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Not a mother but...

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Okay ladies and maybe some men too, I'm just going to be heonst aobut my interest in this site and see if I cn stay. If I need to leave, that's fine with me.


I am 26-years-old, married with  no children. I can technically have children but won't due to living with some childhood-onset disabilities and the aftereffects of childhood trauma. I am not a professional child advocate either, but would like to be one. I am strongly interested in attachment parenting, gentle discipline, natural child development, etc., because these were the things that I was lacking in my own childhood. I also very much grieve the fact that I cannot have children. At least, part of me does, which is why I chose not to use my legal name as my handle here.

In my spare time, I take courses in psychology at Open University.


Well, again, if I cannot be part of here, I'm happy to leave, but I saw nowhere that only mothers can join.

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Welcome and I hope this site can help with some healing.
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Hi there! Thank u for ur honesty n love. I understand where u are coming from and hope that healing completes soon. I had a lot of forgiveness to take care of prior to the birth of my first child-I was afraid if I didn't these types of behaviors would manifest in me n continue on to her or what have u. I truly want to adopt n am hoping in the next couple years that this happens, because there are children like we were who need good loving stable homes n there are so many out there who need people/moms like u n I! God bless u n ur hubby!!
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Hi, thanks for the replies.

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