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Danielle - that's so great to hear!  Some moms kinda make me feel silly at times (not here on this community, but in real life or other places) for getting so interested in certain things.  My husband and I aren't even 100% sure we're going to try for a second or if we can even have one, so I'm trying to enjoy it all as much as I can!


revolting - thanks!  No phone calls today, so I'm breathing a bit easier.  I figure, if anything super duper bad was going on, I would have gotten called today for sure, since the ultrasound was last Friday.


happi - that photo is GREAT!  Your daughter's face is fantastic - somebody's super happy to get a sister! 


So many girls on the way!  My husband's generation in his family already has 4 other girls - mine will be the 5th.  It's why I was so sure it would be a boy for me, but I'm awfully excited for a girl.  My husband is too.


Also, all day long on my bladder.  ALL DAY LONG.  I think she's actually standing on it somehow.  :P

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This pregnancy is crawling by. I am really hating being pregnant, which is disappointing, because I thought I would love it. Eating/staying hydrated is still a full time job, I have no appetite for anything except really weird things that aren't really full of nutrients (obsessed with gluten free english muffins with vegan cream cheese- i eat it twice a day and then force some veggies in at some point)... and I feel like crap most of the time- lethargic, can't breathe through my NOSE at all, annoying almost constant headaches some days, dry skin- constantly chapped lips... no sex drive.. the list goes on. Can't wait til it's over. I take iron and prenatals for insurance on the nutrition front, but there's really nothing I can do about the dryness, tiredness, headacheyness, except sleep. Water doesn't work. I drown myself in it every day and I'm still dry all over. so annoying. We're only having one. 

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Those pictures are so cute!!

I'm sorry Yogini that you are so disappointed in your pregnancy.

Even with all my discomfort, it makes me sad that this is my last pregnancy greensad.gif
My biggest focus right now is trying to not gain too much weight. I want to be able to go back to my regular size relatively easy, but I dot know if that will be possible. All I want is ice cream, desert, and fried pork sandwiches!! Lol!! I have never been big on any of those things, but I have now been taken over by a bad food craving monster! I have no motivation!! Ahhhh
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Rainy, some people seriously take this amazing gift for granted, lap up every minute of being pregnant, it's all part of a bigger journey! And the likelihood is you'll forget anything that was less than awesome once your wee one is here!

Happi - love love love your daughters reaction! I know that awesome feeling! :-) it was such a neat way to find out!

Yogini - have you spoken to anyone irl about how you are feeling? The stress of a pregnancy can magnify things that previously wouldn't have bothered you but now your protective instincts are on overdrive. If you can go into birth and then full time parenthood with a somewhat uncluttered mind you & your baby will reap the rewards.

Abk - I hear you! This is my last pregnancy too and it's hard not to feel sad sometimes about not experiencing all of this again. With you on the weight gain, so far I've gained 8kgs..... And to be within a normal range for my body I am able to gain 16kgs before anyone would get worried so I hoping I stay within that range!!!!! I'm always craving carbs, and root vegetables.

AFM - a beautiful autumn day after a big storm yesterday, complete with a wee dusting of graupel. So today my youngest and I went to a boutique baby store to squish the gorgeous organic clothes and then went and bought some yarn to start anew blanket for my little lady - a girl pink one! :-) will keep me occupied for a wee while!
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Danielle could you please translate graupel for some of us on the other side :-)
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:-) hey there Echo, graupel is snow like pellets, kinda like hail but it doesn't melt nearly half as fast.
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Danielle- I love your optimistic/positive outlook!  But, I have to admit, I count the times per post that you use the words 'wee' and 'bub' (since I never hear/read them anywhere else) and 'precious'-- I feel like I can anticipate the way you'll describe everything with those three adjectives.  :)  I'm just teasing, I hope you take it in the smiling, affectionate way it was intended.  The point is you are cute.


Yogini- You can vent here all you want, but those of us who are not first timers know that once you meet your daughter, and watch her milestones, you'll forget all about pregnancy and the reality of motherhood will take over all the mental real estate in your head and will be what you focus on.  Pregnancy sucks for many of us--I despise it.  But the baby at the end is why you do it, and now that my kids are performing recitals and coming up with clever jokes which crack me up, I can honestly say that it only gets better and better, at least for the first decade.  The tween/teen years are up next and let's see how I handle that.  :)  Try to focus on the big picture, that your body is building a little lady inside you and you are providing her with every single need she has, just by relaxing and getting through a few physical discomforts, for a few months out of your life.  At the end of it you get to experience a bond with someone stronger and more powerful and full of love than any you could have imagined.  It's so special, and life with a first baby is so very very magical that I am jealous you have that coming! I still remember the first year of my first child's life and how special it was to be able to snuggle up next to him and sleep when he slept, and have just one child to focus my attention on (so much easier than trying to prioritize which child's urgent 'needs' to address first when you are pulled in multiple directions), the peace of knowing that as long as I was tending to my child, I was where I was supposed to be, doing what I should be doing, everything a far second to that....and babywearing all the day long, walking through the neighborhood/city, just blissful with my new baby against my chest.  It's such a great time and relative simplicity (and I was dealing with an ugly marriage and social/cultural isolation during that period but I was able to ignore that and head out with the babe everyday and avoid domestic conflict and focus on the bliss with my baby, and I went out to places where I could meet other new first time moms and I spent hours per day bonding with those women and I didn't even mind having a shitty marriage, my new-mom life was that good).


