately. 

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Agreed that the picture is very strange! I'm very bad at finding photos but if anyone has anything nicer, let us know!

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I was honestly just chuckling to myself over our sexy DDC picture. So, so funny!
Mothering › Groups › November 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › The group pic