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You should probably go get treatment if you're soaking a pad an hour or if you have other worrisome symptoms (like fever, chills, etc. symptoms of an infection, or bad abdominal pains). I hope the bleeding slows down! 

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Cricketschirpin and texasgal, you know the actual group is up now, right? http://www.mothering.com/community/f/17484/february-2014-due-date-club

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Oops I did not see updated posts and commented then erased... Hope the now irrelevant comment is deleted...
Will go to the new forum for February...
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Originally Posted by bellalucy123 View Post

Feb 22nd!! i just found out yesterday. We've been trying for three years and finally got pregnant on our month "off." What is the beta testing everyone keeps talking about?

Congratulations!!! I don't know how to say this tactfully or in a better way, but those of you who have struggled with fertility are stronger than I would ever be! I have the patience of a fruit fly so I really look up to women who have had to keep trying. Sorry, I am trying to say this as a complement and I am not sure it is coming off that way.... Congrats!

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Bailey you are doing it the correct way. Im stressing out so much im ready to lose my mind. Hpt today negative waiting for my period now. I sure could use a stiff drink. Good luck to you sending you positive vibes.

champagne.gif Here ya go! Sorry about aunt flow, she can be such a b----!

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Yea!! Its tough getting the positive,,, More challenges to come because I hate waiting...
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