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healing perineal tears?

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Did anyone else tear when they gave birth?  At the time, the paramedics thought I hadn't torn.  But later in the ED, I had to get stitches in three places.  I don't know how bad the tears were - no on really told me and it was kind of hectic - but at least one is a big puffy scar now that the stitches have fallen out.  It doesn't hurt unless I touch it and then it's a little tender.  I tore with DD1, but it was a lot less because I didn't push her out so quickly and I don't remember having the big puffy scar.  When DD2 was born I pushed her out as fast as I could.  


Is there anything I can do to get the tears to heal up more nicely?  Will I be more prone to tearing again now that I've got like, five scars in my vagina?

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You could start taking vitamin E (if you're not already getting enough) to help from the inside out.  Also, what about making some pads/compresses with things like comfrey and witch hazel to help topically?
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How are you doing btw, mama?
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I've been taking evening primrose with my prenatal, wonder if that will help?  I'm pretty sure the prenatal has vit e in it.  Oh, and I have a box of herb healing bath that I think has comfrey in it.  Maybe I will try making some compresses from it.


We are doing ok - pretty well.  We miss A.  The hardest thing has been that life goes on - sometimes I find myself getting through the day just fine, and then feeling sad because I got through the day just fine, without her.  I hate that.  And then sometimes, I spend the whole day crying of and on and wondering, "What if?"  I have a hard time seeing people who don't know about what happened.  DD is doing really well - I've been taking her to the park and library, and such.  DP has been back at work for almost two weeks.  We're sort of muddling along.  I guess that's all you can do.

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I tore really badly in 4 different places and had to get 6 stitches. It took them FOREVER to heal. And even tho they are now healed I'm still sore even at 7wks out. I've wondered abt scare tissue as well...
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I didn't tear this time thank goodness, but last time I had a lot of tears and stitches and was swollen forever. It seemed like it was sore for a long time, but it will go away and you will never know it was there. You shouldn't tear again just because you have before.
If it is still swollen, you can pour castor oil on a pad for relief. I did that the first several days pp. I don't know what else to do, but wanted to let you know it will get better.
Thinking of you, Cyclamen.
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I tore with my first baby and have had two more babies vaginally without tearing at all. With my first baby, I had to sit on a donut for a long time and sex hurt A LOT at 6 weeks, even after drinking an adult beverage or two. It was not fun. So don't worry, you will heal down there and it will be normal again eventually.


I said a prayer for you and your family this morning.

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