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Goals are great motivation!
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It kind of bums you out when the neighbor gives birth and 3 days later she has NO belly, NO (visible in extra tight t-shirt) extra skin while you bust your ass for months and still look 5 months pregnant more than 8 months after giving birth... Arg! Good for her lol!!!!!!!!!


BUT I feel much better since I started this challenge and heard a very good comment today, I just have to keep my spirit up!!

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I'm going to try it one more time.  Last challenge was awful for me, so I considered skipping this one, but I think I need to give it another go.  I'll send in my official weight on Monday, but my goal for this challenge is 150 lbs.  I know I really need to up the exercise, and I'm working on being mostly grain-free, since that seems to really help with my binge eating issues.  I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!!!!

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I'm in again.  Hoping to hit my maitenance goal with this challenge.

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have had two terrible evenings when i ate junk food ... am so sorry i wasn't able to keep to reasonnable food choices ....

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oh me too isafrench, very bad week-end food-wise... As if I was giving myself a "reward" for the end of the challenge... Although it made me feel bad... ANYWAY today was good, spinach and quinoa frittata, then lentils then salad hmm! AND tomorrow is a new beginning!

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67.9kg (149.7lb)
Height: 168cm (5'6")

My goal for this challenge is to reach my pre-pregnancy weight of 63kg. Losing 5kg in 8 weeks should be achievable I think. Then, maybe in the next challenge I can reach my ultimate goal weight :-)

The weather has turned cool here too so that should make walking easier.

Good luck to everyone!

ETA I just looked at the old thread to check my starting weight and noticed I had made a typo when entering my height. The height listed in this post is the correct one.
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With Aussie participation, this weigh-in starts early!  I'm still reeling from my indulgent day, and am stuffed--packed full even though dinner was 5 hours ago.  Good thing this last week isn't counting against me, as far as this challenge goes, but I might have backtracked 3 hard-earned (hard-lost?) pounds.  Yikes!

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I want to give this a try!


I'm in...I am 165 and 5'3"  I would love to lose 8-10 lbs over the next 8 weeks and get the momentum going in the other direction. I need to get healthy with being more active too.

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am 5'1" ... and put back on 4 lb in 3 nights of stress eating ....

am really annoyed with myself

157.1 lb

(71.3 kg)

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First official weigh-in. 142.3 lbs.  Hoping to shed 8lbs in the next 8 weeks with healthier eating. 8lbs would put me in the "healthy" BMI category.  I just had a bunch of blood work done to see how I'm doing before TTC this summer.  My cholesterol is high (too much cream and butter in my husbands favorite European treats ;) ). I'm already walking most days, but will try to do something a bit more vigorous as well.  Thank you ladies for your support. 

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5' 3"



My goal is a meager 5 lbs this challenge.  That will still take me beyond where I stayed for 1.5yrs after losing 40 pounds (and subsequent 10lb gain recently).  I would like it to be 8-10 lbs, but the weight is creeeeeping off, so I'll stick with the more modest goal.  Desperately need to kick up the exercise.  

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Good morning!  I weighed myself this morning and am 150.5 and 5' 6.5".  My goal this session will be 145.... I think I had too aggressive of a goal last time and was seriously disappointed.  My ultimate goal is between 135-140.  I started the last challange at 154.5, so lost 4 lbs in the 8 weeks.  I am going to be going to the gym with my mom 4 times a week, so I am excited!  What is everyone else's plan?

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I am 134.8 today.


My problem now is...we are renovating the kitchen right now and our "makeshift" kitchen is now the living room (so it is basically a microwave, toaster, some dishes, and a mini table) I can't cook anything besides microwaving it, and for the past 3 days I have been eating easy to cook foods (Jimmy johns, salads, and papa johns) I am getting a lot of exercise though just cleaning out the kitchen and fetching things from the downstairs fridge for DS to eat. My usual exercise spot is now a makeshift kitchen. I can always run outside I guess. I am not much of a runner though. This will definitely be a challenge. lol!

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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama View Post

  What is everyone else's plan?

Oh, jeez, I need to come up with one!  Spring/summer is so busy for us, making it hard to get a lot in.  I power through my yoga most every morning, try to get a short walk in (that's my immediate goal: to fit a walk in more often), I do keep busy and moving all day, and gardening can heavy work at times--but all unpredictable this time of year.  I have a tendency to take my activities to an extreme-- if I want a walk, I want a big, sweaty walk up hills and through the forest for nearly 2 hours.  If I want to do yoga, I want to do it for long enough to have that bliss overwhelm me, my muscle to soften with heat, and more sweat.  It is hard to retrain myself to just squeeze in what I can, and it will be Good Enough.

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Today I'm weighing in at 141 (I'm 5'7). I'm hoping some of that's water weight since I'm up 1/2lb from last week, and I've been working hard! Cardio 6x a week and strength 3x plus an eating plan. My goal is to get down 130-135lbs, be physically fit and to have legs I am not ashamed of.
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208.5. At least I know this time why I gained weight. Too much sugar. Starting over. Less sugar and salt, and daily walking and physical therapy 2x.
My ds and I walked 3 blocks and back yesterday. Progress smile.gif
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Gah. 156.6 to start the challenge.
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