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Looks positive. Congrats!
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Thanks sukhada! I took the other first responce this morning and it is still faint
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Don't loose hope jules, really - mine were faint like that for a few days and then BLAMMO it got dark on 15 dpo.  Since my faints were on 9dpo and your's are faint at 12 dpo it may take until 16 or 17 for yours to darken. I kept thinking it should get darker faster but it took a little bit. As many said to me during my torturous waiting "a line is a line!"  I think you are pregnant.  smile.gif

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Hi all! I want to join!  I haven't tested, but my usually regular cycle is 9 days late after TTC for about 4 months. Plus I'm all tender and achy. I think this is it!  Just wanted to say hi, I'm sure we'll all lots of advice for each other over the next months...

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Welcome Wildflower and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! smile.gif

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Wildflower welcome and you have great will power i would have tested 9 times or more if i was in your position. Fingers crossed
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Cricket.... i wasnt ttc so i dont know exactly when i ovulated but i have an app on my phone that says it was the 6th but on the 8th i noted the sharp ligement pain when i got up from out of bed too fast so maybe i o'd on the 8th or 9th
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Dh is not happy.... i had a feeling this would be his reaction. Wow
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Jules - re the ovulation I have had that sharp pain happen before too around ovulation so its possible that you o'd later.

Re your DH so sorry to hear this.  Don't let it steal your joy. He may just need some time to come around to the idea. If work is stressful for him he may just be trying to figure out how to make it all work. I hope he rallies and gets excited.  Is this your first? If so he's probably doubly nervous? Hang in there. flowersforyou.gif

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We have 2 beautiful daughters. I do believe that im going to lose this pregnamcy. My test are barely a faint line now. Im guessing chemical pregnancy greensad.gif
Im just waiting for the bleeding to begin. So sad
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Oh Jules! Are the tests weaker than the ones you posted before or are they just the same amount of faintness?  

I'm glad you have two sweet girls. You never know it ain't over until the Crimson Tide rolls in. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

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Well, my period was due today and i have been having symptoms for over a week! Probably wont test but will wait and see... I would be/am due Feb 27.
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Bailey you are doing it the correct way. Im stressing out so much im ready to lose my mind. Hpt today negative waiting for my period now. I sure could use a stiff drink. Good luck to you sending you positive vibes.
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Thank you cricket for your good thoughts
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I'm sorry jules1978. 

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Feb 22nd!! i just found out yesterday. We've been trying for three years and finally got pregnant on our month "off." What is the beta testing everyone keeps talking about?

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Still on Bedrest.... waiting for dr. answer on Tuesday Jun 25th. Last I check baby was fine just my body wanting to act up.. On a tree limb waiting..... I went through a rollercoaster from IVF doctor ASAP to the Ob in two days due to a threatened misscariage. The infertity dr wasnt able to continual my care up to the recommended 10 weeks.
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Oh Texasgal! I'm sorry to hear this! I'll think all positive thoughts for you.  Keep the faith!

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cricketschirpin--Thanks!!! Its tough after getting the postive.
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Im sending prayers your way!!! Aunt flow is a rushing river for me. Do i have to go to the doc?
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