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Small portable carrier for toddler

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We take frequent trips into the big city for meet ups and play dates and I usually carry my 25 lbs, 21 months old toddler all day. Just with my own strength, him sitting on my hip.
But it does get a bit tiring. Since he does not like most carriers anymore, I was thinking something small, slim that allows him to be worn on my hip, would probably be best accepted by him. It would not feel like much of a change, but give my arms some rest.

I found a type of carrier called "asanoha baby carrier", I wonder if it would work for hip carrying? It folds up pretty small.
She doesn't seem to have many sales at all though.

I would also welcome any suggestions regarding small, portable carriers. If you know any patterns, I could sew it too.
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I found the original brand here: http://www.amazon.com/Hanamuguri-Japanese-Carrier-Minizone-Carry/dp/B003V7HVB0/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

But it does not seem to work for hip carrying
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If you're looking for hip I'd go with a ring sling, very easy to fold up, or I even just wear mine when DD gets out bc it looks nice either way!  For reference mine is prob right around 30lbs and 18mos and it's easy enough to swing her onto my back in the ring sling if my hip needs a break.

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some other toddler options that might work are a Scootababy Hip Carrier (if you're looking for a hip carry), or if you're going to only be holding him for short periods of time and need something that you can pack up really small, try the BobaAir or Ergo Stowaway ;)

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I used my Scootababy so much for hip carry. After my son's legs started dangling too low as he grew taller, I then switched to a Maya sling for hip carry, it brought his legs up a bit. Even at 39 inches and 34 pounds he is still fine in a hip carry in the sling. I do miss the ease of the Scootababy though, easier to pop him in/out.
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