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I originally got my cloth stash from a friend who'd used them on her kid, so I didn't even really know what I got.  I know I have some Fuzzibunz and some Bum Genius.  And they're all pocket diapers.  And I used Rockin' Green detergent with them and that went well.  I didn't get our own washer and dryer in unit until Homer was 4 months old, so we started cloth diapering at 5 months.  At around 20 months, ALL the elastic wore out at once, and every single one was leaking.  I gave up and we've done disposables ever since.


Now I'm left with 30-something diapers with elastic that needs replacing, so even though that sounds like a big undertaking, it's probably worth it to go buy some elastic from the fabric store and see if I can fix them up.  I'm just not sure if the one-size diapers will fit a newborn?  I may look around for some newborn options.  I'd like to spend as little as possible, but of course, sometimes I wish I had tons of extra money to spend on cloth diapers because they're so irresistably cute!! 


I do know that I always just felt happy seeing my kiddo in cloth.  The colors, the softness, and knowing they're better for the planet all make me very happy.  So I'm looking forward to jumping back in.  I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with all the options out there.  Even though I've used cloth, I still feel like such a n00b sometimes!!



Imogen - I've never used cloth menstrual pads, but a friend of mine says she loves them.  I use a menstrual cup.  The one I was most recently using is called Lunette, and it was pretty great! 

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I need some advice, dearest mothers!

I'm thinking about buying some Bum Genius 4.0s. This is my first child, so I have no idea what to expect with cloth diapers. For those of you who have used Bum Genius, what did you think? For those who do not like BG, why?

Also, we are definitely on a tight budget (DH has 3 more ears of pharmacy school. He is working part time, but primarily we're living off of my income). How is the most polite way to ask for specific items like cloth diapers for a baby shower gift?

Thank you, ahead of time! smile.gif
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If I were you, I wouldn't sink a whole lot of money in a stash completely made up of bumgenius until you give them a try and are sure they work for your baby.

They don't fit every baby perfectly and you might find something else that works better for you.

With my first, I did 27 bumgenius and unfortunately it was when they were having a lot of quality control issues with Velcro (Velcro is a BAD idea in the long run -- trust me)

I ended up replacing my stash around 6 months with a mixture of different diapers.

If it was me, I'd watch for the blueberry clearance sale and get a few of those, a few bum genius, a few fuzzibunz (they have them on baby half off or zulily a few times a year) and try to find what works best before you sink a lot of money into it.

I have TONS of used diapers I've been hoarding for years for my second. Used diapers are a great way to save money.

Also, I'm a pocket diaper kind of person but many people prefer fitteds/covers or prefolds/covers (the cheapest option).

You might try those to see if they work better for you as well.
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I had an all BG stash with my first and totally regret it now. It wasn't horrible, but it turns out that I prefer Fuzzibunz over BGs. For this baby I already have a bunch of misc diapers in my stash that I'm building. I'll see what I like and go from there.

For getting them as gifts, my mom would always respond with "bumGenius cloth diapers" when people would ask her what we're still needing. That's an advantage of using a big name brand diaper - you can relay it to people and they can find it themselves. Also if you have a baby registery be sure to add the diapers there. And when anyone asks what you're still needing, tell them cloth diapers!

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I have bum genius with velcro, got them used from a friend. Now all the velcro is warped and no longer sticking. :/ And the elastic in my fuzzibunz is shot. so my goal is to replace the elastic then keep using tge fuzzibunz. And since I have zero idea how to sew or repair this velcro issue I may give those away? And slowly build a stash of other brands so I have a lot to work with once baby is here.
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My BGs' tabs got so bad too and replacing them was a pain. I also didn't like how wide the crotch of BGs are. Anyway, those tabs have scared me away from velcro tabs from now on and I now have an all-snaps stash. The ONLY diapers I'm getting with velcro tabs are AIOs because I want some AIOs this time, even if they have velcro.

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Some friends and I got together and bought snap pliers from kamsnaps and replaced our bumgenius velcro with snaps. 


It is not a fun process, but it's not that hard -- just tedious. The pliers cost around $30 and came with enough snaps to fix about 40 diapers.  I advertised on the austin cloth diapers board that I could do it for a fee and did enough diapers to pay for the pliers. 

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Oh wow, PamelaRRRR, I didn't know that was an option.  That's really cool, maybe that'll help save my BG's! 

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I have a lot of diapers!  Of pretty much every variety.  With DS, we mostly used prefolds and covers as a newborn and now we use fuzzibunz one size.  He was too small for a long time for the fuzzibunz.  But I also have some longies and other wool covers, a bunch of Kissaluv contours, some fitted diapers, some AIOs  ...


At some point later in this pregnancy, I will go through my stash and what I don't want I'll list here, if anybody wants them.  I will almost certainly not use the Kissaluvs.  Our water is extremely hard and I can't strip them very well so they're pretty leaky.  But I loved how un-bulky they were, especially for my little guy.  And if anybody lives somewhere where water hardness isn't off the charts, you can probably get them good again.  I'll also probably give up the wool if anybody is building a wool stash.  Again, there are awesome things about them and I might change my mind about giving them up, but I didn't have enough to make the extra care worthwhile. 

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absolutely thinking about cloth!  It's been forever since I've gotten to enjoy their wonderfulness!  I'm already perusing online for purchases, but want to find out gender before I invest a bunch of money in it, I have everything I'd need for a boy (some fitteds, mostly pockets with prefolds to stuff), but need to make sure elastics are all still in good working order from being in storage so long.  If it's a girl, i'm afraid I'm gonna go crazy with buying dipes!

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