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I have been in maternity clothes since about 7 weeks...basically the week we found out. This is #7, but at 10 weeks + today I could easily pass for 4-5 months pregnant if not more. Pretty much as soon as the pee dries on the stick, my organs move up and out of the way and my upper belly is super big. And then I am so queasy and sensitive to touch in my lower belly that I can't stand anything tight so yeah, maternity pants it is.


I'm pretty sure I won't buy anything new this time around. I got a bag of clothes from a girl friend and bought 7 pairs of pants for $6 or less from second-hand stores. I'm determined not to buy anything new other than a splurge I just made on nursing tanks that I have found to be my perfect fit!


My thing I can't really figure out right now is tops (other than my tanks)...I'm just a little embarrassed about how big I am at just 10 weeks, so though I'd rather just wear my form fitting maternity tops that I love and embrace my shape, I'm trying to wait until I least get through the first trimester at work so I can avoid some of the "OH MY GOSH!" "Are you SURE it's not TWINS?!?!?!" "Not due until JANUARY!!???" love that's sure to come my way ;) So for now, I'm just wearing my regular shirts at work and grateful that I sit behind a desk most of the day...at home though I break out those form fitting tees and just live it up.


I guess at 38 years old I should get some self confidence but it's not really that as much as I just don't want to deal with the comments. It makes me so grumpy with people. LOL

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Mcimom- I hear ya! Who taught these people social skills? I mean seriously! It's like we have social etiquette with everything else, and then there's pregnancy where it's a free for all, no boundaries, and people say the rudest things! That's horrible that they would say those things to you! But I totally understand where you are coming from. I'm trying to live out mamatoabunch's advice and not be embarrassed about how amazing my body is creating another human being! I mean seriously, imagine if all the billboards and magazines... instead of having the constant cookie-cutter image of a super slim photoshpped woman as the IDEAL, if instead they had multiple pregnant women of all shapes and sizes and like a chart of what it is we do while we're pregnant. Talk about superwoman! " I'm growing my son's internal organs!" "I'm growing my baby's arms and legs!" Ect ect. I mean all of us are creating a human being, another person! I think that is waaaaaaay more valuable and praiseworthy than 6-pack abs or being able to fit into a certain dress size or whatever else society wants to tell us is the optimal goal for women. Ya know? (Just to clarify- of course I am not insulting in any way women who are thin or are anything. I'm insulting our culture for telling us that is the most important thing.)
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I'm not ashamed at all. I'm very proud.


But you're right people lose all sensitivity when it comes to pregnancy. There is no other time when random coworkers would find it even remotely appropriate to even insinuate that you are "fat" to your face b/c that's so politically incorrect, but all bets are off when you're pg.


It's actually more for other people that I'm not embracing it...because it makes me hate them a little bit. I'd rather not know what big idiots they are wink1.gif

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