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Anybody there yet? Junis' first tooth broke through yesterday and the second one is a work in progress (bottom left and right). He's been crawling for a couple of weeks now and has started to eat more solids (which makes me a little sad too...). He's a big boy, probably approaching 10kg by now (don't know, have to weigh him) and such a friendly little guy :) will post pics as soon as I can capture the tooth on one ;)

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She's not crawling and no teeth yet. She's been aggressively gnawing on things since she was 2 1/2 months. Her favorite chew toys are my fingers. She wants Dad's too, but his nails always have, um, filling. The Dr saw her gnawing a toy and asked if she was teething, not that I can tell. She's had a Baltic Amber necklace from Inspired by Finn since she was almost 3 months. So they wear out? It did cure her baby acne at any rate. I can wait for teeth. I'm always sad to lose the gummy grins and she already is a biter. The other day she was finishing nursing and must have bit a nerve! It shot pain to my shoulder for a full 15 min. She hadn't bit me in a while, so I was surprised as well as almost crying. greensad.gif
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Crawling?  Wow!  Kaelan is good at flipping on to his tummy (but can rarely flip back on to his back again), and sometimes pushes his tummy and bum up until he is standing on his hands and toes, but we are a ways from crawling yet.  No teeth yet, either, but that doesn't surprise me.  My last baby got her first tooth at 13 months and the rest were around 9 months.  But that's fine by me!  They grow up too quickly as it is!  I can wait. :-)

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Genevieve just got her two bottom teeth last week.  They finally cut through after two full weeks of misery (both hers and mine).  She didn't sleep and was super fussy the whole time.  I can hardly wait for the others to come :-/   She has a baltic amber necklace too, but I don't think it did much.  But, then again, I wonder how much worse it might have been.

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Crawling and teeth already? wow! 

Thankfully...We are not there yet! These babies are growing so fast....feels like just yesterday I went through hours of labor and finally held him in my arms and now he is already 6 months!


Rushil has been gnawing at everything that he could get in his mouth almost since he was 2 months old. But yet no sign of teeth. He sometimes gets desperate and uses full force to pull my hand towards him and chew my fingers. His bites hurt as his gums are so hard. I hope there is still some more time for teeth though as I love those toothless grins! 


He has started flipping to his tummy and back again effortlessly and loves to roll all over when I lay him down. We have cleared all the furniture from the center of the living room and made a huge runway kinda open surface :) you lay him at one end and within seconds he rolls all the way till the end. As for crawling....thats a long way to go! 

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Well, I posted the above yesterday morning "Kaelan has no teeth and won't likely get any for a few months yet, blah, blah...."  then DH and I are standing in the store yesterday afternoon and he says "Kaelan has cut two teeth!"  Wha..?  I didn't believe him but yup, there are two tiny little teeth just barely cut through the bottom gum!  Wow, this kid is really doing everything differently to all his sibs!  I can't believe I have a 6 mos. old with teeth!  He's been biting and gumming everything he can get in his mouth for months now. And drooling buckets since about the age of 3 months.  But when people would say he was teething, I'd say, nah, none of my kids get teeth before 9 months.  Sooooo.  I'm sad that I'll be losing that lovely, gummy toothless grin soon.  I'm not ready!  And now his bite will really have bite. Ouch. 

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LOL Guen! That's awesome that the baby cut them without a huge drama but just too funny that right after you said that, there's not one but TWO teeth! Lol Just like My Mom used to say, Kids, they'll make a liar out of you every time.

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jaw2.gifROTFLMAO.gifguen, that is hilarious! welcome to the club of two-teethers then ;) (and don't be too surprised if K decides to start crawling tomorrow)

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Only a minute to type but WOW!! All our babies are so different! Can't believe Junis is crawling already! Everett has no teeth yet but is great at the whole "furiously gumming everything within reach" stage. He sits happily, yesterday he sat and played for an hour while DS1 and I spent time together next to him in the playroom. But teeth? Nope. He sometimes chomps on my nipple already so I'm not looking forward to teeth.....

