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Getting birth center off my back

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Hey folks! Jumping right in...

Due to taking an opiate painkiller for migraines a mere two times over the course of my pregnancy, my midwife has let me go. I've been considered too "high risk" to continue under her care, she thinks my daughter has a chance to come out addicted. I highly doubt this after much research, but she says I need to switch to an ob that takes high risk patients late in pregnancy. I wasn't getting along the greatest with her and really think she just needed a reason to boot me and also just wants to cover her ass.

Dh and I have discussed having a semi-unassisted birth, basically with a retired midwife friend licensed in another state who can't touch me legally but will hang around and offer her words of wisdom and serve as a spotter. This is what we want. Problem is, and I knew this would come eventually, I've been contacted by the birth center and they're asking where to transfer my records.

What can I do to make them go away? I don't want a new ob or to transfer my records but have a feeling they will pester me until I do. Should I make an appointment with the new ob and act like I intend to have a hospital birth and just...not go to the hospital? Can I ask them to send me a copy of my records and tell them I'll find my own way, don't transfer them? I doubt they'll take that one for an answer. We're in Florida if it makes a difference.
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I would think you could ask for your own records and tell them you haven't found anyone yet to transfer to, but you'll be sure to give them those records when you do!  thumb.gif

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Btw, I'm 35 weeks-- wish I was closer to my due date so they didn't have so much time to pester me.
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Just tell them to send your records or go pick them up. My situation was similar; when my due date was changed to after my 35th birthday they dumped me to a "high risk specialist". They even made appointments FOR me at another practice without my knowledge and kept calling to ask why I didn't go to them!
Anyway, that was all it took to get rid of them; just getting my records off their desk did the trick.
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I've been digging through a site with Florida laws regarding midwives and haven't found anything where it says they're required to trace you down and track you if you're "high risk" to make sure you are getting prenatal care elsewhere. I sure hope that's the case and that they aren't required to do that. They may try to intimidate/bug me until I give in and prove to have made an appointment. They are trying to shove me onto an obgyn that has a lot of questionable reviews (someone that I suspect will label me an addict or something and worsen the situation) and the only other option they're giving me is the health department, which sounds even worse.
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Not familiar with Fl. law but I would suspect they just want to cover their butts esp because they dumped you so far along. Just in case you were to try to sue them for discontinued care or something. It strikes me as strange that they would transfer care for that anyway. Surely they can't believe that 2x in 9 mos will result in baby being born addicted! If that were the case, what about all the babies whose Moms were given opiates during labor? Eeesh.
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The kicker is where they just told me that I tested positive for opiates (first time was 2nd trimester and I told them before it would be picked up on a test) and didn't ask me what I took this time or how much. I really think they've just been waiting for something to let me go for. I had the one midwife, she was on maternity leave for several of my appointments and just came back recently. I had another midwife taking care of her patients in her absence that I sense liked me a little more or at least tried with me. I made them aware early on that I have been to the doctor very few times in my life and was somewhat social/agoraphobic.
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They sent over my records via email like I asked them to, but are stilo saying "let us know when you've chosen a new provider." Wish they'd just leave me alone. I never envisioned having to deal with this crap toward the end of my pregnancy. The stress is really eating at me.

The only good that came out of it is it softened dh enough to be willing to let me go unassisted... Well, with hands off midwife.. But she knows she's only there for his comfort. I wanted to go unassisted from the get go, it's a psychological comfort thing. I know how I work, I know how my mind and anxiety level affects my body, I just have that self awareness and am comfortable with it. Meh
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Hi! I had a UC at the end of 2011. I'm in palm beach county Florida.
You really shouldn't let them stress you at all. Seriously, either ignore them or tell them mind their
own business. Or be honest and tell them you're UCing, but that's being too nice.

As you already know I'm sure, it is not against the law to UC. You do not need to give them any further information.
I personally have a midwife who supports my decision to UC. Call around and be upfront with your situation, you might even find another midwife will be completely supportive.
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