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Oil pulling?

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Anyone else do this?  I've heard it's great for detox, but my dentist also says it's better than mouthwash for simply cleaning teeth.

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I haven't done it for detox purposes, but I swish with coconut oil and it is awesome for removing plaque!

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I use olive oil and sesame oil for oil pulling.  Not as gross as it sounds.  My teeth feel so much better since oil pulling. 

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I have been trying it too... Started with coconut and now trying sesame. Not sure if I have a preference yet! I found it was really helpful when I was sick... My throat was inflamed, tight and sore and somehow the oil pulling seemed to loosen the excess phlegm and I felt so much better each morning after I did it. I am not sure if I am feeling the larger detoxing effects but am motivated to keep up for my teeth too since I had braces as an adult for almost 6 years and my teeth suffered from decalcification by the end.
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