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CT homeschoolers

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I have decided to homeschool my daughter once she is done with Kindergarten (only a few weeks to go!) and I'm wondering if there are any other homeschoolers in my area (Manchester/ Vernon/Enfield etc). DD is so incredibly social, and I'm worried she will be lonely homeschooling, so I'm hoping to find other homeschool families or groups that aren't too far from us. I also have a 3 yr old son. So, is anyone out there? I'm so excited to start homeschooling, but the transition has me feeling pretty anxious!

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Welcome to Mothering meko! I'm not from the area, but just giving your post a little boost to the top of the pile, so maybe someone local will see it and respond.  I do however have a very social kiddo I homeschool. He gets lots of interactions with people of many ages via classes, library, park, etc. and does great. 

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:) thanks!

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I know of quite a few homeschoolers in your area!  There's a group that does classes at the Lutz Museum on Mondays which is huge, that would be a great resource for you.  Are you on Facebook?  If so, check out this group and post, I'm sure you will get some replies there!

If you're not on Facebook I can give you the link to the same group's Yahoo email list as well. :)

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