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Well I decided test today and its 17dpo cuz I have not started and and I'm 2 days late. This is pic of test I took I just took it . What y'all think should. I test agin with fmu?
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Pepperedmoth - welcome!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Thanks for introducing yourself so well - we love knowing about each other... It's so exciting that you are just starting the ttc process - my biggest advice is to try and stay relaxed, my first month I thought of nothing else and sent myself bonkers lol... Thank you I really hope we have got there this month...
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Welcome pepperedmoth!! These gals are great as I'm sure you've discovered in your lurkdom. May you find here the peace, sanity & support you need jumping onto this crazy ride om.gif


I just wanted to let you all know before you start wondering if I've fallen off the face of the planet that I'm gonna step back this cycle. I'll keep up w/the thread but probably won't post much. I've decided not to try at all, as in complete abstinence this cycle. I need a complete break from the roller coaster and if we dtd at all I'll be wondering about the possibility of a baby...I need time to get my head back on straight and to see if DP & I can work through some of his fears/issues before I can move forward w/any ability to feel sane & happy in my life again. Thank you all for your kind words, support and hugs through all these ups & downs love.gif

and you can always PM me if you miss me too much blowkiss.gif

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Scjp - I don't see a +, but I'm on a phone. Maybe test with FMU?

Oasis - I'm hoping your numbers continue to go up up up! That's a very decent beta to me. smile.gif

Prescott - I hope your month off brings you peace and clarity. I could use some of that right now.

Hello pepperedmoth - I like your username. Welcome to TTC. I hope you get your BFP soon'

Chourd, Oxford, primaljoy - are you all doing good? Are you all in you TWW for this round yet?

AFM - I'm either 2dpo or 4dpo. Either way we has great timing, so yay! I think I wore my husband out, so I'm quite proud of myself. Meow! lol.gif Anyway, have any of you tried pre-seed? This was my first cycle using it, and I love it. I may just keep on using it even after this babe I'm trying to concieve is born. (Positive thinking!)
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Hello peppered moth! Welcome to our gang, it's lovely to have a new member. I hope your stay with us here is short and sweet to your BFP! I agree with chuord on the relaxing stuff. When I first started I drove myself mad symptom spotting and making everything an early sign - it wasn't!!

Prescott- enjoy your break. I hope you are taking some time for yourself and I hope DP is ok.

Mamablue- you go girl!! Sounds like a fun month of BD. it's great when you can relax and enjoy the fun side without it being forced, timed and calculated.

Chuord- any news on those jobs yet? Have you definitely o'd now, my cycle buddy?

For me, things are busy. On the TTC side it is CD13 today. I think I might o today or tomorrow. I have got faint lines on the OPK but nothing as dark as the control line. I'm not sure my body is cooperating! Anyway, I have decided to just keep BD and it will happen at some point!! We have managed daily for the last 4 days, so it should be covered. I think I would be quite surprised if I actually knew what on earth was actually going on with my body!!

On the work front, my boss has agreed in principle that I can do a job share and work part time. That means I will commute 2 days a week (4.5 hour round trip), work from home on one day a week and have two days free. I might get some work for those days or have some space. It's nice to have some options though. Now I've just got to work out how to make it work financially!!

Happy Tuesday to you all!
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Prescott - enjoy your break, before you go I wanted to say - you know your friend and eav? Have you checked dp out with that? Just a thought... Hugs lady xxx
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I'm totally feeling chatty today. 


Prescott, I have totally lurked intensively enough (including reading some of the back threads . . . yeah, that was a little creepy, I know) to know that you've been through some super rough stuff, especially with your partner, and it sounds like taking a break now is right for you. Hugs and well-wishes even though I barely know you. 


Oxford, thanks for the welcome and CONGRATS on getting to switch to part-time. I have this hazy dream of being able to do that some day, but my profession is pretty intense and all-consuming . . . so it's still "maybe some day" for me. I DID have a job where I worked three 12-hour shifts a week and that was pretty sweet. Anyway, congrats, and I'm excited for this O on your behalf . . . 


