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Hi there!  My name is Corrie.  I am pregnant with #7.  We have 4 girls and 2 boys ranging in age from 19 mos. to just turned 10.  My youngest is still breastfeeding.  I love the Mothering community and can't wait to "meet" other moms who are Due in Jan. 2014!  :)

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Welcome to MDC! Hopefully you are able to find our groups through the Due Dates Club section. If you are having any issues please let me know. I know with my last child almost 5 years ago the Due Date Club through Mothering was an amazing support and I still talk to many of the moms daily!


Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

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Wow! 7!! I'm on my second n hoping for a better pregnancy then my first-was ill a lot n depression anxiety etc. this go round I've changed my diet, have exercise in place, some meds cause I have to. Hoping to find the encouragement I need. smile.gif
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Forgot to my name is Amanda n I live in Baltimore
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Thank you for the warm welcome.  :)  I did find the DDC after I had posted here.  Unfortunately I am miscarrying.  I had an ultrasound today (actually third one for this pregnancy) and there was no heartbeat.  We had seen one last week, but I started cramping and bleeding on Mon.  But I am blessed to have 6 beautiful, healthy children already and I know God has a plan and I put my faith in him.  Congratulations to everyone else and I hope to join another DDC in the future.

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Oh I'm so sorry! Having been through miscarriages' in the past, they are never easy. Rest easy and take care mama!

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