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An hour?! I'm jealous!! She's so clingy and this week is worse! She's in a fussy phase in her Wonder Weeks that should last 2 weeks... and in two weeks, the next one starts.... (insert crying mama face here)
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We were sitting and playing right next to him, otherwise I'm sure he would have whining up a storm! He's generally a pretty chill kid. I can never tell when my boys are in a Wonder Week. They are always their normal selves whether they wake a lot at night or whine a lot during the day, nothing really changes that much. Could be I just don't notice though wink1.gif But DS1 did get very fussy right before learning how to sit, crawl, or walk. I did notice that!! E is just generally his normal self though, I only notice when he learns something new and not a temperament change before it....
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Man I wish my kid were taking it easy like some of yours! He's been a super roller since 4-5 months, sitting if you helped get him there at 5 months, started sitting up on his own 3 weeks ago, crawling last week, and the day after he crawled he started pulling up. Kid's a nightmare, he crawls like an old pro and is already cruising the couch and coffee table. He's not even 7 months, this just isn't right! No teeth though, just a lot of massive drooling and chewing. At least there's that!

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Oh wow, there's the athlete of the group! She's trying to crawl and pull up. Not sure which she'll do first, but she's just not done it yet.
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Everett has two teeth! I accidentally discovered them Saturday after someone playing with him insisted he and teeth and I said, nah, not yet. Um, yeah, little dude has two tiny teeth popping through. What an attentive mama I am wink1.gif

I guess E will take after his older brother and be an easy teether since I didn't notice any behavioral or sleep changes at all! Of course waking up every 2 hours at night isn't awesome anyway so there couldn't be much of a negative change there wink1.gif
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Wow, that's funny, two like that?
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We too are in the "furiously gumming" state but I would be shocked if it led to teeth any time soon. ODS was 11m and DD was 13 months for teeth. And not anywhere near crawling.

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LOL Sarah, add me to that list of "attentive mothers"!  I didn't notice Kaelan had popped two teeth until DH pointed it out to me and, even then, I didn't believe him at first!

JudiAU, be careful what you say.  A few weeks ago, I posted up above that Kaelan wouldn't be getting teeth anytime soon, as all his sibs hadn't gotten teeth until 9-13 months. That same day, DH pointed out that he'd popped two teeth!


Franziska, it's funny you mentioned crawling because shortly after I posted K could roll to his tummy but couldn't manage to get on to his back or do anything else, he started flipping to his back with ease and has spent the last week rocking on hands and knees (or hands and toes!) and seriously contemplating some forward movement.  You'd think after 16 years and five kids, I'd have learned to never say never (or always, or anything else, for that matter!) when it comes to kids, LOL!  I feel like telling him "slow down son, there's no rush, stay a little baby for a little bit longer!  Pleeeeaaasseeee?"  <sigh>

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guen, I know, I feel like telling my little big boy the same, but he seems to be in a rush to follow his siblings! A few days ago (tuesday) he suddenly was standing up holding onto a cut off tree in the forest. he hasn't stopped doing that and is getting more daring every day. today he actually took his first steps sidling along the bathtub... oh my!


and of course he is crawling all over the place and sitting by himself hands free to examine everything he can get hold of. he has also mastered the threshhold to our balcony and has uprooted some of the plants DH is growing out there and eaten some soil. and he is *very* fast if he sees something that interests him.


still no picture of his teeth though. his tongue always seems to be in the way :)

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Too adorable!
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Wow Franziska, Junis is amazing!  He's almost a toddler and he's only 7 months old, LOL!  Fast kein Krabbelkind mehr.... ;-)  He is sooooo adorable!  Love those pics!  We really must get these little boys together.  Kaelan watches his big sibs with avid interest, but doesn't seem particularly motivated to join them in the fun. Yet. But I actually feel a little grateful that he's in no huge rush.  I'm not ready for my little baby to turn into a toddler yet!