Chuord, thanks for the welcome, and I really appreciate the advice about staying sane. Part of why I joined this thread. ;-) I think I'm going to take up meditation again. Waiting for news on your ovulation and your jobs, pretty much equally. 


mamaBlue, thanks! My name's a reference to evolutionary biology. I've used it as my handle in just about every on-line context since about 2002. Oh, and you're ANOTHER one at or near ovulation! This is kinda exciting. 


scjp, looks sadly negative to me, but I am a total POAS novice and can't be trusted with these judgments. 


I'm all cranky 'cause I was on call last night and got paged every 1-2 hours, including one SNAFU that took me from 0230--0430. Then I finally got back to bed and got paged AGAIN at 0530. And still had to be at work at 0900. So . . . cranky. But my IUD is getting pulled tomorrow, which is exciting. ;-) It goes to my state of fatigue, though, that I'm even MORE excited that my appointment isn't until 1120, so I can sleep in (I have Wednesday mornings off). 

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Thanks so much oxford and chuord. I like what you said about the shell not fitting right chuord hug.gif . I need to blow up that worry pic to poster size...

Welcome pepperedmoth! I wish you nothing but peace and smooth sailing and hope you find some lovely company here on your journey; these gals are the tops. I'd be very happy with triplets heartbeat.gif .

Big hug.gifprescott. A break does sound in order and very welcome. PM's yes indeedy.

Random links I found trying to distract myself:

Yarnbombing. I'd never heard of this!

Dr. Suess Quotes
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chuord, I love that poster! I might have to borrow it for use on another thread!


Prescott, hug2.gifI have found that breaks are wonderful and allow one to be more introspective.


Hello Everyone! I am following along and stalking all my TTC friends! Wishing you all get your BFPs dust.gif

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Pattimomma - go for it! I borrowed it from Facebook lol!

Oxford - woohoo the work thing sounds fantastic!! The best bit is your boss understands your dilemma (work vs travel) and is making her best effort to keep you... Ah sweet appreciation! I'm hoping you are well and truly covered this month, you never know a later o might be good for you 😜
Mamablue - yay for o for you! Looks like there are three of us all together - fx! Anyything exciting with you?
Peppered moth - nice name reason! Hmmm can I ask what sort of work you do? The only people I know with schedules like that are doctors! Hugs on the no sleep, although I'm betting you're excitement will win out for tomorrow!

Mamacats - I'm glad it helped, it's what I'm holding in my heart too... The day before I had my 'loss' Ranee had tuned in and was told that the baby 'wasn't going anywhere' lol she was more distressed than me when it turned around... Till I explained that he's still around waiting, the shell just wasn't right. The. She got it... Lol I sound like such a nut job I know... 😜😵😳😍 anyway it's a moot point cos your baby is here for good... Hugs mama!!!
Prescottchels - PM's good idea.... Hugs for the relaxing lady xxx
Scjp - still negative for me...
Hugs to anyone I missed...

Afm - am thinking I'm right re o, have had three raised temps in a row... So now focusing on finishing marking assignments and getting ready for our trip to Darwin (I'll be there when the results of this month are in lol) I'm getting a little stressed instead of excited (I do that since I got sick) so will work on getting a bit braver lol!
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I'm a nurse practitioner, so good guess! :-)
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Peppered, welcome aboard!!

Prescott, I hope you find peace of heart and mind!

Chuord, I hope your trip goes well! Fx!

Oxford, fx for you! I hope your work gets figured out. Ever think about learning a language on audio during your commute?


Scjp--any more news?

Afm, 5 dpo atm. My boss who had been trying for 5 or 6 years just went into labor tonight with her 2nd. Truly amazing.
I'm personally on a green smoothie kick, and I've gained 10lbs, which is great--I was still really thin from an illness 3 years ago. Hopefully my chances have gone up, especially since dh's recent diabetes type 1 diagnosis in January.

