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How do I take care of these? (Wool covers)

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I inherited a box full of cloth diapers from someone and in there I found a bunch of Imse Vimse wool covers (along with another brand that escapes me at the moment).  They seem really nice and well-made, but I have no idea how to take care of them.  Once I go back to work full-time when baby is 4 months old, we use pockets at day care for ease of use, but I thought perhaps I could use these at home.


Any advice for a wool newbie?  I don't want to ruin them with my ignorance.  redface.gif  I also don't even want to plan on using them if they're going to take me extra time to take care of, extra time is not something this full-time working mama has!  But they seem so nice...


ETA:  Oh, there were also a couple of Stacinator covers too, do they have different care requirements?  They seem a lot different than the Imse Vimse...

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I had one Imse Vimse wool cover years ago, when my children were in diapers, and I also had Aristocrats and polar fleece covers for overnight.  I honestly don't remember doing a whole lot to the cover.  I didn't wash it frequently, and I did use Euclan, but I don't remember much other than that. If it felt damp, I usually just hung it out to air, and then I'd wash it if it got something on it, or had an odor.  I tended to use my wool at night, since my children didn't poop overnight, usually. 

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We only have used wool, and I think it's really low maintenance.  You do have to hand wash it occasionally (I've seen it recommended every 2 weeks, but I'm a slacker, and definitely go way longer than that redface.gif easily a month).  


Dishtub of warm water, add capful of Eucalan.  Push diaper cover in water, swish.  Let soak 10-15 minutes.  Squeeze water out, lay flat on towel.  Press/roll remaining water out.  Let dry.


That's it. love.gif  You may want to lanolize your new wool, just to be safe.  After that first lanolization, you'll have to see what your mileage is. You can usually tell when your wool could use a boost, but you could proactively lanolize it once a month to avoid finding out via leaks. 


That is also easy peasy.  You simply squeeze out a half inch of lanolin from tube (or smilar amount), place in tub.  Add a bit of hot water & Eucalan, swirl until all melted and mixed.  Add remaining water, and proceed as with wash. thumb.gif


And if that was clear as mud, here's a good link smile.gifhttp://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/lanolize.html


eta: if you do get poop stains (or grass, dirt from outdoor play), olive oil based soap works great (we use Kiss My Face from the grocery store).  Apply and scrub!

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Thank you Pickle18, that sounds do-able!  Especially considering we'd only be using them part-time anyway.

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