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crunchiness of Franklin, TN/surrounding area?

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Can anyone tell me about the Franklin, TN area? Specifically things like homebirth, AP/natural parenting, vegetarian restaurants? Thanks!

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Although I don't live in Franklin, I can tell you about the Nashville and Middle TN area in general.  There is a lot of "crunchiness" in East Nashville - healthy restaurants, green cleaning stores, etc.  You should get connected with the Nashville Birth Network.  I moderate the Clarksville Birth Community group on Facebook and although we are north of Nashville, the birth resources are the same.  I have a list of homebirth midwives that I can share with you if you'd like.  And I serve the Franklin area with my birth doula services as well.

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I agree with Heidi.  Nashville probably has more crunchiness than Franklin.  I live in Murfreesboro, so I don't know Franklin intimately. But from the time I have spent there, and the time I have visited in Nashville, I would say Nashville has more pockets of amenities that fit in with a "crunchy" lifestyle.  Middle TN in general seems to be pretty well supplied with midwives and doulas, and birthing options.  

Franklin, is a charming town, though.  I actually just went there today for lunch with my husband and our twins.  Supposedly housing is pretty expensive there, but there are "good" schools in that county.

As soon as our house sells in our hometown, and we can buy one here in TN, we are considering moving up to Nashville or over to Franklin.  Murfreesboro, while quiet and with many friendly people, just doesn't have the amenities that I'm used to, or the diversity of people/religions/activities.


Check out the Wild Cow restaurant in East Nash; it is great and vegetarian.  There is also a year 'round farmer's market in Nashville I believe.  We have a great one here in the 'boro, but it is just starting this weekend.

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I don't know how helpful I can be, as I just moved here 6 months ago and I really don't get out much.  Here is my two cents.  Overall, I would say that I would not consider Franklin a crunchy area.  We moved from Columbus, OH, where we lived in a very crunchy relatively urban area of town (Clintonville).  East Nashville, and maybe parts of the Vanderbilt area are the closest we have found so far.  We were really looking to feel a little more rural-ish with a bit more outdoor space.  We have always owned older (1900-1920s) homes and found that most of Franklin was tightly packed suburbs.  We were able to find a very unique space halfway between Franklin and Nashville, and we love it.  However, I think we got really lucky and most places are not like ours (with at least one pretty crunchy neighbor right across the street smile.gif ).  Downtown Franklin is very cute with a lot of nice places to eat.  I find everything down there (especially the shopping) a little upscale for my taste.  They do have lots of festivals throughout the year, which is nice. 


Williamson county is supposed to have the best schools in TN.  If you are planning on homeschooling, there seems to be a relative good community- however, we area finding that a lot of the homeschool resources and alternative schooling (Montessori, Reggio Emilia) schools are either much further north, or closer to downtown Franklin (the opposite direction I need to go fro work).


There is a really great AP/natural parenting group on FB called the Bambino Brigade with moms from all over Nashville and Franklin.  I know there have been a few discussions about people moving to the area and everyone's opinions.


Not sure about the homebirth options, but there is apparently a great OB/GYN in Franklin that is very supportive (and likely others).  It definitely seems like there are resources around here.

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