Baby dust to all!
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Faithrising - We're cycle buddies! Wahoo! (Cd3 or 5, here.) I'm all about green smoothies right now, too. I drink them for breakfast with some added ground flax and hemp protein. Yum. What do you put in yours? I'm trying to stay slim, which is difficult to maintain in my mid-30's. It's not really working, as I'm feeling quite jiggly these days. That's a bummer because I'm a California beach girl, and I have a drawer full of bikinis that I don't feel I have the right to wear. lol.gif My smallest-sized one I just passed down to my eldest daughter. And you know what? I'm quite content with a wiggly bod as long as I can have one last baby. Anyway, that's more than anyone ever needed to know about me, haha. How is your hubby doing with his Type 1? That was a big dietary adjustment for him, I imagine. Has he made friends with quinoa and leafy greens? Is he feeling his energy return, yet? My cousin was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 and the change has been difficult for him. He loves pizza and alcohol, so it's been rough. Hopefully it's been a smoother transition for your husby.
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Faithrising that is awesome! I have a friend who finds it hard to put on kgs... However I'm mamablue 's camp... I need to lose about 5kg before I'll be happy in my bikinis!
Mamablue - I love that you shared, now I have a great visual of you - makes me smile!
I think I'm 3dpo today... And feeling strange... Slightly confident and very smiley lol... A very strange way to enter the tww!
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Morning girls!

Wiggly bodies are good mamablue. I love that term!

I think I o'd yesterday. So I back in the tww. It's lovely that there are a few of us at the same time this month. I'm feeling a bit low today, I think it's the change in hormones after o.

Has anyone any views on frequency of bd? We have tried every other day, then the last two months every day. The doctor said that three times a week is best as the sperm has chance to refresh. That seems to be opposite to other things I read about daily being best as the decrease in speed is compensated by more frequency. Has anyone got a view?
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Oxford I have no idea lol... Apparently if you're more frequent you reduce Sperm numbers slightly... But not by enough that one 'full' shot equals two 'reduced' shots..
I'm glad you've hit the post o slump too lol, I've been exhausted the last two days!
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Well I'm 18 dpo I think If I ovulated when I was suppose to and still no sign of af just increased cm and very sore boobs. On the day I was suppose to start I had like brownish discharge which has never happened. Sorry if tmi. Lol but any ideas?
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Also I have got nausea a cpl days its like every other day. Could I have ovulated later than I was suppose to? Or what do y'all think? I had just a little brown discharge day af was suppose to arrive and my boobs are extremely sore. So confused any test I have taken have been neg. I took one at 7dpo 12dpo and then 16dpo which I think I was that many dpo when I tested not sure i don't keep up with when I actually do I just go off my app on my phone lol need advice please smile.gif
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No more IUD!

That's all for now. Will be all chatty later. :-)
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I have a pretty wiggly body, too. Not really any bigger than before kids, but definitely more wiggly! And I'm pretty much okay with that.


Pepperedmoth -- Welcome. Nurse (though not practitioner) power back atcha.


I personally cannot believe that I have to wait another whole week before I test; tww days are slow days. I'm about 6 DPO now, so definitely not time yet! I do kind of feel PMS-y, and the timing would be right for that, so I'm rather expecting a negative this cycle. And that's fine for now. I don't know if I can say I'm more zen because I'm trying after a mc, but I think that the feeling of impatience is just burned out. I already *was* pregnant, so this whole process already feels very overdue. I gave blood at work today, because I did once before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, so now I have a bit of a superstitious feeling about it, like it will either bring me good ttc luck, or help sick people (or both!).


In non-ttc news, we are getting ready for our housewarming party on Friday. The theme is "A Midsummer Night's Housewarming," because it's midsummer night. We're being jerks and asking people to wear costumes (but, really, most of our friends love that sort of thing) if they're willing. I'm figuring out how to costume five people without going broke or crazy, and trying to find time to get the house clean and food prepped (when I'm not at work). It'll be fun once we get there, just in that less-fun preparation stage.


Everyone else ready for this work week to be over? It's only Wednesday, and I'm already antsy for the weekend. :-)

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