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I have the pregnancy face. It looks my regular faced smashed into a wide, flat pancake.  

Only 17 weeks left of this......

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MrsandMrs; that's great that you've found a good midwife! It must be nice not having the fear mongering, but having lots of support instead.

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Sometimes it's te little things that can make an otherwise crappy situation bearable. Discovered last night that one of my kiddos has pinworms-ugh! I texted my ex husband to tell him that he needs to treat himself, as well as anyone who he's had close personal contact with-like sharing a bed-his girlfriend, for instance. His girlfriend who has never met, and does not ever want to have anything to do with our kids, and who he spends all his free time with instead of the kids-but he did just have one of his two overnights with the kids, so he was exposed.

Maybe it's mean of me, but I get a kick out imagining how a woman who wants nothing to do with a mans kids is going to react to needing to treat herself for a possible exposure to pinworms because of said kids. Ha, ha!

Like I said, sometimes its the little things. Muahahahaahahahahahahahaha.
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Hahaha freckledmama that's hilarious. It's definitely the little things.
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Originally Posted by lilmamita View Post


I think I need to start exercising more.  I've been relying on the fact that I do a lot of walking (45 minutes to 1.5 hours a day) to justify not really starting any additional exercise routine.  But I'm starting to feel really inflexible with aching joints and getting out of breath really easily and it seems like some additional exercise might help that.  I know some of the joint pain is just the additional weight, cause I've weighed this much while not pregnant and experienced it then, too.  But anyone got any suggestions for free yoga or other prenatal exercise routines online??  I need something I can easily do at home without any equipment.

 Hi lilmamita!

I really love Esther Ekhart's free yoga offerings on YouTube.  They're sometimes short, but I often do the same clip two or three times.  The pregnancy ones are taught by a lady named Francesca.  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF52C0B19538707E9  I've done many of Esther's videos online, she's a great teacher. 

Esther also has a free pregnancy sun salutation sequence on her personal site, which is nice (although short, so I usually do it 4-5 times). http://www.ekhartyoga.com/video/pregnancy-sun-salutation   There are other pregnancy class videos on her site, but one needs to buy a package to access them.  I think right now it's $25 for 3 months of unlimited use.  

Yoga makes me happy! namaste.gif


Just FYI, too, I think most of us are around/approaching the pregnancy point where blood volume increases pretty dramatically, making anemia more pronounced and thus, a little breathlessness can happen (not to mention the rib spread as babies grow and stretch out inside!).  I'm working to increase my dietary iron intake with greens, nettle/raspberry leaf infusion, meats, etc.  Haven't noticed much difference yet, but I might add some Floradix as well, which I used last time with good result; and, since it's food based, no constipation! 



freckledmama, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when your XH breaks that news to his GF.  And seriously? What kind of woman would enter into a relationship with a man who has children if they want nothing to do with them? That's not going to end well...but hopefully, it's not at your childrens' expense. 

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Originally Posted by haurelia View Post

  freckledmama, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when your XH breaks that news to his GF.  And seriously? What kind of woman would enter into a relationship with a man who has children if they want nothing to do with them? That's not going to end well...but hopefully, it's not at your childrens' expense. 

Right?! At first I thought it was weird he kept them separate, and then he started spending less and and less time with the kids. greensad.gif

Last month my SIL (his brothers wife)met the Gf and all her friends at an Autism benefit BILL was hosting. GF's roommate actually sought out SIL to hear someone on XH's side of things, because none of GFs friends or family really care for XH and she wanted the scoop. SIL asked what was up with GF not ever wanting to meet the kids, because we've all thought that was kinda weird. Roommate said GF was incredibly upfront and told XH that she didn't ever want kids and didn't want anything to do with his. So really, WTF on both their parts. We have FOUR kids. How's a man with four kids going to get involved with a woman who wants nothing to do with them, and how's a woman who wants nothing to do with kids going to get involved with a man with four kids. Oh it pisses me off so bad! Fortunately, my fiancé is AWESOME to the kids, so as much as it sucks their dad would rather play with his GF than his kids, they're not lacking in the male role model/father figure department.
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Ugh, pinworms.  We have been dealing with them for four months.  My kids overnight in three households regularly (mine, ex's, and ex's parents) so who knows who is the asymptomatic adult family member who is a resevoir for the bugs but not taking the meds.  We've graduated to prescription meds since the OTC weren't working, and I even bought enough for everyone and handed them out to these people I despise, hoping they will comply for the general wellbeing of the group.  I can't wait to not wash all linens and towels and pyjamas EVERY MORNING.

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Sorry to all of you having problems with ex's greensad.gif That sucks.

thefreckledmama - Maybe the whole pinworm thing will be an eye opened to your ex's GF. Avoiding the kids won't make them not part of his life and as such, they're going to impact her, like it or not. I don't understand why people who don't want kids get involved with people who have kids - or people who WANT kids, for that matter. It nevers works out well in the end, for anyone.

You can count me in on the 'feeling huge' bandwagon. I swear in the last 3-4 weeks I exploded! I've only gained 5 lbs but it feels more like 50. I was quite overweight to start with but I just feel so awkward now. On the bright side, I feel like I look pregnant much earlier this pregnancy than I did last time. Last time I felt like I just looked fatter than normal until well into my third trimester. This time it's obvious I'm pregnant. So I'm working on being happy with that and ignoring the rest smile.gif

I started drinking Third Trimester Tea today. I know it's not quite third trimester yet but I'm feeling too lazy to make my own tea mix, and I like the taste of this one smile.gif Come summer time I brew it in huge batches and chill it in the fridge, but today is a drizzly rainy day so I'm enjoying a nice warm cup of tea at work smile.gif
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Serafina- I can't even imagine four months in a row.. This is our third bout in 4 years. Have you looked into diatomaceous earth? I have *heard* it can treat/prevent, and is safe to take daily for regular maintenance, but haven't actually used it for that.
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I wouldn't know how to find it in this country.  

Of course it hasn't been four months in a row but there hasn't been a long enough stretch without symptoms for me to feel safe letting down my guard with the hysterical household hygeine methods.  It's killing me.  It's been this entire pregnancy.

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Yes, sorry for those dealing with ex drama.  I have to say, I definitely think more of the "What were you thinking?" falls on the ex-husband with the kids who got involved with someone who doesn't want anything to do with his kids.  Who knows what the new GF is thinking, but at least she was honest about what she wants in her life....it's the ex-husband that is either being dishonest or a total jerk in thinking he can keep those two parts of his life separate.

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Freckledmama, I must be mean as heck, because I actually LOL'd when I read your post. Silly, silly ex and his GF. WTF were they thinking?
That relationship is going to end badly.

Serafina, maybe your pain was stress-related? The stress of having to deal with difficult people sometimes comes out in physical symptoms.
The best part about it though, is you know he is trying to provoke you because he has no control over you anymore. He can say whatever childish crap he wants, but you don't have to live with his BS. Hurray for you!
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