I spent all day so far in tears and trying to put my angst into song lyrics for a new song with my band.  I don't need to get into why I'm upset here, but it's to do with the horrible relationship I have with my kids' dad.  I try so hard to focus on the upcoming wedding with my beautiful soulmate fiance, and the gorgeous weather we are having and beautiful garden outside our dream house I can lounge in, etc etc etc, but the situation with my divorce is an ongoing problem even now, and I'm still struggling with being relatively permanently stuck (at least ten more years) in a foreign country that I don't really even like.  I miss..... so much.  But I will try to channel all this angst into lyrics now. :)

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Well said, Serafina. Sending my hugs and a ditto of that message to Yoginimama. hug2.gif


Sera, lyrics sound like a great outlet! Hope it works.


Danielle, this is probably a dumb question (I'm sure I could google it) but what season will it be when your baby is born? Spring, I guess? It's so funny to hear you talk about autumn and snow when I'm sitting in the air conditioning peeking outside now and then to see if my tiny seedlings are growing, and expecting an autumn baby with the harvest.


We had such a great day after our bit reveal to the kids yesterday. We took them out to dinner last night, and I basically bought girl baby clothes on the internet all afternoon and then girl fabrics into the night! So much pent-up baby girl buying! orngtongue.gif Then my son fell asleep so exhausted (in my bed) that he managed to wet the bed TWICE overnight, so today I'm back to reality and doing massive amounts of laundry. Oy!

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like many of you, the first trimester felt like it was never going to end but then came the second trimester.  I feel like this hasn't been too fast or slow.  I feel really good most of the time and am just trying to enjoy this time before I feel, as I think happileigh aptly described it " huge and gross".  The end of pregnancy kind of blew for me last time so I'm not particularly looking forward to it but I'm trying hard to keep an open mind and consider that every pregnancy is different.

We aren't planning to have any more babies after this so it is kind of sad to think that this is my last 2nd trimester stride. Not so sad about the last 1st trimester bit though.


happileigh- seriously, your daughter's expression is awesome


abk and danielle- I'm concerned about weight gain this time too. I gained over 50lbs last time and though it all came off pretty quickly I feel like it made the last trimester and my recovery PP much more uncomfortable. Also DS was big so I'm feeling very conscious of what I gain. According to my crappy home scale I've gain 11lbs, which seems to be within the healthy range. I have to look at my charts from last time and see when the bulk of the weight came as a comparison.  I'll also get to see what my midwife's fancy scale says this afternoon


 this afternoon is our anatomy scan. We're bringing DS, which I hope isn't a terrible idea. He really liked getting to turn on the doppler and hear the heartbeat last month so I felt like it would be exciting for him to actually see "BroSis" in my belly. DH will be there too in case DS loses interest and wants to wander.


we had a great family reunion weekend though DS has come out of it with a little cold and we are all 100% exhausted.  It is so nice to be home.

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happileigh, I'll join you in the laundry club, because somehow I put DD to bed in panties instead of a nighttime diaper... preggo brain, I guess!

Serafina, hug2.gif I wish there were something we could do to make it easier, but with any luck you'll get some amazing lyrics out of this and it will help you process and release some of these feelings.

We had our anatomy scan yesterday, and everything looks perfect! I'm so happy. Baby was snuggling that cute little face into the placenta pillow, so we didn't get a great pic; but the tech did get a good look at everything he needed to measure, etc., so that's the most important part. He did look at the baby's sex but I looked away so we're going to wait until Oct. to find out!
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Just had our anatomy scan this morning and it's a girl! We're happy. DH thought it was a girl all along, while I was not convinced, so he was right! I think everything looked good. The tech didn't say anything was out of the ordinary and neither did the midwife, so phew! Baby was measuring right on target. Heartbeat of 156. luxlove.gif

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Yay for a little lady on the way, slammerkin!


Wrote a song!  The melody is even quite good.  The rest of the band liked it as well.  So, an afternoon well spent I guess, although I really wish DF wasn't at a work event until late because I'm tired of being alone and struggling with a tough day.  I could use a sofa snuggle evening with him.  The kitties are here keeping me company though. thumb.gif

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Hey everyone :) Gee a couple of days away and there are pages to catch up on!!  I know I'll miss someone important if I try to say something to everyone, so this is a group hello smile.gif

Still having major insomnia so getting up at 4am this morning is actually a bit of a sleep in.. yesterday was 1am. 


Revolting.. I always worked in management before the shop - I was an insurance claims manager, and before that managed other people's businesses, but I am honestly planning to try to get a low low stress job to start with this time.  Despite the lower pay rate, I'm looking forward to a few years of no responsibility work doing something easy.  I deserve it after the debacle of running my own - the sleepless nights over bills etc are the one thing I won't ever miss!  DH has a job lined up already that starts in 2 months, so huge relief there!


