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Tell me about being risked out of a practice

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I think my midwives are starting the process of risking me out of their practice... I was just referred by one of them to an OB, and the midwives are now requiring me to monitor my blood sugar at home (when just a couple of weeks ago one of the midwives told me I could skip gestational diabetes testing).


I was recently diagnosed with an active infection of epstein-barr virus (mono), which I think makes them nervous. In addition, I have elevated blood pressure (still below the cutoff of 140/90), and I am "obese".


Since I'm not sure that I will be told right away if I am indeed being risked out, would people please share their experiences with it? I feel like I need to mentally prepare for the possibility. Thanks.

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Good luck.

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I got risked out during my last pregnancy because of gestational diabetes that had to be controlled with insulin. This time I have the same thing but I have a great OB. There are good OBs out there!
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Thanks to both of you.

Well, so far my numbers have been okay, but I have to test for 2 weeks! I was given a note that states that I can continue to use the midwives "at this time"... Oh well, I guess I'll just try my hardest to not risk out and if I do, hopefully I will like the OB I'm co-caring with.


Dalia, I'm glad you like your OB!

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mama-- I sort of "self-risked" out. A complication we are expecting led us to re-consider one of the few policies at our birth center that I disagreed with. Technically, no one asked me to leave, but at my last appointment with a midwife, we discussed these complications and she counseled me into transferring care after I expressed kind of wanting to. 


Even so, I think I know what you are going through, and I would talk to doulas in the area about what your OB is like in labor. Also, ask the birth center for recommendations of doctors who are often their back-ups and whom they trust to respect as many of your preferences as possible. This is the ONLY thing that led me to have confidence in my OB. 


Then, remember it is a different experience, and you should expect a different model of care, and so you should be extra-prepared to defend your desired experience. 


I am struggling with this, but coming up with ideas and reading about what we're going through so I can be an educated patient and take on a lot of self-care, and care from my personal support group. 


For example, I'm not expecting my OB to be my labor coach like another type of caregiver might, so I am making my own arrangements. I just expect him to come by if something goes wrong. Other than that, all he needs to do is witness the birth and sign some papers. 

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Thanks for the wonderful reply, Cynthia! I appreciate your realistic way of looking at the situation. I think with your attitude you will end up getting a great birthing experience!


I had an appointment with the OB today and was able to ask quite a few questions and really get a feel for what that particular hospital and practice is like. Luckily, my blood pressure was completely normal (126/72), so as far as the OB was concerned there was no reason to continue monitoring me for that. Also no need for medication. I also had an ultrasound, as my midwives were concerned that high blood pressure could damage the placenta and cord flow. Everything looked normal!

I guess as long as my blood pressure stays down and my glucose readings are good, I should be able to stay with the midwives. I'm feeling a little less stressed about the whole thing, especially as I really liked the OB and felt like he would be okay to give birth with if I had to.

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