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Disney World with BF Infant

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My FIL will be 5 years cancer free this winter and we want to do a big celebration when they visit us from India by taking him and MIL to Disney World with our babies and doing a VIP tour with every event we can manage.  Has anybody tried private breastfeeding at various events/places in Disney World?  Since baby will only be 1-2 months old and I like privacy and my last baby nursed literally on the hour, is this even a realistic plan?  I started to assume that they would have private rooms off every corner and am now wondering if I'm way off base so any knowledge is apprec.



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I haven't tried it but it sounds doable.


Do you use a sling? If so that might make it a bit easier and with a nursing top it's easy to be discrete, even while walking around. :)

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I have nursed all over Disney with each of mu children but usually just wherever we are at. They do hve baby rooms in some locations but definitely not at every corner. In regards to this, though, the nice thing about Disney is that even when it is crowded, each park is SO big and there is SO much to it that it is usually pretty easy to find little quiet nooks and crannies where there are benches that you can nurse on with no one around.
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