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Camping in the White Mountains?

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I feel like this is the wrong place to post this, so please feel free to move it if there's somewhere more appropriate.  We're planning a NH White Mountains vacation this year, and I want to know if anyone has a favorite family campground in that area?  We have one 3 year old, and have thus far only done camping cabins, rather than tent camping.  I'd prefer a camping cabin this year also, but might be willing to consider tenting in an awesome campground.  We like to spend long days in the campground (as opposed to just using it as a cheap hotel and leaving the grounds each day), but we also don't like to have a lot of chintzy campground amenities.  I think my ideal would be something like the full-service AMC campgrounds - if they didn't cost a bazillion dollars.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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I have no suggestions, I'm just glad you are going to the NH White Mountains and not the AZ White Mountains because that's where all the alien abductions are!

LOL, now that you think I'm crazy you can carry on. :-P
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I recommend Franconia Notch. There is a state park campground there I camped at a few years ago. You can reserve a site online & choose a site along a stream. They have bathroom facilities & a camp shop but nothing too commercial. You can do hikes from the camp grounds or spend the day playing in the streams. Book in advance - summer weekends fill up fast.
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