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Cloth Diapers!

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I couldn't remember if we had a thread going already and didn't see one when I searched, so I thought I'd just start a fresh one to show off the amazing deal I got on 9 "small", almost new, Fuzzi Bunz pockets.  This is my third and we've CD'd all the way, and I've liked Fuzzi Bunz more lately but only had them in larger sizes. Got these on eBay for $6 each!! Amazing price!!


If you have already cloth diapered, are you getting anything new for your stash? If this is your first, have you been stocking up? The rest of our supply includes mostly GMD prefolds (orange, yellow, brown and green), Thirsties covers, Fuzzi Bunz and a couple random diapers like Mother-Ease one size diaper and airflow cover, and a few wool covers.

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First timer here, and still learning about cloth diapers!


So far I've only gotten 10 GMD used fitteds. But I'm waiting on everything else because I'm finding all the options confusing nut.gif I think I only want natural fibers in contact with the baby's skin (I have skin chemical sensitivities myself), and I'm leaning towards not getting all in ones and being able to reuse covers or something.


To begin with we're planning on getting a diaper service for the first month or so, to ease onto the whole diapering thing, and to see how we like prefolds, which seem like a really good option overall.

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To begin with we're planning on getting a diaper service for the first month or so, to ease onto the whole diapering thing, and to see how we like prefolds, which seem like a really good option overall.

I think that's a great idea. We did that with our first and it was wonderful in those early weeks.

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10 kissaluv 0s on the far left, then there's 9 (mostly one size, but one is a small and one a medium) pocket diapers from various etsy makers, (not pictured two dozen trifold soakers to lay into the pockets and reuse when only wet, or then to insert when stay-dry is a need), then a pair of longies in size small, cashmere overalls in size medium, three newborn cashmere upcycled soakers, 2 in size small, and one medium wool knitted soaker in the far right upper corner.

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I love cute, colorful cloth diapers! I've started my stash with some odds and ends (pockets and fitteds). Still need to get my prefolds and covers, and I have an adorable butterfly cover coming from a friend that she bought for me. I'll have to take pictures once I get everything!

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This is my first and I've gone a bit crazy, but I LOVE all the options:

12 newborn BumGenius all-in-ones plus two hemp doublers
12 newborn GMD organic fitteds
2 newborn Bummis covers
24 small prefolds
12 BumGenius Elementals AIOs plus two hemp doublers
8 small and 8 medium GMD organic fitteds
2 Flip covers
1 other PUL cover (can't remember the brand, but it has a cute fox pattern I couldn't resist)
1 Disana cover in small (can't recall the actual number size)
1 Disana cover in medium
1 sbish Underwoolies cover in small
1 small knit cover with a sunflower on it
1 small Babeegreens upcycled snap cover
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Wow!  Take a pic!

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We will be reusing diapers from DD. 


A TON of prefolds for all sizes

5 Thirsties covers (i've tried Kawaii and I just really love thirsties more)

12 bumgenius

9 fuzzibunz (not stoked on these. I hated them with my DD and had trouble selling them so I just saved them. Maybe for round 2 they'll be better?)



I do want to get a couple of fitteds and a dozen or so flats...just to try em out! 

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Making diapers was how I procrastinated in grad school. I haven't made any in the last year... Mostly they are upcycled from t-shirts and flannel sheets. Fitted and prefolds. I'm not confident enough in my sewing to try covers yet. Also in the picture are some longies, nursing pads, and a stack of cloth wipes.

I also have a couple dozen dsq infant size prefolds.

I definitely need covers. Which covers are your favorites?
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I'm kicking myself for getting rid of all DS's small thirsties covers! We used a service with him for the first year, and then went to AIOs and pockets for day, prefolds and covers for overnight. I want to start with a service again, at least for the first couple of months, as budget allows. It's just soooo much diaper laundry at first! I'm afraid I'd be overwhelmed. Though if it were a choice between being overwhelmed by laundry and using disposables, I'd take the laundry in a heartbeat!
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Oceansolitude, try making covers out of wool sweaters! I cloth diapered for five years straight and well lanolized wool never let me down-especially if it was felted. Find sweaters from thrift stores and such-or eBay! I have boughtso many cashmere sweaters from eBay for so cheap! Try sewing wool wraps from lightly felted (machine wash gentle on warm a few times until it's a denser weave but still pretty stretchy) sweaters in 100% virgin wool or a cashmere/wool blend. You can add velcro or use pins.
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I did make the longies, but knowing no one who used wool I am not sure if a stash of only wool covers works. Wool seems a lot more forgiving to sew than pul...
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SO much more reliable than PUL!  I had countless issues with PUL (the pockets, the covers, etc) leaking but if wool wasn't TOO thin or open weaved (so reasonably sturdy/slightly felted, a nice thick dense weave) and lanolized, it NEVER leaked.  Not the trimmest option, but breathable, natural, healthy, and WORKS.  Longies makes the trim issue go away as they double as clothes!   I've been collecting merino onesies as well to go with longies.