Happi.. Love love love that photo!!  I might steal your (and Danielle's) idea and do something like that for my DS... although being 14 I prob won;t bother posting a photo of a cool dude being cool - I wouldn't expect anything too emotional from him (from the outside anyway lol)


Shiloh.. How exciting - proper kicks!! 


Abk & Ciga.. same here.  I don't dare admit to my terrible eating habits, but they have become a bit terrible... I try to have one meal of fruit a day to make up for the less good ones.. :)


Serafina.. Imagine if all your exes angst makes you famous from these amazing songs!  That would totally be great karma lol. 


AND.. we had our scan yesterday, and the tech is pretty sure this one is a girl!!!  I honestly thought boy so am in a bit of shock.  So really, in answer to the old thread question about the theories behind the baby's sex and symptoms, the old wives tales are all wrong!  I had NO morning sickness, a heart rate of 134 - 140 and my belly looks like a basketball.  LOL joy.gif  A massive surprise, and we are so so excited and happy..  going back in 2 weeks to have another try at the heart u/s, baby was stubbornly laying on her back and we couldn't get her to roll at all, but everything else measured perfect :)

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I always seem to miss the weekly transitions on is thread but congrats to everyone!! Love the gender reveal ideas. I was too excited and just texted everyone from the drs!! It's B-B-G here. So glad to have a mix.

I can "feel" baby A moving on my unfortunately shortening cervix but B&C are higher up and I can only sort of tell where they are. Had my first BH contraction after climbing the stairs to bedroom last night. Ugh. Solid as a rock but went away when I laid down thankfully. I'm on close monitoring (weekly) for my cervix and modified bed rest but not going to work much anymore. (Thankfully its almost summer break!) am 19+2...

YoginiMama- have you tried coconut water? Plain water has been doing nothing for me hydration wise. But I've mixed in some coconut water and lime (unsweetened) each day (8-16oz++) and its really been helping. My Dr suggested Gatorade but the artificial crap doesn't excite me too much - but my friend (and her midwife) swear by coconut water to help hydrate during pregnancy so I gave it a shot. For me headaches were lack of protein. Are you strictly vegetarian or do you do dairy? May want to mix up and increase protein to see if that helps? Chicken and hamburger and fish do best for me but I have also had luck wi Greek yogurt/nut butter/kale smoothies. Worth a shot to try to get rid of the headaches. Good luck. It does seem like a slow crawl some days!

As for weight gain - I'm up 21#s@19w===argh. But w/ 3 it is inevitable but if I didn't have to weigh at the drs I never would!!
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guppy - I understand the lack of patience!  I love the gender reveals, but I'm way too much of a blabbermouth - I called or texted everyone by pretty much an hour after my ultrasound.  :P


I can't BELIEVE the amount of little girlies on this board!  It's really cool - I mean, my little one, as I mentioned before, will be the 5th girl born to our family in this generation.  She's going to come out with 4 little girl cousins already!  It's part of why I was just so convinced I was having a boy.  And I would have been very pleased with a boy, mind you.  But I'm so happy to have a daughter.  :)

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Suzie I totally suspected you'd have a boy! My scan is Monday. I thought first 3 months girl, now I think boy
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I thought I was having a boy the whole time and I was right! I cannot believe the amount of girls coming in October!!! My son will have many options for a wife one day if this is the overall trend! Haha!!!
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Today nausea hit me while driving on the freeway, had literally a mouthful of spit and nowhere to spit it, nearly had to vomit on myself while driving, but in the end thankfully managed to make it to a public restroom.  Where I then heaved several times (all I had had to eat that day was tea with milk and honey and a grapefruit, so it was just came out super violently as it was all liquid) AND a squirt of pee came out each time, and the pink vomit onto my shoes and floor, which of course I mopped up with toilet paper, and tried to blot my damp pants/panties crotch but it still felt gross. puke.gif I had a time crunch to get four errands done asap so I couldn't go home and change and just now (3 hours later) am I home and able to shower and put on fresh clothes.  Ewwww!!!!!!!!  

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oh serafina, that sounds awful. I was just talking to someone who threw up in their handbag on the subway because it was either that or the floor. such a bummer



Had our ultrasound yesterday and it went great! My little bean apparently has all the right parts in all the right places so that was a huge relief. My fantasy that DS would be interested in watching was totally dashed. The tech said that if he started acting up/being too chatty DH would need to distract him so the two of them lasted a total of 1 minute in the room before they jumped ship. At least my husband got to see the baby on the screen before he had to run and thank god I hadn't attempted to go it alone with DS.  The tech would have HATED me and I would have been so stressed out. That's what I get for bringing a super high energy, super chatty 3 year old along.

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Ok Ms Mccool! Ooh a girl afterall smile.gif so fun! I was so relieved when I found out Baby C was a girl - only b/c the thought of 3 boys at once was so overwhelming. But what fun! Funny how wives tales aren't so great eh? esp the heart rate predictions!! Keep in rockin'

Be well all!

I am back for cervix check today. Thinking loooong cervical thoughts! Lol...
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