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Question about diapering boys

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At the risk of sounding a bit stupid, I'm wondering how different cd'ing boys are compared to girls. I had once read a post somewhere about a mom whose son's penis got swollen and red from clothing. They used prefolds & snappis and that's what we are going to use. Does the snappi need to be positioned differently than on girls? I would rather not use pins, I tried once with my daughter and they were so hard to push through the prefold fabric and snappis were just so much easier. Is the center part of the Snappi necessary? With my daughter it would always come undone.


Thanks for any wisdom you can bestow on me! 

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My son did great with CD.  We used prefolds and pins.  When the pins didn't want to go through the diaper I would run it through my hair and it would work like magic.  I don't really like Snappis.


My only advice it to make sure the penis points down.

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I use a Snappi with my son's diapers and haven't noticed a problem.
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Used snappi on my boy with no problem either. Pins stuck in I a bar of soap keeps them easy to glide through too.
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Two boys and have been using snappis on them for over 5 years now with no issues or injuries besides them eventually wearing out and breaking. Have noticed that the bottom fastener often sticks up, too, and have considered getting these for our next baby instead: http://www.boingobaby.com/
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I never had any problem with my two boys and a snappi either, though those boingos are awfully cute and sound like a really good third option :)

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