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my wife cloth diapered our first kid, but that was 16 years ago, so we don't have a stash and things are totally different now. we have had a big learning curve with all the new diaper technology in the world. 


we had the good fortune to buy an enormous stock of cloth diaper service prefolds from a company going out of business. i think we spent $40 and got abt 400 prefolds. they range in size from small to toddler, so my hope is that part of our hoarding is done. we have been picking up various covers as hand-me-downs, craigslist and ebay finds as we go, although i think we are still short on covers.


i have a couple wool sweaters i have felted to make wool soakers or longies, but i haven't seen a pattern that i l-o-v-e so that has not happened yet. is there a free online pattern that is tried and true? i am also willing to knit up and felt soakers, although my knitting queue is already so long, i worry about actually getting around to it and i haven't come across the 'perfect' pattern for that, either. 


figuring out exactly what we need, knowing that all babies and moms have different preferences, and trying to factor in for twins.... well, it has been challenging. i appreciate all the wisdom and experience in this thread! 

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I think I have almost the same stash as you, CookAMH! thumb.gif


FBs, GMD prefolds, tons of random prefolds, a couple of Goodmamas, lots of Thirsties and wool covers of varying types (my fave are wool interlock). Thinking of selling the small FBs to fund more GMDs and wool, but we'll see.  I haven't really dug through my diaper stash tubs yet, because it seems so far away that we'll need them! All I know is I stillheart.gif wool for diapering. 

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mmrsandmrs, I keep reading about "Katrina's pattern," so maybe Google that?

Oops, I bought two more interlock Wild Coconut Woolies coves in small and another Babeegreens small cover (in cashmere) on swap boards. The Internet is dangerous. Oh well, they can sub for pants around home and where it's warm, right? Or with Babylegs. smile.gif
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After cloth diapering 4 babies, we are going all out simple with #5.  Mostly prefolds and wool.  Our diaper stash is pretty much toast after 4 kids, so had to start from almost scratch. 

I do have my wool covers left over, and some fuzzi buns. 
I bought a few diapers to try out and see the sizing, before I went all out.  I bought the 2 IMAGINE bamboo fitteds and the workhorse fitteds, 1 newborn and 1 small with snaps.  I don't really like how they fit with the snaps.  There doesn't seem to be enough snaps to get a good fit, so I ordered all no snaps. 

I finally placed my order.  Gah!  It took me forever to figure out sizing. 

So, I have...

1 dozen GMD og newborn prefolds

6 GMD og workhorse fitted, newborn (1 snap, 5 no snaps)

2 Imagine bamboo fitteds, newborn (snap ) *I don't like these already*


1 dozen GMD og small prefolds

1 dozen GMD og workhorse fitted, small (1 snap, 11 no snaps)

1 Mother-ease Sandy's bamboo, small w/insert


6 Tiny Tush og cotton 4.0 one size, natural w/snaps

6 Tiny Tush elite 1.1 one size pockets, bella print w/snaps

1 Tiny Tush elite original one size pocket, periwinkle w/snaps

1 Mother-ease One Size og fitted, with insert


2 pks Boingo Diaper Fasteners (disco glitter)  *I am in love with these!  Never to use a snappi again.  LOL*

1 Thirsties Diaper Cover, xsmall (lavender)

1 Thirsties Duo Wrap, Size 1 (polka dance)



2 LanaCara wool covers, small

5-8 misc newborn/small/medium wool covers that have gone through 3-4 littles

about 6 various sizes Imse Vimse wraps, very used from 4 littles

6 small Fuzzi Buns

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How many newborn sized covers are needed? I got four really cute Rumparooz covers at a consignment store last weekend.

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You'll probably want 6-8, as newborn poop gets on them a lot and you need to wash.

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Thanks! I was sort of sorry to not have to look for more newborn sized covers since there are so many cute options Sheepish.gif

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