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gbs and tea tree oil

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I tested positive for strep at 35 weeks and I really want to try the tea tree oil diluted on a tampon and then have my m/w retest me. how long should I keep them in and for what length of time (days,week ect)
Also this is gonna sound really gross but what about my butt? She tested me there too the first time. I don't want to clear up my vagina only to have my rear still test positive....what should i do there?
If I'm positive again I can't use the birthing pool like I had really been hoping for.
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Sorry I'm no help with the tea tree oil remedy, hopefully someone here will have more info for you. You might also want to check out old gbs threads on the midwife board.

I just want to take this opportunity to say that I refused the test (along with most others, afp, gd, etc.) initially, then caved in to pressure from my cnm on the gbs.

This mistake led to a nightmare induction, and caused problems for my little one, giving him a rocky start in life. I would NOT recommend this latest fad test for anyone. I know you've already done it, and my advice is late for you, hopefully other moms reading this will reconsider and do more research before consenting to the test.

Wishing you the best, and hopefully you'll get helpful info on the midwife/doula thread!
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Originally Posted by copslass
You might also want to check out old gbs threads on the midwife board.
Thanks Coplass! I have been searching for other GBS threads!

I'm not willing to try the tea tree oil... maybe "too" strong. I am willing to help clear up my digestive tract (drinking Kefir and eating Miso Soup every day). I'm still researching remedies.

I'm 31 weeks and haven't tested yet.

First pg, I was postive, and just accepted the antibiotics during labor. My labor was 18 hours long and my BOM did not break till after 18 hours. Live an learn.

This time I hope to avoid the antibiotics, unless absolutely necessary.

Last night I ordered a book called The Body Ecology Diet as it may have GBS tips. I'm also going to make an appt with my naturopath and see what she recommends.
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I bought a bunch of Tea Tree Oil vaginal suppositories from the health food store and have been following the instructions on the package (you can use up to 2 per day). I have a bottle of TTO that I use as well for cleansing outside (wet a paper towel with water and put several drops of TTO on the towel and wash area well).

I am also taking at least 500 mg of Vit C every 4 hours, 4000 units of Acidopholus every morning and 2-3 tabs of echinacea throughout the day. Oh, and I'm eating more proboitics (yogurt, etc) everyday, too.

The TTO supps are a common fix for MW's and have worked in the past. I'm crossing my fingers that they work for me, too. I'll let you know next week. HTH.
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thanks for the info.........
I'm hoping to be retested next week
My baby (1st) is due may 22nd
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I wasn't allowed to refuse this test at our birth center and turned up positive. the wierd thing is I asked to be retested and they didn't reccomend it or have ever heard of doing TTO supp. (my MW even advised against it saying TTO was contraindicated in PG!?!?) or using garlic,etc...turns out I needlesly had 3 doses of the antibiotic via IV during my labor as I ended up with a c/b. grrrr.
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what is c/b?
I'm getting ready to go to my next m/w appointment..
I'm hoping to restest today, we'll see!
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c/b=ceserean birth
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well, i went in today and asked for a retest... and told her why I wanted retested and what I had been doing to test negative this time.
She put me on amoxi for 10 days and will retest at my next appointment...just to be sure its all gone.
so, I didnt get to be retested today..but there is hope.
She said she is happy to see I am taking such a good approach to my own health care and being involved and learning.
She is the only cnm in town and works at a "free clinic" for the poor. ( I pay her) She is used to seeing people because she is all they can afford and not because they want a natural childbirth experience.
i'll keep ypu posted on the results
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