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Let's talk washing machines!

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So my husband and I are thinking of turning our laundry room into a bathroom/laundry room, which means replacing our old washer/dryer with possibly a stack of compact apartment-sized front loaders.


Is this going to be a good idea? My concerns:


1) Are we going to miss the load size? Does anyone have apartment-sized laundry? How does it work with a family?


2) Detergent. Do you need special detergent? Right now, I actually use the soap flakes-washing soda-borax homemade mix, but I heard that doesn't work in front loaders? Please advise.


3) Diapers. Do cloth diapers wash as well since these machines use less water?

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I can't advise on the apartment-size, but our front loader washer is the WORST.  We splurged, trying to be environmentally correct, on an energy efficient front loader instead of a cheaper, water-wasting top loader, and we have regretted it since the day our son was born.  Not only do they use less water, they use less soap because there's not much water...so basically they simply try to spin the dirt off your clothes.  If we do use a little more soap because they still smell like pee after our typical wash routine (which takes approximately 3 hours...), they get a buildup and we have to go through multiple rinses to clean them.  And I mean multiple.  I once ran them through 16 rinse only cycles to try to get all the soap off.  SIXTEEN! I literally watched the washer all day looking for bubbles, and then started it up again.  And I had only used a half scoop of the energy efficient soap...


Sorry for the rant, but if I can save anyone the headache of a front loader with cloth diapers...I despise that thing.  We plan on moving soon, and it won't be coming with us.  We'll be buying an inefficient top loader, thank you.

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I have a GE energy star Infusor. It's a top loader but uses less water and you can always add more with a button if you need to. I haven't had any problems with it. Gets stuff clean and its not a total water waster but uses more than Yours. Can't imagine 16 loads!! That's terrible!! Can't remember what I paid but it was not terribly expensive. It also doesn't have the column in the middle.
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