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New to Southern NH need recs

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Hi all,

We are a pretty crunchy family, moving to NH this week, and know no one, eeeekkk!!  We have 3 kiddos DS7, DS5, and DD2.  We co sleep, I bf our 2 yo, homeschool, try to practice most aspects of attachment parenting, and eat as cleanly and organic as possible.   I'd love some recs for great things to do for families with young children in the area.  Great libraries, parks, farmers markets, homeschool groups, etc. near Manchester, NH(or up to 30 minutes away).  Also,  community theater and kids rec sports (specifically soccer and hockey) and places to take nature-type classes for kids. 


We are so excited to explore such a beautiful area!  Thanks! :)

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I don't remember anything specific there, but I know that there were a ton of awesomely fun things for kids in/around Manchester & Concord.  I miss the NE!

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I just moved here from VT and I'm feeling pretty isolated as well! I know a few people but still looking for that crunchy mama community... would love to hear what others have to say!

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My dd is 18 months (also expecting number 2 in january) and we're pretty crunchy! No vax, i plan on homeschooling, breastfed till 1 year, we eat organic/non GMO and I make all my household cleaners (thank God for tea tree oil and vinegar!). Would be great to meet other like-minded moms! I am in southern NH not far from Manchester. Have you checked out benson's park? It's in hudson and is really nice! A great playground, walking area, a pond, and even a dog park.
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