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February 2014, anyone?

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I think I am one of the first... just got a BFP the other day. Due February 2nd. There isn't a group up yet for us. 


Edit: In order to get an official social group, two co-leaders are necessary. I am willing to be one, so please say something in the thread if you are also willing to take on this role, so we can get the group up and running. 

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Congratulations! I hope to join you very soon. Will be testing again on Thursday.
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If anyone is interested in being a co-leader for the February DDC, you can send a message to Cynthia Mosher, our administrator, and she will create the club for you.  Congratulations on your pregnancies!  joy.gif

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We just got a BFP, too! Due date is February 1st! Congrats, ya'll!
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Hi! Just got positive after trying for many years. Got the news on my birthday. Couldn't ask for better gift.congrats to all!!
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BFP.. After IVF.. 6 weeks today due Jan 21/2014. Nervous 1st pregnancy.
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Congrats to all of you too! 


I PMed Cynthia Mosher. Not sure what else we need to do to get a DDC. 

Texasgal, since you are due in January, you may want to check out the January group as well. It is here: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/50/january-2014-due-date-club

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Feb 1st!!
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Feb 2 (or 4 if we don't account for 25 day cycles)
I would also love a feb 2014 club!!!
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Anyone want to be a co-leader for the group?

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What does being a co-leader entail?
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Any Beta results?
My first was Monday: 253.
Second Friday: 2135
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Is there an OTC beta test? My midwife doesn't even want to see me til July!
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casserola, I found this about groups and their leaders. http://www.mothering.com/community/a/groups-guidelines You are new (or maybe just posting under a new alias) and I don't know if there's a minimum post count to be a group leader. I PMed Cynthia Mosher again so I'll let everyone know when I hear something from her. 


I haven't done any betas and don't plan to. I'm probably not going to go in to see my midwife until such a time as I can get a first-trimester ultrasound. Last pregnancy I went in at 6 weeks and basically they just drew blood and felt my uterus and told me it was enlarged. *shrug*. I'm okay with putting that off for a little while. alexisfaye, any reason you're concerned? I think it is pretty standard to not be seen for a while unless there is some reason you are high-risk. 

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Feb 14!!!

Found out today. smile.gif
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Congrats auchencook!!

Alexisfaye....you n I have close due dates. Most drs will have you come in btwn 6-8 weeks for ultrasound. Mine is scheduled for june 11.

Erigeron-yep, I'm new.
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Erigeron.....can u switch subject line to feb 2014? I think you accidentally put 2013?
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Congrats to all! Got my BFP last Thursday....if we're basing it off of my 32-35 day cycle (instead of a 28 day cycle), I'm due around February 2nd! I'm new here, so I don't think I'd make a good co-leader, but I look forward to joining the birth club, once it starts!
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Welcome auchencook and alaura24! 


Casserola--fixed the date to 2014. Apparently my brain just can't process any year except this one. Thanks for catching that. I haven't heard from Cynthia yet. Maybe she is taking the weekend off like a normal person. winky.gif Do you want to be a co-leader if she is ok with it? 


My husband and I have been bickering about baby names for ... well, pretty much the entire time we have been planning to have babies together, so approximately since we got engaged back in 2006. We have such different taste. Our first daughter's name was the only name we ever really managed to agree on--we would have had a lot more bickering if she had been a boy. Then some time after she was born we cut a deal that for our second child he could pick the name for a girl and I could pick the name for a boy and then for the third whoever didn't name the second would get to pick. But I didn't like his girl pick and so I wanted to renege on that deal so we were bickering about names AGAIN. This morning he offered to let me name the baby whatever I wanted if I would promise to always put the toilet paper roll on the holder. I felt kind of uncomfortable with that deal, but then I suggested a variation on his favored girl name and he was okay with it and agreed to give me my favored boy name... SO we have our boy and girl names figured out! It is a relief. I know some people really enjoy this process but it's been so frustrating for us (well, for me anyway). 

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