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We're just trying to figure out an in-utero nickname for our little person. My first child's nickname was Nom-Nom....we didn't finalize boy/girl name decisions til I was about to go to the hospital (we waited to learn his sex til we met him in person, and we'll do the same for this baby). So far, the best in-utero name I've come up with is Newbie, but the hubs isn't quite satisfied and thinks we can do better. I dunno...I think Newbie is totally appropriate (as was Nom-Nom...my appetite was HUGE for baby 1...I gained 50 lbs!). So until he comes up with something better, the tiny person growing in my belly shall be known as Newbie. Or Noob.
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Sometime around Feb 9th is our guess date! 

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Eri --
I don't know that I would be an appropriate co-leader. This is my first pregnancy. Don't really know what I'm doing. Plus I also work about 60+hours a week and think I couldnt give it the importance it deserves. -Cass

Congrats Jumpin
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casserola--hey, fair enough. You certainly have enough to worry about. 


Jumpinmudpuddle--congratulations and welcome!


alaura24--That's so funny, I also came up with "newbie" and my husband isn't a big fan. 


Everybody--anyone who wants to be a co-leader for the February 2014 group (gah, I just typed 2013 again) please comment. I updated the first post to reflect this as well. 

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Congrats to All Us!!! 7 week 1 day to 8 week ultrasound on Monday.. 6 weeks ultrasound was a start for a blessing.. I had to complain to my doctor to have it this early.
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I just got my bfp this morning. I caught the first pp eggie (my DD is 20 months) so I don't have a firm date. I'm thinking 2nd week of February. Hoping for a dating scan to help me out. This is my second run at being in a due date club so I'd be fine with co-leading if that's still needing to get this thing on it's way.
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Originally Posted by Sukhada View Post

I just got my bfp this morning. I caught the first pp eggie (my DD is 20 months) so I don't have a firm date. I'm thinking 2nd week of February. Hoping for a dating scan to help me out. This is my second run at being in a due date club so I'd be fine with co-leading if that's still needing to get this thing on it's way.

Cool, thanks! I PMed Cynthia again. And congratulations! 

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Congratulations all! I'm due February 11th! First bambino and we're over the moon!
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Congrats to us all......am due february 2nd
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Welcome cricketschirpin and sisioge! 


How is everyone feeling? Any weird symptoms? I still feel normal, but I'm expecting the insane hungries to kick in some time in the next few days like they did in my pregnancy with my daughter, so I'm kind of planning "I'd better get X and Y done before that happens". 


Got a midwife appointment for June 26th... day after my daughter's birthday. I kind of confused the scheduling lady when I told her I didn't know my LMP date but I knew I was due at the beginning of February and she was kind of like "oh, okay" but didn't seem to know what else to say, so I said "February 2nd" and she asked how it was I didn't know my LMP date but did know my due date! I explained that I couldn't remember my LMP date offhand but was charting and calculated my due date from my ovulation date. She recovered pretty fast and was like "Okay, then you tell me when we should schedule you between 8-10 weeks along." I had to make up a fake LMP date (14 days before O date) with DD to get the medical assistant off my back because she would. not. stop. pestering. me. about my LMP date. This is a different practice, hopefully I won't have to do that this time. 

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I hate the LMP thing. That was a problem for me last pregnancy because my cycles are long and they kept trying to date me further along than I was according to my charting. This time there's no LMP to go by since I haven't had a period since my DD was born.

No symptoms yet. I have a terrible cold right now so I feel pretty tired and weak. I'm still waiting to hear back from my midwife for an appointment. I'm looking forward to it. I miss my midwife.
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Feeling pretty good!  I had extremely sore/swollen breasts from 9 dpo till yesterday (14 dpo) and then overnight it seemed to disappear! I got nervous but today was the final test I took at 15 dpo and the positive line came up before the control and both beautiful dark lines. NO MORE TESTING!

Also had a lot of mild cramping and lower back ache off and on from 9 - 14 dpo and today there was some in the am but the only 'syptom' so-to-speak is bloating. I keep thinking its wayyy too soon for clothing to be tight and for a bloaty belly and thighs? but my jeans wont fit comfortably any more. so wierd! this is my first so i'm noting every little symptom.  i need to RELAX. :-) i just want he/she to stick and for us to have a healthy pregnancy.  


I need to find a midwife and meet with a couple to choose. I'm excited about that!


I knew from other friends about the LMP being so important & because I tracked for 10 mos on fertility friend I had a 1st day of last period to use so hopefully that will get my reg ob off my back. I have an apt with her on July 11th but in meantime I hope to choose a lovely midwife/doula!


Sorry you have a cold Sukhada! :-(

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Hi everyone! I've been waiting for the February DDC to start and had no idea thus thread was already happening! Congratulations to all of you on your pregnancies!! orngbiggrin.gif I'm due early February or January 31st depending on how my midwife will want to track it. Based on conventional medicine and following the largely inadequate LMP model, they'd say I'm due February 5. But since I chart I know it is more accurately Jan 31st. Still, we all know that babies just come whenever they want anyway so who knows! My last midwives used the LMP but also noted the due date I told them so in case I went postdates, they knew I had more time.

Anyway, that is probably more information than you guys would like to know but I felt I should explain because I am going to be hanging out in the jan and feb DDC. I get double the wisdom and community with all you ladies! orngbiggrin.gif

Oh also, any tandem breastfeeding mamas out there? I'm bfing my 12 mo old and am determined and committed to keep going. Could use all the advice and support and I can get. Thanks in advance!
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Feel great. Boobs are sore. Have to pee several times at night. Hints of nausea here and there....but nothing ill complain about. Just so happy. Due Feb 2nd with our first! First ultrasound on 11th. Second ultrasound two weeks after that.
Does anyone have a great pre-natal vitamin with folic acid and B6 they can recommend? I need to buy more next week. Also...recommendation for omega 3 that doesn't repeat?
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Just took the test this morning. Positive. I totally knew it weeks ago because my boobs hurt and they never do.


Freaking out just a tiny bit, but mostly happy. I'm pretty sure we're due around Feb 15 -- our wedding anniversary. :)

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Casserola, I love the prenatals I've been taking for months now. They are by New Chapter called Perfect prenatal and they are wholefood based vitamins. I also take their Wholemega fish oil. Both are just wonderful products. You can get them on Amazon. I feel silly but what does not repeating mean in regards to the Omega 3? :-)
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CupOfJoe - congrats!
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Hey everyone!

The February 2014 Due Date Club is now up and running. Please join us smile.gif

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I'll join the DDC when I take a test in the next couple days...strongly suspecting I'm pregnant.  This will be baby #4  :)  Due late Feb, hoping for March 1st Lol...since I already have a Dec, Jan, Feb baby.  Gotta keep the pattern! :)

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AshleeS, hope to see you in our Ddc soon! smile.gif
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